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Found 1 result

  1. I have a Webasto Air Top 2000 S diesel heater. The rheostat was faulty and I've replaced it (old one kept buzzing and the light flickered on it). So feeling pleased with having sorted it, the heater then started throwing up error code 8 . This is a fan problem apparently, I say apparently as I can hear the fan running until it abruptly stops at the same time as the error code appears. The heater is located in the engine bay and a couple of times it has worked ok and heated the boat, both times it was when the engines had got the engine bay good and warm, but on another similar occasion it still wouldn't start. On the second occasion it worked I tried just leaving it on set on a low temperature thinking it just needed some regular use but when I came back next day it had the same fault code. The fault code appears between 2 and 8 seconds after turning the heater on. I have checked the electrical connectors to the resostat and to the heater itself and they appear to be clean but I gave them a dose of electrical lubricant anyway to no effect Any idea what the problem might be? Could you recommend anyone to fix it, preferably based in the Lymington area? Thanks and Happy New Year!