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  1. Newboy

    Best wishes Alun & Bob

    Belated birthday wishes to both.
  2. Newboy

    68 Undersized Bass

    I can understand making a mistake for a few under sized bass, but 68? Who the hell are they fishing for? The whole Indian community?
  3. Newboy

    Is Alderney fished out?

    Not saying the trawlers are not to blame, but leisure anglers do their fair share of damage too if they hammer the grounds day in day out.
  4. Newboy

    Is Alderney fished out?

    Fish can't reproduce if there are too few older/ bigger fish to spawn. I was on a week's holiday in Alderney last June. Over the week I counted over 12 charter boats. Say each boat keeps 5 fish every day, on a 4 days trip, that makes 20, multiply that by number of boat, you do the maths.
  5. Newboy

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy birthday to Charlie and Dave.
  6. A bit more info would help a lot.😁
  7. Newboy

    Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy birthday, tiddler becomes older tiddler.
  8. Newboy

    By Catch

    Yes, those lobsters can't be consumed safely.
  9. http://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/5643494/care-home-christchurch-pole-dancing-classes/amp/
  10. Newboy

    Birthday greetings Martin

    Happy birthday Martin.
  11. Newboy


    Large wheelhouse, Jim can use that to grow tomatoes in the summer.
  12. Newboy

    Poole Old Town Bridge Opens Soon

    Open=close, got it. :P
  13. Newboy

    Poole Old Town Bridge Opens Soon

    I don't understand, surely if the bridge is open then travel time will be shorter, why allowing extra time?
  14. Newboy

    Hand warmers

    Cos not, I'm a real man, don't need no hand warmer ;) The missus uses it in the winter and it's lovely and warm, last almost a whole day on one refill. Must admit IF I'd used it, not saying I have, it's like having a piping hot cup of tea in your hands.  However, getting it to light up in the first place does need practice, but flame stays lit all day.
  15. Newboy

    Hand warmers

    Best hand warmer is Zippo lighter fuel/petrol hand warmer, however u need to replace the steel wool burning part quite regularly, depending on use. Most convenient is those chemical one use one, not cheap on the long run. Or you can use the boil again poppertype. Very cheap and can be picked up at pound shop or home bargain and reuse a number of time.