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lady jane

Mudeford slipway

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Mudeford slip,

Please could anyone give advice on using this slip in relation to tidal height required to launch with ease ? (16 to 18ft boat)

cost of parking car and trailer.



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Hi Andy. It 's a little bit shallow but you should be ok apart from LW springs and/or High air pressure on other LWs. Water takes a bit longer to come in....so up to 1.5 hrs before LW  and after 2,5 hrs on the flood. Rule of thumb...go for 1m on the Easytide graph.

No cost to leave your trailer on the shore but car park is expensive [ £10 for 8 hrs]....but if you are early , you can park up on the main road near the Nelson pub.

It gets [really] busy weekends in Summer...with lots of Jetskis.



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