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great white

Andy's Shop

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Hi All


Earlier today I visited Andy to spend the voucher that I picked up at the Dinner Dance.


I was in there about a month ago and it was pretty bare, Wow what a difference since he got back from his travels.


It is well stocked with a good variety of lures, jigs rigs etc.

He has some pretty good rods and spinning reels at good prices too [well he has 1 less of each now]


Before I left he gave me the tour and was proud of the big selection and quality of the bait that he holds.


Now is a good time to pop in if you are after a restock, or even just bait.


Remember to mention that you are from the Club, as he has been is one of our sponsors for 13 years and can offer some discounts.


Well done Andy, great improvement mate.

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