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  1. plaicemat

    Secure Load

    Obviously, the problem is he only used one strap. 😄
  2. plaicemat

    Best wishes Alun & Bob

    Enjoy your birthday break, you'll be back there again soon.
  3. plaicemat


    When I examine it, nothing much has changed.
  4. plaicemat


    An old gentleman at the allotments came up to me a couple of days ago and said, as I go fishing, would I like one or two bits of gear he has as he can't go anymore. Not expecting much, I humoured him and accepted. What I received, apart from some dated and worn end gear, were two reels in pristine condition, in their original boxes. One was a multiplier with a metal spool, a Penn Dexta and a fixed spool casting reel, an Intrepid Surfcast. I haven't heard the Intrepid name for years, they were made by the firm K.P. Morritt, and were standard fare back in the 50's/60's. Nostalgia is a thing of the past.
  5. plaicemat

    Flatfish Competition

    I must have missed something again, didn't this used to be the flatfish and ray competition?
  6. plaicemat

    Happy birthday Trevor

    Have a fab cake day uncle Trev, hadn't realised you were THAT old.
  7. plaicemat

    TIG Welder

    As it's cast steel, brazing may be a better option as a lot of heat and pre-heat is generally required.
  8. plaicemat

    Is Alderney fished out?

    I do believe the fishing for flatfish has deteriorated over time but there is still some great fishing for other species. Bass, for example, but these have lost their general appeal due to legislation, which is obviously the desired effect. Bream offer some fantastic sport, light line pollack, tope when they're there etc, etc. However, whether or not anglers would be prepared to make an extended and expensive trip for these species is another matter. For us, to a certain extent, it is not wholly about the fishing (although this would ultimately be the deciding factor) but also the excitement of an extended voyage and coming together with one's friends for food, beer and the craic in a place that we know and enjoy.. I still enjoy the trips enormously and am grateful to the skippers who offer me hospitality on their boats but, if another venue came up that offered better fishing, I think most of us would be tempted. Some people in Alderney recognise these facts and see it as a problem to their tourism trade but we all know there is a certain amount of complacency and inertia amongst those who regulate things in the Channel Islands.
  9. plaicemat

    Bream Competition

    Have you got a fitness ticket from Lorraine?
  10. plaicemat

    Alderney 2018

    And if you could please mention the ones coming later in the week. Ta!
  11. plaicemat

    Alderney 2018

    Unless something has opened since last year, no.
  12. plaicemat

    Alderney 2018

    Have you tried Mark at Alderney Angling for accommodation? 01481824884.
  13. plaicemat

    Sikaflex et al

    Thanks for additional info.
  14. plaicemat

    Sikaflex et al

    Useful tip I got from Martin as a throwaway and checked on the Internet. Partially used tubes of Sikaflex or similar can be stored in the freezer until required which halts the curing process.
  15. plaicemat

    Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Hope you're having a very happy cake day, Jim.