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Nick CB

Newbie from Swanage

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Hi all,

My name is Nick Collis Bird and I live in Swanage. I have a small motorboat, a Bella 703 moored at Ridge Wharf. I have never ever boat fished but since childhood I have fished from shore, pier and recently still water fly fishing. My wife found your website and it seems to be right up my street. I have an awful lot to learn and it seems your club is the perfect thing to join, but I must admit that these days I’m a bit of a slow learner being 70 and a half but keen anyway.

All the best Nick.


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Hi Nick and welcome to PBSBAC


If you have any questions just ask away.  Why not think about joining the club properly by becoming a fully paid up member?  One of the main benefits of being a fully paid up member is the Club Only section of the forum.  This would expand your reading 3 fold or more as most members converse in this area.


Keep an eye on the boat buddy section of the forum.  Members who are going out ask in here for company out.  Going out on others boats would greatly speed up the learning curve giving you an expressway to learning the ins and outs of boat angling and boating



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Hi Nick

I have just moved to swanage in the last six months and me and the family are loving living here.

Only downside is due to renovating a house fishing has taken a back seat

Welcome to the club mate


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HI Nick

Like everyone else said its about joining in, I've only been a member for the last year but everyone has been great and more than happy to lend advice or a guiding hand, if you don't ask you don't get and there is plenty of knowledge in the club, Even if you do loose your anchor buoy there is sure to be some one that can help....



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Welcome to the club

Dont be afraid join in and ask questions

We are all learning every time we go out on the water,

keep your eyes open for people looking for crew and go out with them

they will not take offence if you offer to share costs with them.

And come to a club meeting in Poole to meet other members and have a chat.

Everyone likes boats and fishing so no shortage of things to chat about.


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