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Cherbourg wrecking trip

great white

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A couple of us have been discussing taking our boats across the channel to give the French some of their own medicine and pinch the fish off of their wrecks.


A good date for me is the last weekend in July when Wendy will be at Eileen's hen do [and the tides are good] Of course the weather will be the biggest deciding factor.


We have done this trip a few times now, in the company of one or two other Club boats. They have all been good fun.

Just two long days Sat/Sun otherwise keeping fish good gets tough. 

Wrecking both ways with an over night in the Marina just on the edge of town. After a shower ashore we usually all go in town together on the Sat night for Moules and frites and a few beers.



It is just Dan and I at the moment so we have space for two more on board Alfresco, Dan and I will sleep on board and others usually arrange accommodation in Town.

If you are interested please get in touch, on here, via PM or give me a text or call on 07887 794716


You will of course need a passport, even though we are still in the EU.


Expertise is not required, just maybe a sense of humour and some Sea legs







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I am up for taking Tigerfish over on that weekend Charlie.


Recently the wrecks are producing steadily rather than great with a smattering of good cod and big pollock so I've heard.


Will need to arrange crew.





Better to do than view

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Seeing as I am not a club member but, a guest poster, would I be able to volunteer for a trip like this ?

I can't do this trip as I will be in the Czech Republic but, others !!

I have no experience of wreck fishing and would be a very willing learner for those with patience and understanding?!?



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Neil, not expensive to join the club. Members always get first choice, obviously.

I realise that mate but I live outside the criteria area !

Wouldn't be able to do comps and meetings either really as I live in Southampton.



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Terry / Plaicemat lives in Oxfordshire!


I don't see why you can't offer your services but often coming to meetings and club events as a member gets you known and invited before posts even make the website.


Jump on in and join up, you are also missing out on private areas of this forum.


Like anything, you get out what you put in.





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The wrecking has been a bit of hit and miss between the iow and France.

The breams are there on anchor, we were using 1/4 mackerel and picked up a good numbers of Pollock's as well, not to mention lings as well , but they were hard work to bring up with their months open.

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