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Bank Holiday clean



Well looking at my last post on this blog, August 2014, I still haven't managed to get Sammy 2 afloat!


After a trip up to the NEC on Saturday to see Mark Knopfler, Monday seemed a good day for rest however I was looking at the boat and thought she could do with a good clean.

Off came the cover and I climbed aboard and opened the cabin door, to my horror I could see the paint had started to peel away from the sides and that black mould from condensation and lack of use had started to appear. So without more ado out came every thing from the cabin. I gave the sides a wipe with my hand and more paint flaked off so out came the scrapper and away we went.


After a few hours the majority of paint had been removed so then came the sander, hmm better get a dustpan and brush and clear this mess up!

Well she is well stripped down internally now ready for a coat of primer and then top coat. Decided not to go white again as the reflection in the sun is quite bright so I am thinking of a light grey.


As I still can't get my boat out of the drive due to race cars and trailer, plus I need to get a tow-bar fitted to the new van so this is a good time to spruce the old girl up.


One day soon I WILL get her out, just don't hold your breath for the moment


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