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Small Boat Rescue Platform

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Following Greg's comment in a previous thread I came across this product which looks great for the small boat owner and getting a man overboard back into the boat.


Seems it only wants servicing every 3 years




to see a video at the RNLI training centre go to this site and click on video




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Greg, after 9yrs I would suspect it would be better to replace the platform. The cost of a replacement is considerably less than a lift raft but I accept that if you travelled well offshore a life raft will probably be better in life saving terms than the platform.

Personally, I would suggest the platform is better suited to inshore recovery/lifesaving.


Similarly after 10yrs it is recommended to buy a new lifejacket, all material deteriorates over time and will not have the same designed properties as when it was new.

Your life could depend on that product would you trust anything as life supporting that's over 10yrs old?

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When it is looked after and serviced annually yes.

It is not like a life jacket which is constantly exposed to the elements. The life raft only comes out once a year to be serviced. It has never been used and is kept inside the cabin within its Valise. 

I would imagine Seago will inform me when it is no longer suitable to be used.

(I hope !!)

Thanks for the heads up on the Platform 

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