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  1. Breakdown

    Mick Had a search on various forums but nothing similar symptoms as yours. Thinking about it, it could well be a sensor failing when it gets hot as it had cooled down by the time we got into Cobbs and worked ok.
  2. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Jim I expect you will have plenty of cake and falling down liquid Soon it will be time for you to join us in the slow lane and hold everyone else up
  3. A must have book to read.

    "Understanding Men" is a lot less bulky so I am told!
  4. I came across this link which I thought might be useful if you are looking to buy new lifejacket or other personal safety equipment. https://www.oceansafety.com/images/stories/catalogues/lifejackets_guide_2013_low_res_for_screen_only.pdf Dave
  5. Happy Birthday Mr. Chairman

    Happy Birthday Tony
  6. Poole Bridge

    Just think of the environmental issues with all the traffic at a standstill, perhaps someone will sue the council in raising the pollution levels in Poole & Bournemouth They say buy an electric car but where to charge it locally and I expect they will charge you to park it let alone pay for the electricity to recharge.
  7. Poole Bridge

    They have got to spend the excess money before the end of March I think it is about time councils were run as a business and if they have saved some money by the end of the year it can be rolled over to fund something extra in the following year. I am sure that most counsellors would not have a clue about income and expenditure otherwise how come most departments overspend their budget? If I overspend my budget my business would have gone bust
  8. Poole Bridge

    You should have seen the traffic at Upton roundabout and on the bypass this morning total gridlock!
  9. Photobucket pictures

    If you use Firefox try this fix Photobucket image problem. There is now an 'add-on' for Firefox users. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefo ... ucket-fix/ seems to work fine. The photobucket hotlink in Opera browser is also working
  10. Photobucket pictures

    With Photoucket having disrupted the whole concept of sharing pictures onto forums I thought I'd try to find an alternative which works. Try this if you use Google Chrome. I've just followed these instruction and all the photobucket "upgrade" invisible image placeholders have gone back to images again, other than where folks have deleted their PB accounts! Open Chrome Click on the rows of small horizontal lines located in the top right hand corner or the white on orange up arrow top right if you have a later version of Chrome Then click on "more tools" Then on "Extensions" Then "Get more extensions" if you already have some, e.g. Ad Block. Type in "Photobucket embed fix" and hit the return key A link to "Photobucket embed fix" extension should appear. Click on it and you are done. Hope this helps some people Dave
  11. How are YOUR anodes?????

    I was surprised that the anode on the tilt ram rod is still there, could be that the rod is stainless steel similar to the prop
  12. Rod Repairs

    One of my boat rods required a new reel seat and when asking around I was pointed in the direction of Gary Allner. Garry lives up in Wallisdown and I took my rod to his home, he does collect rods from most local tackle shops. Garry rang me to say that he was having a problem in obtaining the same make reel seat but another make would fit ok. So went ahead with the repair and collected on Thursday night. What a superb job and cheaper fix than first quoted. Would recommend Garry to anyone who wants a quality repair Contact details are Gary Allner on 07944101577 Dave
  13. Fisheagle's first trip of the year.

    At least you did better than at the dogs
  14. Wessex Tackle Species Comp

    Sounds a bit of a familiar comp Not sure where though