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Cod practice session

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The weather window was too good to miss. Two friends both fishermen but more trout than sea, had moaned that I hadn’t invited them.

The tides did NOT do what they were supposed to, first mark produced some various and a 18lbs 2oz Blonde which a small underrated game keeper struggled to land on his Carp gear🤣🤣🥴🥴. We moved to another bank which produced a few Whiting, I spoke with Alun who had found a few fish and very generously gave us a few Rag, unfortunately the spotties had gone off the feed. We had a few more Whiting and a Thornback around 8lbs, after a couple more moves it was time to get the 4.30 bridge lift.

Fun dry day, few fish, but none of the target species. Feel sure they will appear on Sunday.

Great turnout for the Cod comp, well done everyone getting out there.👍👍👍


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