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Junior Comp 10 or 11th August

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Was hoping to beg a ride out with my 2 (last year as a junior for Sam?) if anyone is feeling charitable, please?
But, it's currently looking a bit blowy on Saturday. Depends whether it comes in earlier on Thurs/Fri, or ends up lasting all weekend I suppose?

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The plan was to travel to Yarmouth and drift for bass. 9am Leo and I arrived at the boat to ready ourselves for the trip. We found out or should I say we (me) we’re reminded that it was the Cowes to Torquay PB race today
Yarmouth deep was packed with boat and spectators, all over our drifting ground. How very dare they!!!
Any way ,we found some room and set up the drift ..... nothing !
Leo broke out the mackerel feathers as a back up and managed a 1.3lb scad !
The only fish of the day.
Saw some quick boats though

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Blake gave it a go today, with tide lacking all he managed for a couple of hours was whelks and starfish!! We moved onto the patch still very little movement and couldn’t get through the pout and very small bream. He got bored waiting for me to unhook them so I convinced him we could go swimming in studland. Met up with Kev and Kim, ruined their romantic afternoon but cleaned the boat bottoms off while we were there.

Cracking day to be out though. 

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