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  1. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy birthday Jim.
  2. Lifejacket check

    Hi Steve Auto Capsules have arrived, Thanks.
  3. NHS wins it's case

    A Nottingham woman has lost her case at Nottingham magistrates court today, after she tried to sue "NHS Queens Medical Centre" after her husband went in for an operation which left him unable to have sex with her afterwards. Mrs Minger of Bulwell aged 67 said to reporters outside court this afternoon "Me and me 'usband Fred 'ave 'ad bangin' sex till 'e went ta 'ospital and 'ad 'is operation, now 'e's not interested 'n me and it's all down to them twats" ! The surgeon who performed the operation and attended court to give evidence said "all we did was remove Fred's Cataracts" !
  4. Lifejacket check

    Brilliant. Order placed.
  5. Lifejacket check

    I need 4 of these as mine are out of date. They're United Moulders, what price can you do them for?
  6. Lifejacket check

    Just checked my 6 Life Jackets. 4 good, 2 failed, so it was out with Stanley Knife and into the bin.
  7. Happy birthday Jacob

    Happy birthday Jacob.
  8. Birthday greetings Derek

    Happy birthday Derek.
  9. Happy Birthday Mr. Chairman

    Happy birthday
  10. Seenager

  11. Fat chance

  12. Magic for Seniors

  13. Breaking News

    Breaking News: Downing Street release photo of first expelled Russian undercover agent leaving the country.
  14. Lazy old Tiddler

    They must get a brilliant shine, the police have to cover up the vehicles so they don't dazzle everyone.