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  1. Worth whiting for...

    Nice on Stuie Sounds like a great trip in nice weather.
  2. Poole dredging

    Not a bad shout Rob Has worked for me in the past fishing downtide of the spoil grounds
  3. Site upgrade and server move

    Hi again Oli Is it possible to get the pictures from the various threads and photo competition to also copy to the Home page. At times the pictures on there seem to be a bit old
  4. Site upgrade and server move

    Thanks Oli I have attached the picture again as an edit, not sure it shows the likes it had though
  5. Site upgrade and server move

    Hi Oli Just had a quick look at recent items. December fish of the month pictures now seems to only show Dave's latest picture of his huge Bass
  6. Site upgrade and server move

    Now updated my Password, thanks to Oli I can now log in
  7. Angling Trust - members update

    ‚ÄčAre all Club members not therefore Members of the AT?
  8. Fee Navonics Chart viewing

    Thanks Dave Can you set it up so see the Lat/long of the curser?
  9. Weather now looking better

    Far to early to say yet really Ian
  10. Weather now looking better

    Rub it in Sam I will be looking after the little people for you. Lol
  11. Birthday greetings Oli

    happy Birthday Oli Hope that you had a great day.
  12. West Country adventure

    Brilliant report Fred Very impressed with your efforts , I could almost feel the excitement from here and terrific fish too
  13. Fiberglass paint

    2 packs do not go over one packs so be carefull with that. All the old stuff would have to come off, plus an undercoat
  14. Fiberglass paint

    Biggest problem Ray would be putting good paint over rubbish. The existing paint would have to be sanded right back then you could use something like International toplac over its undercoat. We use that on our work boats here at the Yacht Club and they get a hard life. As Neal says talk to Pete at Quay West chandlers, full of good advice and will give Club discount.
  15. November Cod Comp.

    Sorry Ian Cannot fish that weekend as i have loaned the boat to Sam and Eileen. Had the comp in my diary for ages. But hey ho. Will still try to fish the 25th