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  1. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Hope you're having a very happy cake day, Jim.
  2. Lifejacket check

    Double bugger, paid about £35 for two recharge kits at Force 4.
  3. A must have book to read.

    I assume this will be found in the 'Fiction' section.
  4. Lifejacket check

    After a slightly chastening inspection by Mike Fox, I'm pleased to say that both of mine cleaned up well and remained fully inflated for 24 hours. I have renewed the heads (out of date, hadn't realised there was a date on them) and the cylinders. Have a new one on order so one of the old ones will be demoted to spare.
  5. Christchurch

    Sandy areas between Hengitsbury Head and Poole.
  6. Crewing

    Please find something to catch, I'm busting to get out there.
  7. Happy Birthday Cap'n Hook

    A great cake day to you Craig.
  8. Alderney 2018

    You must remember that as far as alcohol is concerned, your all amateurs compared to the residents of Alderney. The old description of the island is 600 alcoholics clinging to a rock. They have plenty in reserve.
  9. Alderney 2018

    No, I personally don't think it is fair to expect someone to put aside two lots of four days, especially a friend. I've never failed to get accommodation before and hope that continues.
  10. Alderney 2018

    Who wants accommodation?
  11. Lazy old Tiddler

    Where do we form the queue?
  12. Alderney 2018

    I am holding accommodation but we are going 10th to 13th. Can Joint Venture confirm their dates please?
  13. Alderney 2018

    Do people have any idea what dates they are going? Useful for arranging accommodation.
  14. Members

    Thank you, I was looking for it in the header where it used to be. Slowly moving with the times.
  15. Members

    Probably me being dim but, where do I find the list of members now?