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great white

Pilot 500

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Tiddler is a Westport marine Pilot 4

Like this one.

I nearly bought a Quicksilver pilot 500 before my warrior.

I was told by a dealer not to think it was going to behave like one of the bigger ones. I was told they don't sit still on the water and can make you feel sick due to trying to get all of the features from the bigger ones onto a small boat. Quite unstable? ? ?

Never been on one though so I'm just saying what I was told.





I have the 50 Horses on mine and 30 MPH is available. ( But only when the water is flat )





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If it's the quicksilver make, I used to have the 580 with a 75hp mariner on and that went well, so if an 80hp it should fly!

I found the 580 a nice boat but she was a bit "rock n roly", should imagine the 500 could be the same.....if not worse!

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I had a QS500 before I upgraded to a 640. It was a lot of boat for the money - lockable wheelhouse & plenty of deck space. It had a Mariner 60hp and did 24kts clean. I read some of the dire warnings at the time but can't say that was my experience.

I found the 640 still slams in a short sea, does not sit still at anchor without some tide and not steady on the helm in a 3/4 stern sea so all boats have faults but I still like it. I'd give it a sea trial.


PS. I had an Orkney Fastliner 19 before the QS500 and it was a step up from that

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