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Another hello from wiltshire

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Hello everybody and thank you for the generous welcome I received at the club meeting last week.

About five years ago my young friend Marcel persuaded me to go halves with him in a Wilson flyer type boat. It's actually plated GIP; a maker that went out in the 1980' s.

Towing it down from Ogbourne makes every trip an adventure before we Even get to the coast.

Our first trip was out of Kimmeridge and Hookie came along. We've also put in at Portland but we like the facilities at Baiter and have made seven or eight trips there. We are immortalised as the boat making ready on Google Earth.

Once on the water we have only a limited knowledge of what to catch, where,when, and how to catch it , although it has to be said that Marcel can be an annoying fish magnet.

On a personal note I'm married with four big kids and have business to run but I still hope to see more of you lot in the future and am looking forward to good times and safer fishing.post-2307-0-08596100-1486417578_thumb.png

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Met you at the club and now welcome to the forum, we'll have to stop meeting like this  :ph34r:

Seriously jump in and make the most of your membership.


Is the boat 17 or 19'? I used to have a Pilot 520 which looks almost identical to yours even the colour  :)

safe stable craft 

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To be 100% accurate Martin , the title of Gummidge is of course any farmer that stands around his farm in a funny hat ! I have no idea why I always seem to give mates Nick~ names , Marcel pi**ed himself laughing when I asked # quote : are you bringing that Gummidge chappie down for a bit of a Yakking ? .


Very glad to see you have still got Endeavour , ( it's 22ft ????) you could look at getting a summer pontoon mooring ??? Loads of dosh !


See ya soon

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Hi Greg, this club seems very generous. I was wondering what I could give back. That'll be a bottle For you then. And Jim when I'm sober I'll let you have my autograph.

Martin, Charlie, Allan I appreciate your kind offers and encouragement and Allan nice to meet you at last after the superb guided trip to Durlston eighteen months ago.


I think the boat is 19' 6"" bow to transom but I'll have to go out to the Ogbourne Marina and put a tape on her again.


Hooky, good to be catching up again and glad to see as ever you've got a plan. Also thanks for the nickname and the spelling lesson.


I'm spending time reading back through the threads. Loads of interesting stuff there.

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