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  1. great white


    We had some on the wrecks in the summer Jim But cannot get a break in the weather to put to sea, so have not seen one this winter
  2. great white


    Very sad loss at times he was the only way of watching our sport on the TV
  3. great white

    New fish sizes 2019

    Well done all we got there eventually, I presume it starts on 1st January 2019 Is that correct?
  4. great white

    Is the Bridge saying something?

    Oh dear that does not sound promising Jerry Boat not finished yet I guess
  5. great white

    Cod Competition - take 2

    Thanks for letting us know guys
  6. great white

    Neighbors cat

    Bad enough for us that only get out at weekends, must be terrible for you Dave not getting your three trips a week.
  7. great white

    Twin Sails

    Sorry Tony What was I thinking.
  8. great white

    Christchurch Entrance

    That's because dredging needs an MMO licence that someone has to pay for and obtain. The actual operation costs us at least £10.00 per cubic metre. and there are a lot of cubic metres in that area
  9. great white

    Twin Sails

    Everyone must know that we should have gone for a higher bridge that ; 1. Does not open/close 2. Does not therefore fail open or closed, bringing traffic to a stop. 3 Does not cost a fortune in maintenance over its lifetime 4 Does not need a team of 32 people and a dedicated VHF channel just to get it opening and closing to schedule.
  10. great white

    November Cod Comp

    Thanks guys The crap forecast seems to be well established so good decision to make the call tonight, Thanks
  11. great white

    Cod Competition

    Neil on Tarlach, Sunday 18th Alfresco' Charlie , Ian Alan and PJ, Sunday 18th if weather OK
  12. great white

    Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy Birthday Terry Have a great day
  13. great white

    Hardy 24 Ft Cabbin Boat

    Hi Ray I have to agree with Neil That sounds like a very small engine for such a large boat, and not even run in yet. My last one was 23 ft and had a 60HP inboard diesel on a shaft, we cruised at about 12 knots If you are Happy with your capability and the boats then please be sure that you have done your research. and the fuel is full on departure IE leave Torquay on the Flood tide to get a push across Lyme Bay, arrive at Portland at slack tide to avoid the famous overfalls at the Portland race area. Plan a couple of bolt holes in case the weather gets bad [West Bay, Portland, Weymouth], and if necessary turn back to Torquay before getting into difficulty. Sorry to be so negative, but the sea has to be given respect. The forcast is bad this weekend and I seriously doubt many of us will be going afloat. If you go be very careful Charllie
  14. great white

    Tuna fishing?

    I thought that too from what I had heard about America, but when we went over to Florida last year it seemed not to be very tightly regulated. Apart from distinct season closures They still have much better control than we have though
  15. great white

    Portland again

    Great to be out in such weather Rob You went to far west buddy, Frank had a Thresher yesterday off of Poole