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  1. great white

    Spring Species 2019 new dates

    Alfresco Charlie and Wendy Saturday
  2. great white

    seal escape

    Hows this for a smart creature. Have not watched with sound on yet VID-20190116-WA00111.mp4
  3. great white

    Warrior Pro Angler

    Nice one Sean Hope that we all get lots of settled weather again this year, so we can all enjoy our boats.
  4. great white

    switch to aluminium anodes

    Anodes are supposed to be a bit knackered after a season, that's why they are known as sacrificial anodes. I thought [But have not researched to check] that its ally anodes for fresh water with occasional sea, and zinc for sea water. Told that by a Member of the Yacht Club who kept his boat outside his house in Christchurch
  5. great white


    I know a good boat that would look very smart in her new berth at Cobbs
  6. great white

    Latest Angling Trust News - Sea Angling

    Not sure they paint the right Image, by using an image of a dead sea fish [Spurdog]
  7. great white

    Marineboy for sale

    Good luck with the sale PJ Look forward to hearing about the new one
  8. great white

    Very slow day in the bay

    Nice one mate
  9. great white

    Fishing on a boat

    Had some lovely Thai curried Halibut at the weekend Caught on our trip to Norway. I caught it, but hardly "Free Fish" It was nice though, so I had better go back for some more in August
  10. great white

    Happy birthday Martin

    Happy Birthday Martin Hope that you are having a good day, have a great evening.
  11. great white

    Hard mono for shark trace.

    Good source is UK Hooks. They sell the heavy Mono in 10 metre coils I have found that mono seems to work quite well for tope traces if used with Circle hooks [Also available from UK Hooks] not the end of the world if the odd ones bites you off. For the bigger ones we still use short single strand wire biting ends and J hooks. Wire bought in the states is quite stiff. The stuff sourced through military much softer, Thought that I had run out a while ago, then when we moved in December found a couple of spools when packing up my loft, let me know if you want a few metres Alan/Rob.
  12. great white

    One for the bird watchers!!

    Just put that up on the notice board in my office. Must say that the four ladies seem to have taken it well.
  13. great white

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition

    Was that for the heater Chris??
  14. great white

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition

    Well done Bobbi Cleaned up in both competitions and well done Dave for helping consume all of those calories. Nice day to be out in the fresh air. Charlie
  15. Some good fish holding banks in that area that would be lost, it would also have an effect on areas uptide of the hole. We may need to give a Club response against this.