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  1. Manic Moore

    Fladen Maxximus 10ft Travel Uptide Rod - what they like!

    Hi Rob That would be ideal if I could waggle your Maxximus Are you about Saturday or Sunday Early evening (where are you) Regards Gordon
  2. Hi all you sea dogs! Long time no forum! I am off to florida again in 4 weeks for a fishing sorry family holiday.... As I am sure Charlie has told you I landed a 170lb shark last year off the beach along with a few sting rays and lost a couple of tarpon..........bla bla........ Anyway, I am desperately looking for an uptider in 3 equal sections or less and it appears there is little on the market even 2nd hand. The only one less than £150 is the Fladen Maxximus. Fladden wouldn't be my first choice but I wanted to know if any members had used one or know if they are reasonable enough and worth a punt (Iknow its likey to be a bit soft but just don't want it to break!) Unless of course anyone has a travel uptider for sale? With best regards, Happy New Year Gordon
  3. Manic Moore

    Alderney 2012

    Gordon Moore 1, 5, 9.
  4. Manic Moore

    48hr specimen report list

    First time out for a few weeeks , but as always plenty of food, fun and banter on Alfresco (my second home now ) and sounds like most, hard fishing for small rewards although personally I was pleased with the few fish i had 2 Blonds 12 and 17lb Pollock 11lb And squeeked a conger at 46lb I am bl@@dy knackered Regards Gordon
  5. Manic Moore

    which boat?

  6. Manic Moore

    which boat?

    My blurb about Enticer less the the detail on our more intimate relationship http://www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk/view/PAA3048
  7. Manic Moore

    which boat?

    Hi All This thread beat me to starting one about the sad state of affairs - Enticer is going! I think she wants to leave me as I have upset her too many times coming home after being on Alfresco or 50 / 50 Or it could be that I have 3 daughters all decided to get married within 10 months of each other Anyway, I am just about to write up the advert for Boats and Outboards. I have finnished sevicing the trailer and checking over the boat. Just the road test now to make sure the engine is running sweet after a few months of inactivity. If anyone is interested in a test flight, PM me and we could meet up. Regards Gordon
  8. Manic Moore

    Flatfish & Ray Specimen Comp

    First day out for a while so thanks to Charlie, Dan and Alun. The sun was out and the catering was good despite our regular Chef/crew/angler having to work. Bacon butties from the skipper for brunch, lobster tails salad and brown bread for lunch and Herta beach smoked hotdogs for afternoon tea Fishing was tough and other than a few bits Alun's 2 young blonds were all we could pull out of the bag. Although we do have a dilemma. The rest of Alfressco started fishing about half an before me as I was pratting about getting tackle sorted. So we decided to go back into the harbour and try a few drifts and bingo a 1lb 7oz plaice to me. Does it count? Thanks for a good fun day out chaps and good to be back out on the water again Regards Gordon
  9. Manic Moore

