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  1. Newboy

    Birthday wishes Mike & Kevin

    Happy birthday Mike and Kev.
  2. Newboy

    flounder fishing in the harbour

    From what it was posted just before Xmas, you've posted in the right section.😅
  3. Newboy

    A very merry Christmas

    Now my turn. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Kam
  4. Newboy

    Happy birthday Neal - the big 60..

    Happy birthday Neal. May the fish be with you😁.
  5. Newboy

    New boat anyone?

    Anyone fancy a lifeboat? https://www.wilsonsauctions.com/timed-auction/listings?salecode=180014
  6. Newboy


    Will take some more photos next week when I take the tower down. Can't really say what's wrong (other than it looks like a botched job) yet. But from old receipts previous owner left, it looks like part of the roof has only been done about 4 years ago by a roofing company in Pompey.
  7. Newboy


    Thank you Graham and Martin, will have a look when I go down there next week with a tower to have a look. Looking at it, it seems whoever did it botched it by using a bit of rolled up felt as sprout instead of a proper one. Really can't see the point of having a box gutter which goes thru the house instead of being on the outside wall. Kam
  8. Newboy


    I'm working on a house in Portsmouth where the front gutter instead of being on the outside of the wall, it's behind the front wall (ie, you can't see the eave of the roof) and the water drain through a downpipe situated inside the house. What is this type of guttering call? It's leaking into the house so I need to find out what it's called and how to fix it. The photo is taken in the loft showing the leak.
  9. Newboy

    Call centre exam

    No disrespect to people who work in call centres from the Indian subcontinent, but sometimes their accent is difficult to understand when they speak politely, I found that I can understand them better when they speak with passion and emotions. This is 100% true story happened today. Had a chap (he introduced himself as David) called me up from Microsoft at 14:00, apparently I've some malicious malware on my computer, and he would help me get rid of them. As some of you are aware, I'm of Chinese origin, my English is good but sometime pronunciation s can be a little off. However David really has a strong Indian accent and sometimes he has trouble hearing me. It took us 15 mins before he got to the stage where I near to press a few bottons. "Now press the ctr key and the window key together and hold them down": he said. I fumbled for a bit and told him:"I can't". He couldn't understand what I was trying to tell him, but he was patient and after another 5 mins, he told me to press down ctr with 1 finger and the window key with another finger, and that's all. "That's what I was trying to tell you, I physically can't." I said, "you see I had an accident a few years back and lost my left hand and all my fingers except my middle finger on my right hand". At this point, his English became really good. " I'm going to find you and kill you" " Fxxk you......"
  10. Newboy


  11. Newboy

    Nav and fish finder etc

    Not me selling but Valkyrie of hayling island is upgrading some stuffs, so old stuff is for sell. Don't know if it's a good deal or not, someone here might be interested. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1488932247876267&id=142494852520020
  12. Newboy

    Slow jigging

    There's a guy I fished with out of hayling who slow jigs, by far the steadiest by which I mean he can pull fish out of the wrecks at regular intervals through out the day while the rests who retrieve tend to get a concentrate number of fish at certain interval/tide.
  13. Newboy

    Braid or Mono?

    I use powerpro. 10lb for baitcaster for breams. 20lb on small multipliers for turboting or bassing. (Or breaming when I need to use 1lb or 1lb and half lead). 30lb for wrecking or deeper water. 50lb for congers approaching 100lb which incidentally I haven't been for over 3 years. Powerpro isn't the thinnest on the market by a long shot, but thinness isn't everything. Yes you will get the poundage but anything too thin is going to get damaged easily when comes into contact of the hull or when get tangled with another line. Plus you try untangling 2* 10lb line weaved into a sweater on a moving boat. It's a trade off between thinness and strength. One you have to decide which is more important. I fish on chartered boats so I go for longevity or sheer thinness. Plus everyone else on a chartered boat will pretty much have thicker line than mine.
  14. Newboy

    Best Rod and Reel Combo under £100?

    Shimano charter special are fairly decent reels, basic but not a lot that can go wrong. Penn 525 is another, these can be bought cheaply second hand.