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My 2014 look back.


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Bear with me, there's a few posts

Here goes


With some time to kill I thought I'd review my kayak fishing year

It started with me purchasing a marlin from Kaskazi UK. I'd tried one out at a meet, and really enjoyed it, but after using mine for a while I found it didn't suit my style of kayak fishing, although I did get some good fish across the gunnels







I had a few warranty issues with the fish box and Simon was an absolute star when I asked about the possibility of moving to a Dorado 2. I can not emphasise enough how good the customer care and service is I've received from Simon. He bends over backwards to keep the customer satisfied. That sort of service builds brand loyalty.

I excitedly took possession of "Slice of Life"


As many are aware I put on a meet each year, the Poole Bay Plaice chase, and this years was to be memorable for good and bad reasons.

In the autumn of 2013 I had a very public and upsetting falling out with Cam Clearie on AA. Regretfully we stopped talking and fishing together.

Following the winter flounder meet Cam was to get the tragic news that he was dying of cancer. We started to correspond again and had many phone calls regarding his awful situation, but mostly we talked about kayak fishing. We were both eager to put our falling out in the past and move on, and I was proud to have him participate in the 2014 plaice chase. It was to be his final meet.

Cam and Si at lake



I tried Lilstock in the spring and had my first ray on the D2




In April, the Plaice Chase

I love this meet. It's not about the quality of the fishing, it's about kicking off of the seaon

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The trophys from the plaice chase, supported by Pbsbac, and support boats.

Cam won year one

Jason Stanbridge won this year






There are no sponsors for this meet, no big prizes, no caterers, but it always impresses me the effort my chums make to get a launch at this meet. Fabulous to meet friends old and new






















This is where many off us said goodbye to Cam, without knowing




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Spring heralds the proper fishing and as the plaice chase was held a bit later, it coincided with the arrival of the big black bream, and Swanage was on fire.

Everyone fished by the top secret blue boy and bagged up.

This was a small one around 2, but I know of some nudging 5 lbs. Its been an exceptional year for black bream locally






Swanage also saw me get my PB small eyed ray, and then beat it twice







Swanage was the first of the "Big" competions of the year as far as I was concerned and we had a fantastic day, if not marred by the result being controversial.

A few from the day

Spot the Stugeron










I was put off of Tanners Lane this year after hearing of car break ins, so I tried a new spot,lepe, with a new chum, Digger, and we had a good day on the bass. No monsters but good sport





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