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  1. Adam F

    Flatfish Competition

    Thanks guys! Been a while since I won a comp... come to think of it..... been a while since I fished one! With JV still awaiting repair a very generous offer of a guest spot on Tigerfish came at just the right time. I’ve not enjoyed a days fishing so much for ages. Super comfy, super fast boat and great weather and I bagged a few turbot! For once I felt rested and relaxed upon getting back in. Thanks Steve. Fishing was tough but light leads and really concerntrating on bait presentation helped 4 flatties onboard... the biggest a real last minute.com literally the last rod I wound in!
  2. Adam F

    Friday pm

    That also looked like a big silver eel and not a conger Lofty? sounds like a great days fishing though.
  3. Adam F

    Wrecking sat

    JV might go wrecking Sat, any other boats out and fancy buddy up?
  4. Was following a couple of Facebook discussions this week where anglers we shunning Alderney trips due to the gradual demise of the fishing. Certianly our experience has been one of gradual decline in the last few years. A decade ago it was a real Mecca, somewhere a long way off shore but where you could virtually guarantee good fishing compared to back home. Is it a phase? Or do we have bigger and faster boats and more people go, is it now was fished out as back home? Discuss?
  5. Adam F

    Alderney 2018

    After being jealous as hell for missing my favourite trip of the year in stunning weather, I’m sat with baited breath for the catch reports!
  6. Adam F

    A few trips on JV

    With JV serviced and ready for the summer we have had a few short inshore trips recently as the bream have arrived. As many others have found the water is sill very cold so not much else around other than the bream and a few wrasse and pout, but bream in good numbers on the usual Poole Bay marks. Sat saw 3 of us catching around 30 fish in only a couple of hours. Looks like we choose the wrong dates for Alderney this week end coming but roll on the next batch of calm weather so we can get offshore. Good to be back!
  7. Adam F

    Alderney 2018

    JV will be there again.... as previous years we will book out the dates and then pray for slight winds. Hope the fishing is better this year...
  8. Adam F

    Bass Comp

    I'll be out with the family on Sat so might as well enter Reuben and myself on JV
  9. Adam F

    Engine change

    Dave has an iveco in his on a shaft. My boat, Charlie's and Steves all run D4's on DPH outdrives. I don't know what your boat is? So can't comment on how it would perform, however it is gender accepted that the D4 is a solid and capable engine. Ditto the DPH drive. As with all modern engines, super clean fuel is the biggest must. Servicing costs similar to other inboards. Basically fluids and filters every year, and a few seals in the outdrive. I guess the only risk could be if you are moored in the water all the time, you don't have the ability to lift the leg clear of the water and this can cause additional maintenance.
  10. Adam F


    I know Pete - I dont like to bother such a busy man as yourself for a dinky little roller.... but as you mention it.... I'll probably wait until the weather turns and do it as a winter project. Thanks
  11. Adam F

    Cherbourg wrecking trip

    Team JV are up for this trip - although Rob and myself are in France already on this date with family hols. If it gets blown off and moved forward 2 weeks count us in.
  12. Reuben Franklin: Sun 9th July Sun 20th August Sun 24th Sept Fishing on Joint Venture
  13. Adam F

    An Evening on JV

    Thanks for the report Rob. I used to do loads of this type of fishing, and whilst the big weights arent as nice as 4oz leads when drifting, I had forgotten how much fun it can be... no steaming miles and up and down on the drift, nice and relaxing, and ace to be bent into some fish that really pull back for a change! Ive had 2 x 30lb plus Blondes off this mark in the past and suspect I was hooked into something similar that smashed me, after stalemate of some 5 mins of the fish just nodding tight to the bottom under the boat, once it moved off in the tide, even my 30lb Saltist and MXJ Avet didnt stand a chance as it peeled line off max drag.... I suspect we will be doing a few more evening sessions this summer!
  14. JV is just back from 3 days in Alderney with Ian and Alun joining me to make a 3 man team. We look so forward to this little adventure each year, and as usual having been blown out a couple of times since May, finally the most heavenly of forecasts loomed into view last week..... a heatwave and a week of flat seas and sunshine....perfect! This was to be a solo trip for JV due to lack of buddies, but I contacted Steve Porter the day before we left as he was heading over too, and asked if he could keep an eye and ear out for us over the 3 days. We had the nicest trip over Ive had in some 15 years of going - the seas got flatter as we went from a gentle F2 ripple to glassy smooth, and by 10am on Sat we were having our first drift on the Casquets. To say it was hard was an understatement, and despite all fishing hard until 5pm, between us we had just 2 turbot and 1 brill. As always it was the Maris Hall for 1st night tradition, and as always, the pepper steaks were great, washed down with a few pints of Guiness. Day 2 and we were determined to do better... well what a slog! We fished all 3 main banks, the Schole, South and Casquets - nothing! We finished off trying for a tope.... nothing, and then finally a go at a Couches Bream.... just dogfish. We fished flat out from 9am to 6pm for just a handful of dogfish. To lift our spirits in the evening we were treated to somewhat of a private party at Mark's house, where Fi rustled up a seafood feast, and we retired to the pub for a few more beers. Day 3 - hometime, pee'd off with flatties, we decided to hit the wrecks for the day to fill the fish boxes. Again this was hard work as recent reports suggest... again we fished flat out, visiting 12 wrecks on the way back for 4 pollock and 3 cod... terrible. I have never known such a poor days fishing this time of year! On the plus side, the weather, food, company and boat were superb and it was still a great trip away - just took the shine off a little due to the poor fishing...
  15. Adam F


    JV is going to Alderney, over Sat back Monday. Will be a solo trip to good to know a few boats will be about mid channel.