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I had promised ben (my 9 year old son) a trip out (last week was cancelled due to my driving!...long story) so today was the plan, still buzzing from last nights Bass I just wanted to have a fun day and get a few fish and wasn't up for basing with the crowds. But great forecast , heat wave, Saturday, Christchurch = boat pandemonium!!! stay away from the ledge! so I asked ben what he wanted to catch hoping he didn't say Bass and "a ray" was the answer great I thought away from the armada! so of we headed south, mackerel were easy full strings! every drop! and in no time ray rods went down. we sat and waited for the dogs...... no dogs.. ray on! then another ! then  one lone dogfish!  :P


After and hour or so I said to ben "next" fish? he replied "I do love those gurnard we caught last time" so off to southbourne to dodge the nets and 20 mins later a fat gurnard graced the deck!  Ben then got board and wanted to catch a bass I couldn't sway him with wrasse or bream, I did think on a day like this it would be a tuff one without heading out to distant bass marks and we only were out for a morning trip, but I decided to give the ledge a try before heading home.


moved on to the ledge and dodged my way threw dozens of boats and found a clearish drift line, 2 rods went out, then to my amazement 2 mins into the drift an absolute belter and fish on!! it screamed off line and felt massive! with speed boats flying by and yachts quite close it was a hairy battle!, Ben just started whingeing to take the rod off me then the other did the same! screamer!!!  double hook up! both fish fought like on steroids! , I got mine in first and had to rub my eyes at one of the longest bass I've caught! by the time I got mine in bens was also along side I looked over to see a similar sized fish to mine! but I had a long trace on and tried to get ben to walk back to get it in the net a moment of slack line and it was gone :(  inches from the net he was gutted! is an understatement,head down full on sulk for 20mins! good life lesson tho ;)  mine tho 11lb 12oz long mean powerful bass so different to the one last night , which had shoulders like a carp!  :lol: get in!



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