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  1. Brian

    Kayaker missing

    ITV News
  2. Brian

    Kayaker missing

    Sad news. Body and kayak found 20 miles out.
  3. Brian

    boat wanted

    If someone sends you a message or replies to a message it will appear in the top right hand corner.
  4. Brian

    boat wanted

    Dave pm = Personal Message, if you click on Jim's username "Tiddler", You'll see this, then Click on Message
  5. Brian

    Just sayin'

    Hi Etian I've asked Admin to upgrade your access.
  6. Brian

    boat wanted

    Hi Dave. Sorry didn't know your username, you should have been upgraded a long time ago. Rob/Admin Please upgrade Dave to Club Member.
  7. Brian

    boat wanted

    I think you would benefit from joint the club. £18 to join plus £18 per year (total cost first year = £36).
  8. Brian

    boat wanted

    Here's the link to Coddy's site. http://www.fishing-boats.info/ What sort of budget? Where do you intend using it?
  9. Brian

    The wall

    Mexico has agreed to pay for this wall and Canada are supplying the bricks.
  10. Brian

    Good advice

  11. Brian

    Art Hoist???

    Paddy says to Murphy. "I robbed a shop last night, I took a load of pictures, the cheapest one is worth £180.000" Murphy says, "Paddy, you idiot, you've robbed an estate agents".
  12. Brian


  13. Brian

    Just sayin'

    Dave Etian isn't a Club Member, so can't see the "Marks for New Members".
  14. Brian

    bass netters caught

    Brave man to tackle 3 of them at 4 in the morning, let's hope they get a hefty fine.