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  1. Reel Wizzard

    Reels for sale ( Both now sold )

    Hi Graham yes it’s yours, are you picking up or shall I bring to meeting ?
  2. Reel Wizzard

    Reels for sale ( Both now sold )

    ok cheers Greg, have a good holiday.
  3. Reel Wizzard

    Reels for sale ( Both now sold )

    Hi Greg it’s yours, will you pick up or shall I bring to next meeting.
  4. Reel Wizzard

    Reels for sale ( Both now sold )

    Two really nice reels, 1st ABU 7000 like new with hardly a mark on it, made in Sweden model with the brass side plates will last a life time not like the new ones. 2nd is a Daiwa Sealine 40 SHA again in really good condition with just a few light scratches to gold rim on left side plate, this is 6-1 retrieve and is loaded with 30lb braid and has just been serviced. I want £60 for the ABU and £55 for the Daiwa. give me a bell on 07974481808 if interested.
  5. Reel Wizzard

    That’s a big one

  6. Reel Wizzard


  7. Reel Wizzard

    Bee sting

  8. Reel Wizzard

    Peace in the kitchen

  9. Reel Wizzard

    Penn Fathom Two Speed reel for sale

    Sorry Steve Kevin got there first, now sold
  10. Reel Wizzard

    Penn Fathom Two Speed reel for sale

    I am selling a Penn Fathom 15LD two speed reel, only used once so as in new condition, £100 phone Dave 07974481808
  11. Reel Wizzard

    MCZ consultation information

    After talking to a couple of Poole charter skippers there unstanding is there will be no anchoring or fishing allowed in these areas, while the bream are breeding ? More than one say they will be forced to give up, including both the Swanage boats which I would imagine will also see the end of the Swanage angling shop ?
  12. Reel Wizzard

    MCZ consultation information

    Having now read this consultation I fear for the future of the angling trade as we know it. seems very crafty how this is being done over a six week period when the football world cup is being held ? I think this could put a lot of tackle shops and charter boats out of business. please will all club members take a look at this as it could affect all our bream fishing and other types of fishing up to six miles out for a four month period. not much time left to protest about this.
  13. Reel Wizzard

    Flatfish Competition

    used to be, now flat fish only ?
  14. Reel Wizzard

    Flatfish Competition

    sounds like you were really trying hard for a flatty 😂😂😂
  15. Reel Wizzard

    Friday pm

    Yes looks like a silver 👍