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Tiddler gets out !

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Tuesday looked like a good day so we planned to catch a few Mackerel.:smileys-fish-777679:

Found out that my steering was locked up due to lack of use.

For anyone who can remember . . . . . . Plus Gas ! 

We searched all over for it and found it on the Ashley road at SMC ( opposite Inexcess ) ish.

I bought a mini grease gun and loaded it with Plus Gas. That freed it. Then we oiled & greased it.:mellow:

We set off from home at about 5 ish but didn't bother with rods.

My brother came along too.

We had a nice little jolly around the harbour and looked outside but it was a bit lumpy for Tiddler.

After a few hours we got back to the slip . . . . . . .do  you remember I fitted a new winch recently ? ?

Well it was a cheapo fleabay job.

It chewed the teeth off and wouldn't winch Tiddler back on the trailer! Well you can imagine the tears of joy running down my face and the phrases I was using!

" I say! this is an interesting little challenge. I'm going to enjoy working around this one "

That sort of thing.

We got Tiddler home OK and Jacqui treated us to a Toby Carvery at Fleetsbridge.

She has now bought me a new winch from Force 4 . . . . . . .  She couldn't get to sleep with all that crying & wailing ! :lol:

So ! . . . . . Lessons learned . . .  .

1 )   Even if you think you've greased & tried everything . . go around and double check . . . then check again.

2 )   SMC on Ashley road sell Plus Gas ( far better for freeing stuff than WD40 )

3 )   Cheap crap from Fleabay may be a false economy.

4 )   Crying & wailing may get you a Toby Carvery.:smileys-fish-721285:

5 )   Crying & wailing may get you a new winch.:smileys-fish-746921:

It was still good to get out again.  . . . First time this year.




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