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  1. great white

    MCZ consultation information

    What are they proposing to limit in these zones last time we sat to listen to a presentation on this, I asked that question and the answer was nothing. If we are looking to start to protect stocks. I hope that has changed
  2. great white

    Best wishes Alun & Bob

    Happy Birthday guys Have a great evening
  3. great white

    Latest HOW trip

    Brilliant well done
  4. great white

    Junior training

    very good idea Jim The right course for that sort of reasoning.
  5. great white

    Flatfish Competition

    Well done Adam Targeted Turbot and got the winner
  6. great white

    Flatfish Competition

    you sussed us out dave going for the wreck turbot
  7. great white

    Flatfish Competition

    Paul had a great Undulate as well Unfortunately could not weigh him due to flat battery in the scales, definitely would have made specimen weight
  8. great white

    Flatfish Competition

    No Flatties on Reel Magic But we did have conger, and Tope LOL
  9. great white

    Happy Birthday Charlie

    Happy Birthday Charlie Hope that you had a great day.
  10. great white

    Out for a run

    Well done Rob amazing story for Livvy to tell her friends May need to take some pictures as proof looks like a great day for it too
  11. great white

    Out for a run

    Is that one from the past or Today, what size?
  12. great white

    Out for a run

    Hi Jerry My mate used to own specialised charters and crew on the Anglo Dawn. Last winter he bought the boat and runs it, I believe from Falmouth. Have been considering getting a few lads together and going down for the weekend after the sharks at the end of Summer
  13. great white

    Out for a run

    Happy to help Rob, glad to hear that Andy Howell of Anglo Dawn was too. Glad that you and the girls are getting some
  14. great white

    Wishin Too for sale

    Good luck with the sale Nige Always welcome on Alfresco mate
  15. great white

    Happy birthday Trevor

    Have a great Birthday Trevor