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  1. Brian

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    MegaByte, leaving F pontoon 6pm ish. Crew sorted.
  2. Brian

    Back up Outboard Engine

    A mate used to have a Merry Fisher 580, he had a 5hp Longshaft as an aux. It wouldn't break any records, but it did get him back safely when the main engine failed.
  3. Brian

    Phaeton for quick sale...

    Wedger's wife used to make them.
  4. Brian

    Phaeton for quick sale...

    No, just having the pennant.
  5. Brian

    Birthday greetings Charlie

    Happy birthday Charlie
  6. Brian

    new member

    That's correct. No June meeting.
  7. Brian

    Trump meets the Pope.

  8. Brian

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Glad you had a good evening. Hopefully I'll be able to bring Megabyte out next time.
  9. Brian

    Riser - Recliner Chair

    No longer required, yours for a donation to HOW. Can deliver.
  10. Brian

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    I think I'll have to give this Saturday evening a miss, having trouble with mother in law.
  11. Brian

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    When we have a list of the members attending I'll issue a list of contact details, mobile numbers etc.
  12. Brian

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Boat MegaByte Skipper Brian Leaving F Pontoon @ Cobbs, times to be decided, Might have room for 1 club member Bridge lift not required Group C
  13. Brian

    new member

    Hi Nigel. Address etc is in the Welcome Pack. Hopefully see you there.
  14. Brian

    new member

    Hi Nigel Welcome to the club. I've received your PayPal payment and I've asked Martin to upgrade your Website status to Club Member, you will then be able to see the Club Only Section.