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  1. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy birthday, tiddler becomes older tiddler.
  2. By Catch

    Yes, those lobsters can't be consumed safely.
  3. http://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/5643494/care-home-christchurch-pole-dancing-classes/amp/
  4. Birthday greetings Martin

    Happy birthday Martin.
  5. MegaByte

    Large wheelhouse, Jim can use that to grow tomatoes in the summer.
  6. Northney Pollock comp 2018

    There will be a comp on 22/23 March 2018, cost I'd £200 for both days, £1000 for most Pollock's over 2 days, £500 for the heaviest Pollock on both days. Anglers can enter individually or as up to a group of 4. https://m.facebook.com/events/653127981743479?view=permalink&id=653127985076812
  7. Retro fit demister

    I use mist x in my car, it works very well but does need reapplying every week or every other week depending how misty it gets. Not sure if salty air has any negative effect on it tho
  8. E-Tec engine problem

    How deep is the tank? Can u reach it with a pair of chopsticks if u are any good with them
  9. Congratulations to Sam & Eileen

    Congratulations to the happy couple
  10. Vacuum Packer.

    When I use a vac packer for Pollock, I'll cling film the fish, freeze it, and vac it next day. No problems with moisture.
  11. We were going for the conger comp on Weds the 2nd, but the forecast wasn't going to be any good, so Glenn just changed that to a wreck anchoring day to Tuesday. I wasn't keen going for the congers as I didn't feel like hauling congers from the depth, so I only packed a 12lb for the breams and pollocks which I know can be good on these sort of trips, + a 6lb rod with shimano bait caster loaded with 12lb braid when the tide isn't to fierce. As the wind was coming from the west we headed out sse towards France. After 2 1/2 hours of steaming we arrived at our chosen wreck, a quick drift when the skipper see which way to anchor, some anglers drifted with plastic and picked up a single pollock which was about 5lb. Congers pretty much from the word go, nothing big, averaging about 25-30lbs. We only had a small box of squids so down with baited feather for some pouts for the conger bait. Mackerels were plenty and those who got down to the bottom without any hits managed to picked up bread as well as pouts. Lots of breams but all around the 1 1/2 to 2 lbs, unlike a few weeks ago when they were all good size. I fished with my small outfit pretty much all day long, using a single hook with a 6' flowing trace. Could I catch a bream? no, everyone on board were catching, 2, sometimes 3 breams on the baited feathers and other who used single set up like mine were catching. Did managed a few hook ups on congers, which the 12lb braid duly parted. During the day, I managed a tope which were about 10lb, a bullhuss around 12-13lb, mackerels, pouts, a colourful cuckoo wrasse, scads, 4 pollockes (2 were huge, weighted the largest one back home a tad under 7kgs (gutted) on the luggage scale (which only had kg) so prob best part of a kg on top, one other slightly smaller, one around 10, the last about 5-6lbs). It wasn't a bad day, we caught about 32 breams between the 5 (well 4, I couldn't catch a cold on dec morning) of us, over 40 congers, largest about 40lbs.
  12. http://news.sky.com/story/sky-ocean-rescue-spanish-fishermen-find-new-way-to-clear-oceans-of-plastic-10959255
  13. Cherbourg wrecking trip

    The wrecking has been a bit of hit and miss between the iow and France. The breams are there on anchor, we were using 1/4 mackerel and picked up a good numbers of Pollock's as well, not to mention lings as well , but they were hard work to bring up with their months open.
  14. Fish measuring stick ?

    I'm sure we can find several ways of nailing that to/near the transom
  15. Fish measuring stick ?

    How about this one?