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  1. See the story here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-42151872 They are still here busy eating away at Bass, Flounder etc. A recent charter boat had one around the boat for ages which of course had an effect of no fish for the punters! Southern IFCA and other agencies had not been informed of the release, but I can't understand if they were caught outside Poole and kept to recover in Somerset why release them miles from where they were rescued!
  2. Replacement Reel seat

    Hi everyone I am thinking of getting a replacement reel seat on one of my favourite rods as the locking nut/screw keep jamming on its thread. I suspect the thing is worn as it does look slightly out of align. Anyone know someone who is good at doing this sort of thing? Dave
  3. LIFE JACKETS requred

    Hate to say it but is your life worth a second hand life jacket? Too many are sold that are faulty at boot shows etc. Anything over 10years old you should really think about replacing anyway. I have seen too many that have not been looked after or checked regularly and suffer accordingly Perhaps its time we had a lifejacket clinic at a club meeting, I am sure Mike & I can arrange to do it.
  4. Site upgrade and server move

    Hi Oli I think the leader board with the latest entries only makes for easier reading as you can see how others are doing and still see recent entries. The list does get busy during the first 1/2 year as boat register their catches but it slows as the year progresses so I would have thought the latest 25 entries would be better without showing loads of older reports. Front page would be great Just my thoughts Dave
  5. Club Members at Cobbs.

    At least the old Town Bridge might be open again in 2018
  6. Did anyone manage to catch the elusive cod for the weigh in? Not seen any results
  7. Hi Martin

    I have just posted in Boat Species Comp a new topic for 2018

    Could you please make it a sticky

    Many thanks


  8. New forum playroom

    I have noticed that your private message inbox has a limit of 200 messages so some people may need to have a clear out of old messages from time to time Dave
  9. Overhead safety harness rail

    Had another thought about this and would suggest if fishing alone you always wear the engine safety cord, even if you are in a sheltered cabin. Should you collapse or injury yourself when travelling, the boat would not be under any control but having the safety cord attached to you at least the engine would stop. Not sure if you have a diesel inboard engine if the same applies but I am sure others in the club could comment on this. I know on older craft the older engines you had to pull a lever to stop the engine so again how his might be done I am not sure. Dave
  10. Overhead safety harness rail

    Hi Luke My only thoughts are that if the boat capsized and you are still attached to the rail, if your tether is not sufficiently long enough you will be held under water! Clipping onto side rails and the same thing happens your clip may well be only a foot or two under water but you are on the surface. My concern would be that if the boat went down you could go with it, not nice As far as I am aware fast yachts use the safety line for when crew are moving about on deck, if you are on your own I would never venture forward or going down the sides unless it was really calm and there was a real need to. Most jobs can be carried out in the main deck area without the need to put yourself in danger. Just my thoughts Dave
  11. Don't forget that from 15th Dec the Old Town Lifting Bridge will re-open (well may be :lol:  :lol: :lol:  :lol: )    If you are entering Poole Sea Angling Cod comp on the 17th Dec be aware you may have to allow more time!    
  12. Angling Trust - members update

    You can do it even if you are an AT member or not
  13. Fee Navonics Chart viewing

    I came across this site where you can zoom in and see all sorts of information If you use the Sonar chart it shows loads of contour lines where others have submitted their soundings Might prove useful to some to find new fishing grounds to try. https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#boating@10&key=us%60tHjhxH Use the menu to set up the chart how you like to see the information
  14. Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy Birthday Terry
  15. Making stuff from stainless steel

    If you send Matt the exact dimensions required and hole positions he can get it lazer cut his email is matt@zrs-engineering.com Mob 07814 148784