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  1. Birthday greetings Dave

    Hope you had a great day
  2. Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp - Part 2

    No cod caught ? Biggest whiting was 2lb8oz. Worst year I can remember for cod.
  3. Site upgrade and server move

    Hi Oli if I go on the PC the site looks very similar to how it used to but when I go on the iPad it is totally different, does not really bother me but can see where some members might struggle until they get used to it. I presume you are using a PC ?.
  4. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    Well got to say a big well done to Stuie for his Cod and Dave for his whiting also a special well done to Andrew at Poole Sea Angling Centre for the great gesture in giving everyone that went back to the weigh- in a £25 voucher to spend in his shop, the food was also amazing. Lets hope there are a few more cod around for round two on December 17th.
  5. Weather now looking better

    Well looking at tonight's xc weather things are looking a lot better for the cod competition on Sunday ? Looks like I could have a busy few days as we are going back to Isle of Wight tomorrow, then I am doing a cod comp out of Hayling Island on Friday before doing the Poole comp on Sunday, anyone else out tomorrow ? Looks like the best day of the lot although might have to go up there in the fog again.
  6. Short day in the bay

    Such a nice day on Monday that we (Nobby) and I decided to have a late start. we popped out to the Gully just to see if we could get something on slack water and start of ebb, Nobby dropped down and had a nice blounde ray of about 20lb followed by me with a small undulate of about 8lb Nobby then had a couple of strap congers about 5lb each before i got what i am guessing was a shark take a mackerel strip, it just ran off at a rate of knots which i could do very little about before stopping, I thought it had bit me off so started winding in when off it went again was down to my backing when luckily it did bite me off so I got my 300yards of new braid back. Tide really picked up after that so we moved back in to the secret ray mark. it was quite slow and all we had was a couple more small undulates some doggies and a pout, just as we reeled in Nobby had a 3lb Brill which was released. Not lots of fish but a nice short session on a lovely day. Hope to get out again on Thursday which will see us back to the Isle of Wight although I now know of a nice Cod (18lb) being caught in the Bay.
  7. Birthday greetings Oli

    Happy Birthday Oli, have a good one mate
  8. November Cod Comp.

    Is there any update on what date this is being held yet ? As the Poole comp is only three weeks away.
  9. A Day Out With PBSBAC Royality

    no wonder Mal was moaning about paying £11 a kilo for cuttle, Four rods ? wow must cost a fortune to keep them baited up all day. Great write up gave me a laugh sounds like Alan with his proper fish (dogfish) atleast you had a nice day for it and it sounds like you held your own and had some nice rays and other bits. Well done.
  10. Live black lug and peeler supply?

    Castaways gets live peeler and I know he had fresh black lug last winter, give him a call 01202739202
  11. Ray Competition

    well done Stuie you had some nice fish, what happened to Neal ?
  12. Birthday greetings Allan

    Hope your having a good one Allan.
  13. Fisheagle's Fishathon.