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  1. Coddy

    48 Hr Competition

    I managed a 1lb Red Gurnard on Fisheagle Saturday
  2. Coddy

    Bargain ? . . . or . . Old Tat ?

    They will charge you if you take them to the tip …….. be warned!!!!
  3. Coddy

    Dogfish Dave Species Comp Saturday 14th July

    Kingfisher x 4 Reel Magic x 4 Serenity x2 Fisheagle x4 Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. Coddy

    48 Hr Competition

    Happy Hooker - Frank Morris Jan Tryska - Sunday Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. Coddy

    Black Bream project

    Agreed any ban must involve everyone RSA’s and commercial To look at very rough figures if there was a 3 fish limit take the average charter boat with 8 anglers = 25 fish (to round things up) out say 5 days = 125 a week x say 5 charter boats = 625 fish per week! Add all the private boats and you will soon be up around 800 fish per week You just need a trawler to sweep through and I suspect the number could easily double. Without knowing what the current fish stock levels are no area could sustain that number of losses.
  6. Coddy

    Black Bream project

    If anyone is interested this blog and videos show how Black Bream go about preparing to get a mate, spawning and the males looking after the nest http://www.mattdoggett.com/the-black-bream-project/ Would it be such a bad thing to ban catching Black Bream between April and June to allow the fish stocks to increase to allow us all to enjoy the sport for years to come?
  7. Dear Stakeholder, As you may be aware, Defra has today published a consultation on the third tranche of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs), in which 41 new sites and the addition of new features to 12 existing MCZs have been proposed. This is an ambitious and comprehensive tranche which will substantially complete our contribution to the ecologically coherent network of Marine Protected Areas around our coasts. If all of these proposed MCZs are designated, around 40% of English inshore and offshore waters will be protected, and the total for the UK as a whole will be nearly 25%. This will provide vital protection for the diverse array of wildlife in our seas. The consultation is now underway and you can give us your views here: https://consult.defra.gov.uk/marine/consultation-on-the-third-tranche-of-marine-conser/ Please respond by Friday 20th July for your views to be taken into account. We look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Marine Conservation Zone Team --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do check this out, especially the Purbeck, Southbourne Rough & Studland Bay sites! Respond if you want to. Dave
  8. Coddy

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday Charlie Thanks everyone for the good wishes, had a great day with the grandchildren and a nice meal tonight with Sue (the wife )
  9. Coddy

    Birthday greetings John

    Happy Birthday John You kept this quiet, have a drink or two on me
  10. Coddy


    Mick Had a search on various forums but nothing similar symptoms as yours. Thinking about it, it could well be a sensor failing when it gets hot as it had cooled down by the time we got into Cobbs and worked ok.
  11. Coddy

    Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Jim I expect you will have plenty of cake and falling down liquid Soon it will be time for you to join us in the slow lane and hold everyone else up
  12. Coddy

    A must have book to read.

    "Understanding Men" is a lot less bulky so I am told!
  13. I came across this link which I thought might be useful if you are looking to buy new lifejacket or other personal safety equipment. https://www.oceansafety.com/images/stories/catalogues/lifejackets_guide_2013_low_res_for_screen_only.pdf Dave
  14. Coddy

    Happy Birthday Mr. Chairman

    Happy Birthday Tony
  15. Coddy

    Poole Bridge

    Just think of the environmental issues with all the traffic at a standstill, perhaps someone will sue the council in raising the pollution levels in Poole & Bournemouth They say buy an electric car but where to charge it locally and I expect they will charge you to park it let alone pay for the electricity to recharge.