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jack harvey

the club

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Hi to you all.


my name is jack and have moved down to poole in the last couple of years, I have a small boat in storage ,that I will be getting in the near future. ie sept.


I cannot afford to join the club at the present but am saving up for this.  I hope to be able to ask a few of you out there where I can put it. ie in the water would be nice , are the charges reasonable.

the engine is a 45 mariner, lifts out, but heavy

it is about 16 foot, split screen  fibre glass ,

sort of flat bottom, but not quite .

no electrics

but has steering wheel

cables from engine.


any help would be great, 

do I need licencs

do,s boat need a licence

do I need  cb radio

lights,  which way round,


good fishing marks.    


I hope you all could  help me out, 

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Hi Jack

Joining fee and first years subs = £36. (Then £18 per year).

Probably the best £36 you'll ever spend.

Why not come along to the next meeting? It's on 3rd August upstairs at Parkstone Trades and Labour Club, arrive about 7.30pm, meeting starts at 8pm.

Have a look, no obligation to join.



do I need licence = No

does boat need a licence = No

Insurance = Yes (in case you hit someone or something, Sunseekers cost a fortune to repair)

do I need  cb radio =No

VHF (Fixed or handheld) advisable, Operators certificate and Ships licence required

lights,  which way round, = Only really need lights if going out in dark or fog.


good fishing marks = If you find out please let me know!!! 

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