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Hold left mouse button down.

Drag cursor over the text.

Right click on the highlighted text.

Left click on COPY.

Place the cursor in the new position.

Right click mouse button.

Left click on PASTE.


Hope I've explained it correctly ! ;)



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Sorry guys I only have my phone so cut and paste 🤣🤣

computer down those who have said they are coming are


Jerry Sumbler

Martin Burt paid

Ian Jones paid

Greg paid

Tony Deavin

Martin Grove




Sorry not knowing names surnames. The above have all said they are coming. Please confirm ASAP by paying the £15, rooms paid on arrival/departure.


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Thanks Jim

Well that worked

Brilliant response as always Jim,    "


My Pleasure Greg. It makes a change for me to be able to contribute something.


Notice to anyone !

I didn't even have a calculator at school so I do understand.

If you need to know anything computer related don't be shy about asking.

I know some things but I'm NO expert.

Ask away and SOMEONE will have an answer.


Sorry for going off topic Jerry. ;):P



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On 6/2/2019 at 3:09 PM, jerry.shutter said:

With the majority favouring Brixham, there are quite a few dates available. 

At the moment there are roughly ten who want to go, its £15pp including the guided tour and a cooked breakfast, which seems like a great deal. 

Would it be best to look towards the end of the summer? There is availability October 2nd and feel sure we could get a deal on accommodation if there were a few of us,

for a little male bonding for Tony 😜.


If everyone is happy with October 2nd I will book ten slots then look at accommodation?



Hi Jerry


this is the week before 2 weeks leave so I  have to bow out of this one, also I have to cover my colleague who covers my leave. At least Martin will breath a sigh of relief in case he had to share a room with me. He complains when our boats are alongside!!!!

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