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Reel Wizzard

Mixed weekend

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Well Saturday saw me out on Tommy J with Alex, we left at 6am to go Bass fishing and went straight to our mark not stopping on the way because of the tide, it was a lumpy ride as the sea was quite rough. we thought we would just get mackerel when we got there but things then went against us as there was the biggest pod of Dolphins I have seen right on the mark, nice to see but not so good for the fishing. We had a go for mackerel but only had two had one drift for Bass which I managed a four and half pound fish but then had to go three miles inshore to get some more mackerel. did this ok and went back to mark but because of the wind we were drifting at 4.7knots and we never caught any more fish until it dropped to about 2.6knots I then had four of which two went back and Alex had two all of the fish were small between 2 &3lb. We then anchored are big bream and bullhuss mark as the wind had dropped off but apart from another 2.5lb bass too Alex we never had a bite, so we called it a day and came in.

Sunday. Today I was with Ron on The Wessex Lady we stopped off on the Sadler to get Mackerel of which we had what we needed after about 10minates. we then headed out to the rips to fish a small wreck, we stopped off on the way to get a few Bass which was ok but not brilliant I had three fish to 6.8lb and Ron just had one fish of 3lb we then went to the wreck as the tide was easing, it was the first time we had fished it so took us a while just to sort the drifts out but when we did we had fish every drift. it was mainly Pollock to start with fish mainly about 8lb but then Ron had a clonker at 15.5lb and the next drift I had a 10lb Cod and followed it with a 8lb cod the next drift Ron had a 4lb Cod but I got caught in the wreck and lost my lead so was winding up really fast when I got hit well up in the water by what I thought might be a coal fish the way it went but it turned out to be another good Pollock of 14.8lb  I then had another Cod of 6lb  before we decided  to put the hook in. well it was non stop with Tope to 30+ not weighed, Conger to about 25lb and I had another good Bullhuss of 10.8 before we got the anchor up. the ebb was a total no show and we never had another fish. so came on in. summing up I would say the Bass fishing was well below par but wrecking was above average for a close in wreck with some very good fish.

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Great report Dave.


Would echo remarks about the Sadler Buoy for mackerel. Had a quick haul ourselves on Saturday, when four charter boats were doing half day trips there mackereling. Judging by the whoops, they were getting plenty.


Never been sure why there, and never had much there at anchor, but some find other species too.



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