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  1. Just a quick note to let you guys know that we are holding the meet at Portland again, you are of course all welcome as usual. If interested please put your names on the list, it will be booked direct with the marina for any boats coming over for all or part of the week. Here is a link to the relevant topic on the WSF forum. Look forward to seeing some of you at the event!!! :) Lilbrit. http://www.worldseafishing.com/forums/
  2. LilBrit

    First trip of 2017 on Wishin Too

    Great fishin on number 2 Wishin!! Must have been a good day, I'm sure you were actually smiling in one of the photos Nige!!!
  3. LilBrit

    Portland WSF meet 2016

    Don't forget that the week long Portland boat meet starts next Saturday. BBQ on Saturday evening by the boat that rocks restaurant. All welcome, hope to see you there! All the best, Paul
  4. LilBrit

    Alderney 2016

    I'll keep an eye on this thread and see if any dates firm up as I'm still up for doing the trip, having missed it last year. Hope the blasted strong winds will leave us alone a bit this year!
  5. Phoned a few places today but nobody at home Not sure how easy it is to repitch Stainless as opposed to Aluminium props?
  6. Thanks for the ideas guys, isn't it going to be too much to add 2" of pitch though?? I'll give them a ring and see what they reckon.
  7. Thanks Martin!! Just got pipped to a tidy looking pair of props on evilbay I reckon the boat would be better for the change so hopefully someone might know the whereabouts of a pair.
  8. Looking for a pair of 24" pitch props for a Mercruiser Bravo 3 as I think my 22's are a little fine and let the engine over rev at WOT. Hope this doesn't infringe forum rules? Part No's are: 48-823665 & 48-823666 Cheers, Paul
  9. Got an autographed copy We are having a go at the beagles off Portland this year, saw a pretty tidy one on a bass wreck during the WSF meet, darn near had a bass I was playing at the time! Also planning to take "Osprey" down for a couple of weeks to Cornwall for the blues. Probably go round to Fowey.
  10. LilBrit

    Crew Portland Saturday

    Are you staying down for the WSF meet Peter?? Be good to see you there mate!!
  11. LilBrit

    WSF meet commencing sat 14th June

    Just a copy and paste from my message on the WSF site for any of you that use both, bit of info for anybody coming in from other ports. Anybody arriving by sea please give the marina a call up on C80 to be allocated a berth, don't forget to let them know you are with the WSF boat meet. If arriving with a trailer boat there are two main places to launch......Castletown just around the corner is free but you will ideally need two people, one for car and trailer and one to sort the boat as there is no pontoon to tie up to once launched. The alternative is the Sailing Academy which is a new concrete slipway BEWARE THE ROUGH BEYOND THE CONCRETE if launching at low water roping back, did my jockey wheel there a few years back. Phone number for the marina to get your berth allocation and directions for trailer parking is: 08454 302012 We plan to have a BBQ on at least one evening and our resident Kakster, Mr. Cahooters has volunteered to run that for us. Hope to get down some time on Friday so look forward to seeing you all there!!
  12. LilBrit

    Alderney 2014 6th June take 3

    Well done to those who braved the elements!! Here's hoping that another trip will be possible this year!!!
  13. LilBrit

    Alderney 2014 6th June take 3

    Hoping the weather gods smile on us for the WSF meet next week Nige, you really should try and come down, latter part of the week I only have one crew onboard so you would be more than welcome to join us mate!
  14. LilBrit

    Portland tomorrow

    How did you get on mate? Still fancy an offshore wrecking trip??
  15. LilBrit

    Alderney 2014 Take 4 - July 4th

    I'm putting my name down early for Take 16, the Christmas special trip! Might be able to do July so will keep an eye on the thread.