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I'd like to introduce myself to the club.  My name is Vince and my boat is Vee Gee, therefore "Vince Vee Gee", I enjoyed meeting some of you at the May 3rd.  My boat is a Linder Arkip, which is a 15' aluminium speedboat set up for fishing, with a 40hp Yamaha outboard.  It is moored on the Thames, but I would like to bring down to Poole and get some fishing done with it, preferably, but not exclusively, with some lures.  I would be very grateful if anybody would let me come with them, on their boat, so I might start to learn the right way to do things!!  Eventually I'd like to be able to bring my boat down on its trailer and perhaps meet up with other boats, to catch some fish, and learn where the best and safest marks might be!

Any tips or information on the best places to launch the boat, and leave the car and trailer would be gratefully received

Are there any saltwater lure fans who would be prepared to share some of their expertise and point me in the right direction?


Thanks , in advance, for your assistance



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A few places to launch from. Poole/ baiter slipway, plenty of bays along the Purbecks.

Christchurch/ Mayors Mead slip, easy to park with a nice cruise off to The Ledge.

If you become a full member keep a eye out on the boat buddies, trip planning bit on this ere forums

100% doing  the right thing, get out with the locals, im still finding my way after 20 odd years ! 

Huge learning curve, tides and being safety if the first priority, fishing comes later 

You will find very little info on specific marks in a open public forum , plenty of info on general areas, every day is different from the last.

My best tip is look @ tides4fishing and gain a basic knowledge of when and why fish feed on turn of tides etc



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Ok Vince¬ very early days of planning. looking @Gummage

possibility of weekend of next bank holiday, Two boats heading for the ledge from Christchurch.

I will stick a invite up on trip planning.

Bream & Lures. bring you own boat if you like or ??? 

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