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Transport in Poole takes another blow

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2 hours ago, jerry.shutter said:

As a non local and totally fed up with the bridges, as long as it stays up like it was today i’m happy😀😀


Lots of fun in 60 mph winds.


I wonder if Hollywood will make a film about it ? ? ? ?

Charting all the way from . . .. .  You don't need a PROPER bridge!

You need a sexy Twin Sails bridge that's broken more than it's working but BOY IS IT SEXY !

And all the dealings that went on behind the scenes for us to be lucky enough to have it ? ? ? 

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12 hours ago, fisherman1055 said:

I note there are a lot of cones on the Upton bypass, may be they will play  the hatrick and close this road and cause absolutel chaos for any one on Upton and Purbeck 

Sounds about right. 😎

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