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New club member hello all

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Good evening all , I,Ve just joined the club and hopefully will get along to the next meeting ,

We're out in our boat tomorrow so we may see some of you , we're possibly going to join in the comp tomorrow or may just go out for few hours as our little one is a bit new to fishing as her dad is been out a few times with Ken Johnston. We have a bayliner trophy moored at Rockley Park , called Summer Breese . Is the harbour a good place to fish for bream or head swanage way bournemouth pier just in case we get signed in can get some bait and keep my little un interested enough. It will only be her second go at fishing so I have as long as the little un and wife don't get bored they need trading here I feel lol best mark.

Tight lines for tomorrow everyone good luck .

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The harbour isn't good for the bigger bream at the moment - try Poole patch for starters SE from the harbour for a couple of miles or so, Should be a few boats  therabouts. Other marks are further afield. Watch out for crab pots..Swanage way is another option - others may well be fishing there too.

Welcome and good luck.

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Hi Mark and welcome to the club


The first thing you did right was fish with Kenny as he is quite knowledgeable, the second thing was to join this club.  There is so much knowledge in here, ask the right questions and you would struggle to go wrong


Re Bream I would suggest if your boat is capable a session at Ballard would be a good shout or as Stuie says Poole Patch.  If you are in the right area tomorrow there will be several other boats around


Whatever you decide to do take care be safe and catch fish  :)

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