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My name is Steve, I have just joined the club after it was recommended to me by several people. My father has just bought a Quicksilver 530 and we are using it out of Christchurch. We spent a day sorting the boat out the other day and took it out to its mooring. The day was a big learning curve as this is the first time we have moored in the harbour having previously trailer launched boats from baiter. We are off out on our first fishing trip on it tomorrow and my son is hoping to catch his very first fish. I'm hoping to be able to post a picture of him with some sort of catch tomorrow evening.


I look forward to attending the meeting next week and meeting everyone.



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Hi Steve,


Welcome to our club.

Have fun in Christchurch run and stay safe.

This may help a little:


I filmed it back in April so it may have changed a bit but will give you an idea.




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Sorry for the late update I've been really busy. When we headed out to our mooring it was raining lightly which didn't bother us too much. Upon getting onto the boat we saw that the propeller had been dented by the boat moored next to us as it looks as though the mooring next to us is moving. We took the boat out of the harbour and into Christchurch bay and the dent to the prop didn't seem to cause too many problems with the performance of the boat.

We went over to the ledge to try and do some fishing. When we got there we had 30 minutes fishing until it started to rain heavily and the visibly dropped slightly. We packed the rods up and headed back to the harbour and moored up again. We didn't catch any fish on this trip out but it was good to take the boat out and give it a proper test for the first time.

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