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  1. Charter Boat Dolcie-T sunk in Solent

    The weather turned very rough in the PM..... most of the local charter boats came back in just after 14.00 hrs.. As you well know... the Bridge and Shingles... are not a place to be with 27 / 30kts of SW winds on a spring tide... It was a big wave came over the stern that caused the incident. Tomo
  2. Charter Boat Dolcie-T sunk in Solent

    A very sobering picture of floating debris from the Dolicie-T, taken by Kevin, one of the crew rescued from the Dolcie-T yesterday, Oh so lucky people.. and good job done RNLI and Osprey 2 for being on the scene. Apparently she went down very quickly! Be safe Lad's and don't take risks..... Tomo
  3. Lucky escape for 7 anglers today when local charter boat Dolcie-T from Keyhaven sunk today in the Solent. Osprey 2 another charter boat seeing the event unfold was able to pick up all anglers and crew from the water. The boat sunk quite quickly. All crew and anglers where able to put on life jackets. The RNLI attended and spent the rest of the afternoon recovering wreckage. Two of the rescued are suffering from hypothermia.
  4. Alderney 2014 6th June take 3

    Yes Adam... we wanted to conserve the fuel otherwise it would have been wot... we were running the Yama's at 4300 rpm... so we had another 1700 in reserve... Tomo
  5. Alderney 2014 6th June take 3

    Scuse me Paul D...we moored along side Dave's new boat... not bumped into him. ..not the right nautical terminology.. Tomo
  6. Alderney 2014 6th June take 3

    Manta Ray and crew will be leaving early Sat 7th... not to nice mid channel today...so will meet up with some Poole Bay Boats tomorrow... I have Paul D as fuel superintendent (donkey) and interpreter... so what possibly could go wrong. Tomo
  7. Alderney 2014 6th June take 3

    Your more than welcome to buddy up, but I think we may be to far east as we are departing from Lymington. Tomo
  8. Alderney 2014 take 2 - 23rd May

    Thinks you might have to plan a Guernsey Trip as accommodation is very scarce in Alderney.. I had trouble for our crew on those dates, we are split between 3 venues.. Tomo
  9. Flaked Ice Available.

    Sure is...give us a call if you want any as I'm going Cherbourg Friday chasing the cods and ling😆
  10. Flaked Ice Available.

    Tony How big is the box?... A 75 ltr. Icey -Tek cool box takes 30 kg of flaked ice, so that's a bargain if he fills that for £5. Most local ice suppliers are charging between £6.50 and £8 for 15 kg of flaked ice, dependant on quantity. Tomo
  11. Flaked Ice Available.

    Don't wish to know about your sexual preferences... but hey ho... whatever.. Tomo
  12. Alderney 2014 take 2 - 23rd May

    I have a space for 1 for the Alderney trip as one of my crew could not get the leave after the cancellation of the last trip, but I'm going on the 6th 7th 8th and 8th June. PM me if interested. Tomo
  13. Flaked Ice Available.

    Hi Lad's, I have now installed a flaked ice machine at home and will have ice available for a small charge to all members.I can produce over 1 tonne per week. Probably best for members local to Christchurch. Pm or phone 07966 051421. Min.of 1 days notice is normally required.😨 Tomo