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  1. great white

    Birthday greetings Alun

    Happy Birthday Alun Have a great one.
  2. Saw this on you tube some interesting inshore fishing tips. and at the very end some great advice about what to do when something goes wrong 1. Stay calm 2. Think it through 3. Help yourself if you can or call for assistance I am sure this chap is in the Navy fishing Club, but have a look here
  3. great white

    Diesel tank sludge

    As you have two fillers It would be easy to add fuel to one side until full and then see if you can add any to the other. If balanced they should level off as you fill. but you may need to allow a little time to run through the balance pipe and settle. If not balanced you would find that plenty of fuel would still go into the second tank. I would start with the tank on the high side to see if the list improves. Of course I would not do this prior to polishing the system as it just add more fluid to have cleaned.
  4. great white

    Fuel price information

    In your dreams mate. it was 45p /ltr when we launched Alfresco in 2007
  5. great white

    Diesel tank sludge

    Looking out of my office window there is a van in the boatyard cleaning one of our Members fuel tanks Company name CP Fuel Polishing 07716 851901 If all else fails give them a call.
  6. great white

    A smutty morning

    Looks like some nice fish there Lofty Well done
  7. great white

    new member

    Welcome to the Club Nigel The more you join in the more you will get back. Oh and a little reminder , I believe the venue is not available so June 6th Meeting is cancelled.
  8. great white

    Birthday greetings Sam

    Thanks Guys on Sam's behalf He is holidaying with his family in Padstow, but the good news is he took rods. I hope that they all get a few fish, catch the fishing bug and I get one of my crew back. Charlie
  9. great white

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Glad you got out and enjoyed yourselves Some of those evening trips are great. Last year Wendy and I did a few, leaving from work within minutes of me clocking off at 5 Usual plan was I took all the tackle with me and got the boat ready at lunch time. Wendy sorts out provisions in a cooler and picks up bait on her way down. Leave Marina at about 1710 coming back just before dark 3.5 hrs later We have had plenty of fish in some places , a nice picnic and cups of tea and enjoyable relaxing time. If other Members join me instead of Wendy, the return is usually delayed until after dark and the fishing taken more seriously a bit further out of the harbour. easiest way is to get them to pick up fish and chips on route
  10. great white

    Photo of the month May.

    Wendy's reaction was classic. "Bugger that"
  11. great white

    Alderney 2019

    Don't encourage him Mal we have not started yet
  12. great white

    Alderney 2019

    Better late than never After a weeks hard graft the boat is spick and span. Cleaned polished, antifouled, leg serviced and antifould, steering rams changed Launched her an hour ago , ready to go tomorrow here fishy fishy
  13. great white

    Alderney 2019

    Alfresco will be meeting the Madness and Reel Magic as they come through the 0630 bridge on Friday Hopefully bound for some wrecks on the way to Alderney We too have a 4 day pass but are keeping an eye on Mondays weather
  14. great white

    Alderney 2019

    That's our backup plan Adam I may choose Weymouth though as its closer for crew to find digs and easier to get fuel and to the pubs and restaurants, All down to weather mate