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Fitted the VHF DSC



Well having been out fishing on Sparky's boat on Friday, inspired me to get on with Sammy 2's VHF install.


As I wanted to be able to remove the vhf I needed to buy a plug and socket so that it can easily connect to the GPS wiring to provide the DSC function.


Found a good place to mount the radio and also the GPS plug I started drilling holes and fitting the radio. It took a while to work out which wires to use to get the feed from the GPS to the radio but it all worked first time.


Connections were then all soldered up and a good listening test was carried out. I did think about calling the Coastguard for a radio check but they seemed busy with lifeboats and Jetski's, divers missing, boats running out of fuel breakdown just the usual sunny afternoon call outs, so I gave it a miss.


Just got to wire up the trailer socket on the car and we should be ready for a launch.


Oh went onto the Ofcom site and got my MMSI number straight away so just got to input that into the radio, whilst I was online I updated the CG66 form with the radio details.


Next small job is to sort out the auxillary engine to make sure it runs ok.


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