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prototype stand up / casting bar on my Nucanoe

Little Sal


April 14th and once again wind stops play. So, I decided to try a little mod to my new toy.


The Nucanoe optional extras list shows a stand up casting bar. This looks like a great addition and offers a simple handlebar to assist in standing, casting, balancing and sitting. Maybe even a place for rod rests etc. Unfortunately this optional extra is over £150!!


As an aerial man I have plenty of aluminium poles and clamps etc. A trip to B&Q got me a bit of angle aluminium and i was off :-)


My idea was to utilise the existing fixing rail on the Nucanoe



So with a trusty drill I fixed the angle alli to this rail




Next some 1" uprights and a couple of removable braces :-)




This all folds down for rowing (if required) and is easily pulled up into position when required



Just need some weather now to try it :-)


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Hi Graham


If you have a chance the corners on the angle look like they will cause you some damage if you slip, and or maybe rip your waterproofs.


Been there for the sake of getting a file or sander out.



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Yes Chris, I intend on putting some plastic/rubber edging on the corners (like found on a new saw blade when you buy one). I dont want my dry suit ripping!! 

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well ... i got her out complete with engine yesterday. theres a report on the kayak bit of the forum but to say im pleased would be an understatement! Around the harbour, out to the end of the training bank and back. out for about 6 hours and used less than £3.00 worth of fuel without breaking into a sweat once! 


This is at about 1/3 revs on the way back in at about 8pm once the breeze had picked up a little.



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