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  1. great white

    Disposal of out of date flares

    Thanks Dave
  2. great white

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    I had a Wilson Flyer 18 and took the windows out when painting they were a bugger to get out and in , even after buying the proper tool to insert the spreader insert. So I definitely think yours has been changed to an alternating material and probably thinner. From the photo it also looks very big probably larger than original.
  3. great white

    One chance to fix our fisheries

    and me
  4. great white

    Tiddler out again.

    Sounds great Jim Fun in the sun
  5. great white

    No sex since 1955

    Ian Simpson !!!
  6. great white

    Fixed Spool Reel

    Starting to see this logic Jerry. I have good ones and very good ones that were bought on or for holidays. Where they get limited use over a short period of time. I get home clean polish and oil them up before drying and putting them away Then for the rest of the year I use old or cheaper ones Except for the size and weight of the offshore reels this defies logic
  7. great white

    Powerboat Racing

    Flyer - Bournemouth 2018.pdfFlyer - Bournemouth 2018.pdf
  8. great white


  9. great white

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    As a non Marine Engineer you have done a great Job mate. WELL DONE YOU. I am one and feel justified to make that comment, I simply do not have time to take on these type of tasks any more, but know from past experience how difficult and time consuming it can be. Having saved a Yamaha 60 2 stroke with knackered main bearings, I hope that yours runs as well as that one did after all the work required.
  10. great white

    Anchor rode what sort of length for inshore

    If you have room I would not skimp on the length, if the tide or wind gets strong you may need to let a bit more warp out. 100m of 10mm would be my recommendation, should stow in one of those soft buckets if you coil it in neatly, then a decent 5 mtr length of 6mm chain on top
  11. great white

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    To start racing from the committee boat at work we have fitted a 12 volt horn that looks the same as the ones fitted on Alfresco and other Club boats, but has a higher decibel level. On the specs the difference in decibels is not massive. but this horn does sound a lot louder. They come as part of an autohoot yacht racing starting system https://www.r-p-r.co.uk/autohoot/ah_standard.php
  12. great white

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    I believe bridge to bridge VHF communication channel is channel 13. I have used it to contact ships in the past But of course VHF 16 should be monitored neither of those work with some weekend sailor in his superyacht that you cannot see a name on
  13. great white

    Video Editing

    Thanks Jim better get some more doombar in. I have a copy of that studio and had a few goes with it when I got back from Ascension after using Dan's Go Pro. trouble is it doesn't seem to like the ones from my camera, specifically the trimming tool does not seem to be active in the bottom left corner of the main screen
  14. great white

    Video Editing

    Thanks Rob It seems to be as good as the Go Pro borrowed off Dan for previous holidays Have it set at 720 and the battery seems to last at least 3 times longer as well. Plus the viewing screen is mega useful Rob can you move this bit to another thread as I do not want to go so far off an important original topic [ Sorry Mal ] but I would like to pick brains on editing options Charlie
  15. great white

    Video Editing

    I bought a copy of a Go Pro last year for my holiday. It is a Gulaki 4K It came with attachments and even remote control for wrist on/off. All contained in a small case and has spare battery. fits onto all the usual mounts It is 4K quality, better battery life than a go pro and cost less than £60.00 The wrist remote did not survive a dunking in NZ and I cannot get it replaced, so I am tempted to get another complete set Wish I knew how to edit the videos, so any advice would be appreciated