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  1. During these weak tides it might be useful to know that not all the pot/net buoys use sinking ropes. I managed to foul one today on a line roughly between the Sadler and Dolphin sand. Fortunately I saw it just before it snagged and I managed to free it, but probably only because it was calm, water was clear and I have outboard power. If I had a shaft drive it would have been a different story
  2. boyscott

    Oil rig in the bay

    With the weather improving we can head out to see if there's any fish left in the bay 😉
  3. boyscott

    Oil rig in the bay

    I had forgotten about the live AIS feed - good view of where support vessels are positioned
  4. boyscott

    Oil rig in the bay

    Anyone know what the exclusion zone is? Understandably there are mixed feelings but its pretty close to some popular marks so Feb is not a bad month to choose as long as there are no long term effects.
  5. boyscott

    flounder fishing in the harbour

    I spent a few hrs trying in Holes bay between Xmas & NY - nada 😞
  6. boyscott

    Pilot 500

    I had a QS500 before I upgraded to a 640. It was a lot of boat for the money - lockable wheelhouse & plenty of deck space. It had a Mariner 60hp and did 24kts clean. I read some of the dire warnings at the time but can't say that was my experience. I found the 640 still slams in a short sea, does not sit still at anchor without some tide and not steady on the helm in a 3/4 stern sea so all boats have faults but I still like it. I'd give it a sea trial. PS. I had an Orkney Fastliner 19 before the QS500 and it was a step up from that
  7. boyscott

    Lovely day out on Serenity

    Great video and a fantastic day to be out
  8. boyscott

    Off Swanage

    OK so these came from a mark a few miles E of Swanage bay on fresh mack strip. Not sure why the one with the scales got repeated-prob my finger trouble Sent from my Hudl HT7S3 using Tapatalk
  9. boyscott

    Off Swanage

    Sent from my Hudl HT7S3 using Tapatalk
  10. boyscott

    Images via Tapatalk

    Many thanks - will give it a try when I'm connected again
  11. boyscott

    Off Swanage

    I could not get it to work. Will do it again on PC later. Have posted a question in Help forum.
  12. boyscott

    Images via Tapatalk

    I know there are a few Tapatalk users out there so I'm hoping someone who reads this can help. I have an Android tablet (Hudl) without a SIM so it's using WIFI. I can post text ok to this and other forums but cannot get an image to upload. If I go to my image store (Photobucket) there is an option to share via Tapatalk. The text gets posted but not the image. I have tried another forum without success. There is also an option in Photobucket to copy the image link and paste-in but I cannot see how to paste! (No CTRL-C/CTRL-V on Android that I have found) Any advice welcome but if you don't understand a word of this I feel your pain too :-) Cheers
  13. boyscott

    Off Swanage

    First attempt to load images via Tapatalk... If successful I'll add some explanation Cheers Sent from my Hudl HT7S3 using Tapatalk
  14. boyscott

    M-Tech VHF test/repair in Poole?

    Unfortunately they dont service MTECH so it looks like DHL after all. Cheers
  15. boyscott

    M-Tech VHF test/repair in Poole?

    Thank you for the link Brian I'll give them a shout