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  1. great white

    Uptide rig

    depends what you are targeting Neil I agree entirely with Graham for Cod rays smoothies etc For whiting and smaller fish I have found paternosters work better at slack tide and a running ledger and running ledger with 2 hook trace when the tide runs. Leads I now use are the gemini type, mostly in 8oz
  2. great white

    Engine Talk

    Top job Well done
  3. great white

    Wills tackle and bits

    Hi all Will dropped off a few items at mine before our Norway trip Wanted to offer them to Members, now that he is doing hardly any fishing Okuma TG15L lever Drag multiplier, single speed, good deep sea reel...……..£80.00 Finn Nor Offshore Spin 9500, loaded with 66lb Power Pro Braid, just the thing for proper holiday fishing...…… £80.00 2 x Ballistic 150 Lifejackets Offshore Angling fish fighting belt, Imported from Pro Bass in the states. AFTCO kidney Harness, imported from Bass Pro in the states. Let me know if you are interested in any of these, very suitable for holidays or targeting the Poole Bay Monster and local Porbeagles. LOL Charlie
  4. great white


    Hi All Starting to clear out some gear from the sheds, as I dig out more bits I will add them to the list. I have two 25lb CQR anchors, that would suit the larger boats or yachts. One is used and has lost some galvanising, the other is tarnished but never used also a 7.5 KG Bruce copy, again tarnished from a long time in the shed. I also have: A couple of wreck anchors , never used and yet to be bent into shape. Three washing machine inners, stainless drums that make great live bait keeps. please let me know if you are interested Charlie
  5. great white

    Braid or Mono?

    Nearly all of my reels are loaded with braid As that is mainly for its tide beating quality, its the diameter compared to the stated breaking strain that is important, so I use Whiplash Pro 30 or 50lb However on the reels that I take on holiday the direct feel and strength is the more important than the tide beating, so I use Power pro. The recent trip to Norway where we fished very deep water and the shoals can be at varied depths, I used the Diawa J braid that changes colours every 10 metres. Used to try and target the depths fish were marking on the sounder. It seemed OK for that use and the line seemed fine. Not sure if it has much use in our area except for drifting wrecks. Charlie
  6. great white

    Bass Competition

    Thanks Neal
  7. great white

    Crew needed

    Looks like a lovely day to be out guys. feels a shame to miss out because of a busy weekend,
  8. great white

    one bass a day from October

    Thanks Paul probably not see a bass for the next 3 months . LOL
  9. great white

    Hi guys

    I am sure that one of the Admin team will change your status soon and then more access will be available. But it is Saturday night and they may be a little busy.
  10. great white

    Ray Competition

    Well done Dave Nice fish mate Dan and Christine are planning on travelling again soon so have not rejoined, last week was his first fishing trip since he got back
  11. great white

    Uptide rods.

    when I lived in Pompey most of our fishing was uptiding and I loved it, mostly using the heavier rod. Moving here 30 years ago that changed as a lot of decent marks are to be honest a bit to deep. Fine for inshore ray fishing and around the dolphin sands, but over 80 ft deep its a struggle and you would probably use 8oz grip weights in the tide.
  12. great white

    Pilot 500

  13. great white

    Pilot 500

    Hi guys has anyone any experience or info about these a friend of mine has called me to say he is looking at an advert for one with 80HP merc all replies will be appreciated Charlie
  14. great white

    Ray Competition

    Our day went a bit wrong, after a nice early start, the engine cut back as we throttled up outside the harbour The fuel problem is not quite sorted yet, but I was aware that we may need to change the filter head and lift pump assembly. An engineer was going to get me it from Bosch rather than Volvo. Anyway we apologised to Dave and changed our plans. trouble is we never seemed to get wind, tide and fishing linked up Lots of Dogs Mackerel smooth smoothies but not a lot of Rays. In fact only one, a nice Undulate to Dan of 14lb 8oz Dan also had a fit looking bass that went 4lb 12oz, and swam off strongly. We had a good look at the fuel system and the boat was then running a bit better.🙂 At 1500 our 7 hrs was up and we headed in. Great to have Dan and Chrissie onboard for the first time this year. They have had a very busy 2018.
  15. great white

    Ray Competition

    Please add Alfresco to the list. Myself Dan and Chrissie. Saturday for us 🙂🙂