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  1. just add water

    new toys

    i will try having a lot round and get a fibre glass one because the proper gopro one online that doesnt even extend that far is £60 and dad stop being a checky b*****d lol will give u a ring later and we will sort it out.
  2. just add water

    new toys

    I've got all of the mounts I need at the moment because chrissy got aload with it the only thing I do need Is a long pole I've got a short one at home but it's only about a foot long.I get some good footage from my car yesterday just by testing the window mount and very impressed by the head strap mount I put it on my mate down the skate park and it didn't move at all .
  3. just add water

    new toys

    I have now managed to get it all working lovely smooth video and great audio after playing with more setting on the go pro and cineform studio convertion settings, i also think it might of been abit of user error lol thanks to everyone who helped and the links to youtube and other sites really helped, very happy with it now and cant wait to get out and get some footage. Thanks again Dan
  4. just add water

    new toys

    i have tryed using go pro studio but it alway come out jumpy on any settings i put it on and i installed movie maker for windows 8 but it wouldnt even find the file to import, like dan said i have tryed matching the fps on gopro studio when trying to play which improves the video slightly but no audio or i can hear just the audio without any picture at all.
  5. just add water

    new toys

    hi guy thanks for the help and had a play with every thing last night but still having problems nigel im using a sandisk extreme plus 32gb which is the one that came with the camera so there shouldnt be any problem with that, can you please ask lee what setup he uses for viewing and editing because now i am not sure if the new laptop i got is just not man enough for the job but considering it has a quad core processor 4gb ram 750gb memory and upgraded graffics card i would have thought it would be. dan i tryed changing the fps when importing and it improved but my camera does not have the option to set on 720p at 30 fps only 60 but i did run out of time last night before i tryed importing at 60fps at 720p Dan
  6. just add water

    new toys

    Hi everyone as Dad said on my birthday post i have now got a new go pro hero 3 + and i was hoping for a bit of advice from people who also have one. at the moment i have had to get a new laptop to run the editing software needed for it, but after loading some test videos onto pro studio the videos came out quite jumpy and slowed down, i have played round with the different setting on it and it doesnt seem to be changing. can anyone help by letting me know what setting such as resolution , fps and capture settings you use or if anyone has have the same problem due to the camera being faulty many thank Dan
  7. just add water

    Happy birthday Dan

    Hi guys thanks for all the birthday comments I had a great birthday and can't wait to get out to try out the new toy
  8. just add water

    Sharking - Take VI

    all i am going to say is bring on round 2 Dan
  9. just add water

    wednesday fishing

    sam me u going to alderney monday then they dont need u that much in the navy do they we can go for 4 days haha cant wait for dads to read this haha
  10. just add water

    JV in Alderney 2010

    some nice fish but adam i thought your scales only went up to 40lb lol Dan
  11. just add water

    Beat ing the new year blues!

    Alfresco crew after checking the weather and talking to other crews have decided to go for it. leaving thursday early and coming back either sunday or monday depending on the forcast we will abort if the weather gets worse. charlie and Dan
  12. just add water

    Carb Probs

    try yellow penguin in parkstone bay marina they have a machine just for cleaning carbs and it shouldnt be too much money. Dan
  13. just add water

    Surprise Catch !

    well done guy i no it such a great feeling dan
  14. just add water


    are you sure its not two cantacarous old gits tom haha Dan