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Lowrance Elite 5



Help. When I bought the boat, it came with a Lawrance Elite 5 chart plotter but no SD card. I contacted the guy I bought it from who said he would look to see if he could find it, but hasn't got back to me. So the question is, can I get a replacement card from somewhere? I assume buying a Navionics Gold card would be useless without the supplied basic card. OR do I just give up and save for a complete new one? Garmin looks good but expensive.



OK just had a message from Lowrance in America. it doesn't come with an sd Card, so where do I buy charts on a card for southern England?

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Hi, you dont need a gold card (unless you want extreme detail), i have a silver card in my elite 7ti and its good enough (for me).

i believe you can update them and add stuff to them also, not sure how though to be honest !

you can buy them on ebay , just get the correct one for your area!




( sorry only just noticed the date on the post) LOL !!

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