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  1. Mike Hall


    Lot of work to be done first Mr hook but it will be done 😊
  2. Mike Hall

    fuel tanks

    Hi all I'm on the lookout for two 25 or 30 litre plastic outboard fuel cans cheers Mike
  3. Mike Hall


    A big thank you to our Mr Hook for the loan of his trailer and help in picking my boat up 🙂
  4. Mike Hall


    Cheers hooky will do mate
  5. Mike Hall


    No there was another company in bournemouth road . I know am brow stopped as I have used him in the past and often get bits from him
  6. Mike Hall


    Hi all I'm after a trailer to move a Wilson flyer 20 next week sometime might consider buying if at the right price . Local trailer hire place won't name them still have boat trailer hire on their website but when I called them he said oh no we just transport boats now ! We don't hire trailers anymore and you won't find any one across the south who does! So now I'm in the proverbial poo as I bought the boat on the assumption and (their website )that I could hire a trailer to move it . Any other ideas chaps ? Mike Hall
  7. Mike Hall

    Warrior or predator

    Hi all Has any of you nice people have any of the boats in the title good friend and fishing buddy of mine just sold his little sea swift and looking around to upgrade looking at warrior 165 or predator equivalent was wondering if any of you nice fellows have one we can see in the flesh and maybe chat over your likes / dislikes of the boat what to look out for etc Many thanks Mike
  8. Mike Hall

    Parkstone Bay info wanted

    Hi Charlie many thanks for the invite would love to come and have a look and a chat is always good too the more boating info gained the better never stop learning will call soon
  9. Mike Hall

    Parkstone Bay info wanted

    Hi Neal yes I am aware of it being a displacement hull and not going to be a fast boat i have bought some books on working out what hp engine to use but at the moment the maths involved is going to take a while to sink in fuel economy is what is important for me to get maximum use from a boat if i have to find £ 50 to £100 pounds a time to go out any distance it's not going to get much use (Ialso own a shetland with a rather thirsty merc 75 on which is costly to run ) 2 things i put on the paper when looking to buy something more deck space ie for more people and fuel economy oh and one thing not on the paper fell in love with the boats shape too! .I know she will be a plodder but not sure if the day came when needed to punch tide back through the ferry the little sabb would be up to it although this little motor is virtually indestructable and will go on all day on very little fuel.not looking for speed just enough grunt to get home if conditions change like they tend to do every now and then if when finished i find she doesent do everything i would like her too i consider it like a piggy bank and although will never recoup cost of labour she will only increase in value so when sold will have a little more cash to buy something a little better time will tell
  10. Mike Hall

    Parkstone Bay info wanted

    the first pic shows boat as I purchased it second shows the new cabin/wheelhouse moulding sat on the boat (i built a mould first then layed it up ) third is a view of inside when stripped out still a lot of work to do and a long way to go but should be a lovely boat when finished if enough interest i will add more photos of the build as i go
  11. Mike Hall

    Parkstone Bay info wanted

    Hi all Earlier this year I purchased a new project (someone hit me with a big stick ) I bought the boat towed it back from devon and set about working on it and as usual found more rot than i needed to find so eventually i ended up with just a bare hull she is 21 ft long with a beam of 7 foot approx sizes and made from grp (except all the topsides which were in ply and hardwood . Any way I am trying to track down the maker of the hull (No Name plate) so far i have narrowed it down to possibly being the hull very much like a parkstone bay which were i believe built by F C Mitchell at the then named Mitchells boat yard in Poole any one out there with any info on these boats Photos Publications sales mags etc hiding in the loft ? One of the things i'm trying to determine is size of inboard to use it has at present a sabb 10 hp single cylinder diesel whis although i love the sound of am thinking is not really going to have enough steam for my intended use out in the bay and around to swanage etc.I have already made a new grp cabin/wheelhouse and rear deck and am in the process of making moulds to form new gunnels still lots to be done (looking back it would have been easier to bought a new hull moulding gone from there )!! a few pics added for you to see of work so far All your thoughts and comments welcome
  12. Mike Hall

    wanted asap

    Hi All am looking for somewhere to store and work on my 21ft boat she is having a total refit bard yard etc access to power would be an advantage but not essential I would prefer however to be able to gain access to the boat at all times so I can spend all my spare time getting the work done I'm estimating at present the work taking at least 3 to 4 months all suggestions of where to look welcome really desperate to get her moved from her current space or she may well have to be sold she is outside now so open space not a problem kind regards mike hall
  13. Mike Hall

    Seat cushions and boat covers

    Hi there Try Sign it ! Upholstry they are baesd at stanley green road poole the guy who runs it Chris has many years of marine experience the company helps deaf people into work so a good cause too I have seen his work and it is top notch here is a link ... http://www.signituk.net/90285/info.php?p=5&pno=0
  14. Mike Hall

    Few more bits

    hi is the bruce still for sale ? Mike
  15. Mike Hall

    Stolen ! Mercury 40 2 t twin from Poole HELP

    Hooky mate why didnt you call me about this? will call you tomorrow try the scrapyards too I have heard the motors are easier to shift as scrap rather than resell and scrap metal is at good prices at the mo have ya got any pics of the engine as will keep an eye open when out on the water sad news mate Mike