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Balanced diet - a Bream in each hand!

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First outing of the year for myself and my son, Jonathan, with Allan Green on his Merry Fisher "Kind of Magic" - and, like the boat name, so it proved to be! Having left Poole harbour and motored to Allan's chosen spot to anchor, within 30 seconds -seriously! - of dropping baited feathers over the side I was into a pair of mackerel and a scad! On a pretty much flat calm sea and under rather grey skies and, at one stage, a light shower we all caught fish including several bream to almost two pounds, mackerel, my scad (only one!), dogfish, pouting, gobies and at least four types of wrasse! Jonathan didn't even get time to eat his sandwiches!


About mid afternoon we caught some more mackerel and dogfish on the drift, but a threatening mist/ fog bank and quiet aaction led us to pack up and head for harbour again.


Many thanks to Allan (and his wife - the patient chauffeur!) for a thoroughly enjoyable day's fishing (followed by a tasty evening meal as a result!)


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