    N 26 49 042, W 82 16 872

    If you check the numbers they are slightly out of club waters. I decided to the family to Florida, Parks the first week, then Gulf Coast the second week. The FPO booked the villa, and hey presto we are staying near Boca Grande, the Tarpon Capital of Florida. Well I did a few beach / Pier sessions for the usual sting rays and around here they seem a bit smaller thean the average stamp I have caught further South near Fort Myers. Best one for the week ran to 19lb though and great sport on carp rods. The piers did have some huge fish caught at nights but you need 50lb + gear when you are trying to bully Jew Fish in the 100lbs class out of the pier pilings and kids regularly hooking and loosing 80lb+ Tarpon at night on similar gear. All in all not the variety of species size and venues they have further south but when you can average 10 to `15 sting rays in a 4 to 5 hour session in the morning up to double figures, who's complaining. Anyway the high light of the holiday ( after the family delights of course ) One morning I was looking for a new venue I had been told about and stopped at a marina for directions, and started chatting to a skipper who's customers hadn't turned up. Well after some haggling I was racing down the ATM machine to withdraw $300 for a 6 hour trip for Tarpon in the Boco Grande pass. This is a narrow pass about the size of the swash channel and runs up to 60' deep and tens of thousands of tarpon gather there prior to mating. Well you have never seen anything like it. Huge tarpon rolling on the surface and anything from 50 the 100 + boats all working an area less than the size of half a football pitch, I kid you not. At the hot spots you have to hold your rods close to the boat so you don't catch them on other boats. There were times when I could have ran accross 3 or 4 boats by just stepping accross the gunnals. The most incredable sight you have ever seen. The bream marks on the ledge, luxury. At any one time there are probably 4 or 5 hook ups all trying to find a pathway out of the boats whilst hanging on to a silver torpedo that is stripping 40lb line like it was cotten. The tackle was an odd arrangement too. 40lb mono, 80lb mono 3' hook length, tied to a 10 O circle hook, then clipped on the bend of the hook by a small snap link was a 4oz lead head with a 2 inch shad with no hook in it. The idea is lower it down to the bottom, wind up a turn and hold still untill you feel the faintest pluck, then wind like hell. As the fish turns it picks up the circle hook. Well we had 5 hook ups. The most visual lasted about 5 to 10 seconds. I felt the pluck and even with a 6.1 to 1 retrieve could not keep up with a fish estimated at 150lb that swam from 50' down to launching itself 10 feet in the air and shook the hook out. How it didn't land in a boat I never know, it happened so fast it left me speechless. Prior to that I hooking into one that I got to the side of the boat and was estimated at 110lb and that took 25 minutes to subdue even though the skipper was just following the fish around while I pumped and wound and lost line to a fish that didn't seem to think I was going to mess up his day. Despite loosing the next 3 hook ups it was a trip I will never forget, for all the reasons above and the sight of a 1000lb hammer Head trying to relieve one angler of a small 40lb Tarpon, and all in 90 degrees of sun shine. If you have ever fancied a trip where you can all but guarantee hooking into one of the most exciting, hard fighting fish in the sea, Port Charlot between May and June has to be on your list of venues. I am waiting of a picture to be emailed of me trying to hold onto the rod, unfortunately as the skipper was avoiding boats and the crew was helping to unhook at the side of the boat we didn't get the pictures I would have liked But here's a stinger to be going on with Glad to be back NOT Gordon
  10. Manic Moore


    We caught a few for you Sunday Sam Happy birthday
  11. Manic Moore

    Trail Away to Burnham

    Below is the email from Craig which gives us some more detail. Meet at Blandford Tesco for 7.00am should do it. Lets keep an eye on the weather and finalise on Saturday Fingers crossed Hi Gordon 3 boats will be fine, I will pair you up with skippers of similar boats as we all know our home waters pretty well I will give you all some co ordinates of where to try. Gore Sands, North West Patches, Club Bank as well as Hinckley and Stoke Spit are all good bets. Don
  12. Manic Moore

    Crew needed for Burnham trip

    I am sure Enticer won't mind you smoking, welcome aboard Gordon
  13. Manic Moore

    Flight scare

    After a British Airways flight reached its cruising altitude, the captain announced: 'Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain. Welcome to Flight 293, non-stop from London Heathrow to Toronto . The weather ahead is good, so we should have a smooth, uneventful flight. So sit back, relax and . OH, MY GOODNESS!' Silence followed Some moments later the captain came back on the intercom. 'Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry if I scared you. While I was talking to you, a flight attendant accidentally spilled a cup of hot coffee in my lap. You should see the front of my pants!' One Irish passenger yelled, 'For Fook sake!, you should see the back of mine!'
  14. Manic Moore

    Crew needed for Burnham trip

    Who fancies a day to Burnham and uptiding for a few thornies Next Sunday, will be a longish day leaving Ringwood, (could pick up on the way) about 6.00am and probably won't be back much before 7.30pm bacon and egg butties for the first one to reply
  15. Manic Moore

    Trail Away to Burnham

    Thanks for your support chaps. I will email Craig today to ensure that as there are only 3 of us, we get their top skippers to buddy and provide marks etc. Let's keep an eye on the weather although I believe that anything from the South they are ok but some Northerlies if blowing hard can be a problem. From my memory of previous trips we have usually been only 2 or 3 miles from the shore at the most but have travelled down the coast 4 or 5 miles. And because of the shallow water, on a previous trip when it blew up it was well within Enticer's capabilities. The up tiding definately seemed to work better than down tiding for me but we achieved this without uptiding rods. We could cast far enough with the 12lb class rods and small multipliers and small grip leads with the larger wires that you bend round yourself. As far as baits go, squid is a must but Rag and I guess crab if you can find / afford it. I will get comp rules confirmed ie number of rods / hooks etc Will firm up any bits missed towards the end of the week PS I STILL NEED CREW