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Found 24 results

  1. Happy Birthday Dean

    Happy Birthday Dean. Bashing your Dad's wallet today then ? Have an extra piece of cake tonight. Maybe an extra beer if you're really good !
  2. Happy Birthday Freddie

    Happy Birthday Derek. Hope it's all been good. Jim
  3. Fisheagle Birthday

    Happy Birthday Allan. Too breezy for boating so I hope you've got something else planned. Jim
  4. Happy Birthday PJ

    Happy Birthday PJ All the excitement now and then nothing for 12 months. Make the most of it ! Jim Happy Birthday to Diver Dave too.
  5. Happy Birthday Little Sal

    Hi Graham, A very happy Birthday to you Sir ! ! ! Hope it's a good one. Jim
  6. Happy Birthday Jimbob

    Happy Birthday James. 39 eh ? 1 more year until you get the Stripagram ! That starts the downhill slope towards Old Age Enjoy your Birthday. Jim
  7. Happy Birthday Dan

    Happy Birthday Dan. Not seen you on the forum for a while. Hope you're enjoying your Birthday and I hope you're still managing to get out fishing. Jim
  8. Happy Birthday Dan

    A very happy Birthday Dan. Are you away @ Uni or back for a bit of dangling ? Jim
  9. Happy Birthday Martin.

    Happy Birthday Martin. Not a good day for getting out fishing. Oh well - - - - - never mind ! Jim PS cheers for the prezzie.
  10. Happy Birthday Dommy Boy

    Happy Birthday Dom. I hope Dan's buying you a pint or four Jim
  11. Happy Birthday Gus Honeybun

    Happy Birthday Gus Honeybun. Jim
  12. Happy Birthday Mark O

    Happy Birthday Mark O Aren't you Brian's son-in-law ? or am I getting myself confabulated ? ? anyway - - - - - Enjoy. Jim
  13. Deep Sea Dean

    Happy Birthday Dean. Make sure the Old Fella buys you a pint or four ! ! ! Decent weather too. Are you going out ? or working like the rest of us mortals ? ? ? Jim
  14. Happy Birthday fellas. Shame about this weather. I think all my mother - in laws have joined forces to put a fluence on it ! ! ! Jim
  15. Happy birthday Tom

    Happy Birthday Tom. We don't get to see much of you these days. Hope all's well. Have a great birthday. Jim
  16. Jay Kay Birthday Boy

    Happy Birthday Jon. Jim
  17. Happy Birthday John

    Happy Birthday John. ( Wotu2uk ) Not seen you at a meeting recently. Hope all's well and you're having a great birthday. Jim
  18. Happy Birthday Gazza

    Happy Birthday Gazza Hope you're having a very good one mate. Are you out fishing anytime soon ? Cheers. Jim
  19. Birthday Boys

    Happy birthday to Alfie & Kenty. Hope you had a good day lads. Jim
  20. Happy Birthday Steve

    Happy Birthday Steve. Not much of a fishing day but maybe a pint or three later eh? Jim
  21. AnotheryearolderthenMike

    Happy Birthday Mike. Jim
  22. Birthday Boy

    Happy Birthday Nightingale 300 40 eh ? I can just about remember that far back ! Did the strip-a-gram arrive on time? Hope you had a good one and the boat is back on the water soon. Jim
  23. Happy Birthday seaspark

    Happy Birthday seaspark. Hope it's been a good un. Jim
  24. Sam, you Old Devil.

    A Very Happy birthday Sam. They're coming around faster and faster. you'll soon be old, fat and wrinkly like me. Is the old fella buying you a pint or three ? Jim