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  1. Brian

    Baiter Park Slipway Monday

    We used to have a Malcolm Mason 😎
  2. Brian

    Evening trips ?

    Yes 6 knots.
  3. Brian

    Evening trips ?

    30mins ?? Don't forget the 10 knt don't speed limit is back since 1st April.
  4. Brian

    Evening trips ?

    We just need someone to arrange it.
  5. Brian

    Evening trips ?

    I like the idea of evening fishing.
  6. Brian

    Warrior 165 wanted

    Thanks Mike. He particularly wants a Warrior with a Suzuki engine.
  7. Brian

    Warrior 165 wanted

    A friend is looking for a Warrior 165.
  8. Brian

    Gone the ETEC route

    Soon see you on ‘F’ then.
  9. Brian

    Gone the ETEC route

    Very nice. Soon be out fishing then.
  10. I had a phone call from the council on the 18th Feb, to say. "An engineer will be on site this week to fix the displays" That's 6 six weeks ago and still no closer to a solution, a bit like Brexit. 😎
  11. Brian

    Bass - EU Regs

    Picked it up at Cobbs Quay this afternoon.
  12. Brian

    Bass - EU Regs

    SIFCA Regs for Recreational Bass Fishers
  13. Brian

    Press Yes or No

  14. Brian

    Members contact details / e mails

    Hi Mick I've sent them by pm. Removed them from the Website due to Data Protection.