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  1. plaicemat

    Xmas fair flounder comp

    Madness - Martin, Dean + room for 1 other Sea Jay- Mike and Clare Stingray - Terry +
  2. plaicemat

    Is the Bridge saying something?

    Doesn't worry me 😉😀
  3. plaicemat

    Is the Bridge saying something?

    Yes, I remember the same promise about the Severn Crossing into Wales in 1966!
  4. plaicemat

    Fuel prices

    8p in Morrisons, Carterton, so seems pretty general.
  5. plaicemat

    Friday 16th. November.

    Those wrinkles have to be earned, my friend, you obviously haven't put enough effort in yet. Now, get back to work, my pension won't pay itself. 😀
  6. plaicemat

    Friday 16th. November.

    You gotta problem with that, Sport? 😡
  7. plaicemat

    Happy Birthday Terry

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, hope to catch up with you all soon. Terry.
  8. plaicemat

    Happy Birthday Terry

    Share! Sorry, does not compute but thanks for the thought. 😀
  9. plaicemat

    Trim Tabs - Orkney Pilothouse 20

    I have smart tabs on my Warrior which have improved the attitude of the boat enormously and are very useful when my larger friend is crewing, keeps things on a level plane, unfortunately not when stationary.
  10. plaicemat

    Hello all

    You won't go far wrong with a Warrior, superb sea boat, strong and very well constructed. Oh! And I've got one.
  11. plaicemat

    Happy Birthday Gaffa

    A very Happy Birthday boyo, hope you had a good 'un. Iechyd da!
  12. plaicemat


    And others who put patches on windscreens that obscure speed signs.
  13. plaicemat

    Best Rod and Reel Combo under £100?

    I have been given a Penn Delmar 285M multiplier reel by a gentleman who has given up sea fishing, although an old model, it is in perfect condition and even in it's box. yours for a contribution to our club charity.
  14. plaicemat


    Plaice for us tonight with fresh runner beans from the lottie, thanks for the late planting tip, we're again in full production. About another week for broad beans. Looking for my next weather window to try again for the spotties and pleased to be getting out more in the boat. I love it when a plan comes together.
  15. plaicemat


    Did well initially although a late start didn't help (crew overslept). Unfortunately, my crew started feeling ill with what showed itself as sea sickness although he has never had it before; we suspect a medication imbalance. So, we had an enforced early finish, back in Poole at 14,45, but I still had 6 nice plaice in the box and a few bonus mackerel, not a complete waste.