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  1. Coddy

    Tree Surgeon Wanted

    Cheer Greg, will pass his details on Dave
  2. Coddy

    Tree Surgeon Wanted

    Do we have a tree surgeon in our club or does anyone know of a good one? My son needs a tree felled in Ashley Cross area Poole Dave
  3. Coddy

    Birthday greetings Allan

    Happy Birthday hope Ann gives you a nice treat
  4. Poole Old Town Bridge will be closed again for maintenance repairs from 7am Monday 24th Sept until 7am Monday 1st October Nor sure if they will be able to lift any leaves as they have to inspect/replace gearbox's, drive motors etc. Dave
  5. Coddy

    The wall

    Your forgot Corbin
  6. Coddy

    Garage Clear out

    They are loaded in the car Steve
  7. Coddy

    Garage Clear out

    Hi all, been having a garage clear out and found the following PM me or mobile 07581 717211 Can bring to the meeting on Thursday if you want. Dave Beco Bait Freezer, works perfectly 3 x shelves fits under worktop ( I have a newer freezer so don't need two) - £10 SOLD No photo yet as it is defrosting Antifoul and paint stripper 2.5ltrs (New this year cost £20) £15 SOLD Dual Battery Selector Isolator Switch - For 1 or 2 Battery Installations (New) - £20 SOLD Engine hour meter 12v New - £5 SOLD Wise Folding seat with pedestal support but no base or tube in good condition - £15 SOLD Quicksilver 12ltr fuel tank with contents gauge - £20 SOLD Fishermans Anchor about 4kg and chain, rusty but would still work ok - £5 Boat winch handle - £5 SOLD Small white navigation light on short pole - £5 SOLD Keel rollers aprox 19mm spindle bore - £2 Berkley tube rod rack, New - £5 SOLD Various rod holders and clamps - £5 SOLD Various Yamaha gaskets & bolts for old 2 strokes part numbers shown - Free to anyone who needs them Also Volvo bolts x2
  8. Coddy

    Garage Clear out

    Ok Tony will do
  9. Coddy

    Garage Clear out

    Will bring them Thursday Dave
  10. Coddy

    Garage Clear out

    Rob has got in first for x2 which leaves x3 if you want them. Let me know when you are down next and I will pop down to Cobbs with them. Dave
  11. Coddy

    Just sayin'

    Just goes to show that joining the best club has its benefits
  12. Coddy

    Just sayin'

    Check out the thread on marks for new members I have put a bit of a list for various locations along the Dorset coast. Dave
  13. Coddy


    I think you will find it is due to water in the bearings/brakes that they have stopped hireing out trailers. If you hire a flat bed I expect there will be a clause to restrict any water immersion which means it will have to be lifted on and off the trailer which all adds costs.
  14. If you are good or organised and started your Xmas shopping but don't know what to get someone, have a look at the RNLI shop on line They have same great small present's and Xmas cards this year Check them out here RNLI Shop https://shop.rnli.org/ Dave
  15. Coddy

    Children's Lifejackets

    Thanks for the info Rob, they look really good and safe With 150 newtons they are "proper" lifejackets which will turn them over if needed & keep them face up.
  16. Just been looking at the new Spinlock lifejackets for children which look very good and not intrusive to wear. More info from Spinlock here https://www.spinlock.co.uk/en/categories/lifejackets/product_groups/deckvest-cento-junior I still think it can be classed as a PFD (personal flotation device) as it is only rated at 100 newtons, life jackets must be a minimum of 150 newtons Be interested if it will turn a child over on their back automatically Dave
  17. Coddy

    ugly stic wanted

    John Check out eBay if these are any use eBay item number: 323410054849 this is 6 - 12lb class or a 20lb class eBay item number: 273054256926 Dave
  18. Coddy

    Testing Radio

    You can test your MMSI by calling another MMSI number, most club members have their MMSI number by their name on the forum. If you read your manual you can see how to dial in their MMSI number and call them, best to try it with a mate who you know is out and radio switched on! It should show where your mate is (Lat & Long figures) and he should see your position. This is all presuming that the GPS/Plotter has been wired into the VHF To try the emergency MAYDAY call, that is a BIG NO NO as it sets off an alarm in the local Coastguard station plus ALL other craft who have their radio's on. I would suggest you have the MADAY instruction card laminated and fixed somewhere close to the radio so should you be unable to use the radio, one of your crew can use it in an emergency and raise the alarm. I have attached 2 copies of the form one in MS Word and the other in MS Excel both are editable to put your own boat info in. Dave MAYDAY FORM.doc Mayday Form.xls
  19. Coddy

    Happy Birthday Lofty

    Happy Birthday Lofty Hope you celebrated when you got home
  20. The RNLI have issued a list and contact details of where out of date flares may be taken for disposal. See attached list for your local contact point Flares Disposal.pdf
  21. Coddy

    Charcoal bag free

    I have a bag of charcoal which I don’t need as we have a gas BBQ Free to anyone with a donation to HOW We are in Upton Call me on 07581 717211
  22. If anyone is interested the RNLI Poole Lifeboat station by the old town bridge has its open day on Sunday 5th August starts at 11am until 5pm Water demos, BBQ, raffle and "have a go stalls" A good family event Everyone is welcome Dave
  23. Dear Stakeholder, As you may be aware, Defra has today published a consultation on the third tranche of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs), in which 41 new sites and the addition of new features to 12 existing MCZs have been proposed. This is an ambitious and comprehensive tranche which will substantially complete our contribution to the ecologically coherent network of Marine Protected Areas around our coasts. If all of these proposed MCZs are designated, around 40% of English inshore and offshore waters will be protected, and the total for the UK as a whole will be nearly 25%. This will provide vital protection for the diverse array of wildlife in our seas. The consultation is now underway and you can give us your views here: https://consult.defra.gov.uk/marine/consultation-on-the-third-tranche-of-marine-conser/ Please respond by Friday 20th July for your views to be taken into account. We look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Marine Conservation Zone Team --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do check this out, especially the Purbeck, Southbourne Rough & Studland Bay sites! Respond if you want to. Dave
  24. Coddy

    48 Hr Competition

    I managed a 1lb Red Gurnard on Fisheagle Saturday