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  1. Shambles trips

    Yes I had heard that, and always seem to work better on the bigger tides.
  2. Shambles trips

    Going tomorrow and Friday, managed to get some fresh mackerel off whole seller today which I have iced down also got some nice worms and prawns for a go at the plaice on the slack and hoping to feather up some eels just hope the weather and boats play ball.
  3. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Not the luckiest person are you ? Hope you get it sorted mate.
  4. Shambles trips

    Off to Shambles on Thursday and Friday, early starts both days to try and get a bit of tide down. Will be on Tommy J Thursday and Fisheagle on Friday got to make most of the good forecast. Will stay on channel six.
  5. Breakdown

  6. Bass Regs 2018 - C&R

    100% dead or alive back it has to go 😥
  7. Happy Birthday to Dave Lynes.

    Thanks for all my Birthday wishes , just wish this wind would go away so I could go fishing.
  8. Weather Link - Ventusky

    Would not let me connect ?
  9. Tubertini Atlantis match boat rod

    This Rod is Now Sold
  10. Tubertini Atlantis match boat rod

    Ok no problem
  11. Tubertini Atlantis match boat rod

    Make it £100 and I will do that
  12. Tubertini Atlantis match boat rod

    I am selling one of my tubertini boat match rods it has two tips and fishes weights up to 300 gram. 2.7 m length which extends to 3.2m great rod for bream and plaice fishing you feel ever little bite, it is great condition. £90 give me a ring 07974481808 or 01202578661
  13. Fish of the month - 2018

    Oh ye of little faith looking at the weather I do not think anyone will now get out for the rest of this month so Allan`s Three bearded rockling looks like taking it ? There is still plenty of Spurs out there mind as I had eight yesterday between 14 & 21lb but I was out on a charter boat. ( all 18 fish on the boat were above the specimen weight with most 16lb+)
  14. Fish of the month - 2018

    unless there is a change in specimen size for Spurdog I will be surprised if any other fish gets fish of month until April ?
  15. Fisheagle's first trip of the year.

    Thanks for the day out and half the Turbot, having some for my tea tomorrow.