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  1. Coddy

    Fuel price information

    Just don't go over the channel with Red diesel in the tank as you could get a hefty fine!
  2. Coddy

    Birthday greetings Charlie

    Happy Birthday Charlie Hope you celebrate in style
  3. Coddy

    Flatfish Competition

    Allan has asked me to post Frank's picture of his Plaice to be added
  4. Worth looking at this site https://www.anglers-nlrs.co.uk/ to recycle your fishing line or braid I see there are a few angling shops that have collection bins in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Wareham & Weymouth Worth doing our bit for conservation
  5. 2018 UK Water Related Fatalities Published ‘Cautious optimism’ as the trend towards a reduction of deaths in water continues. The most recent figures from the National Water Safety Forum Water Incident Database (WAID) show that in 2018, 263 people lost their lives in accidental drownings in the UK. Despite a small increase in the number of drownings since 2017 the overall trends suggest reason for ‘cautious optimism’. Deaths from accidental drowning have fallen in the three years since the National Drowning Prevention Strategy was launched. However the figure show a rise in the number of suicides in water. In 2018, as in previous years, men are disproportionately represented in the statistics, with 230 males dying in fatal drowning incidents in the UK. River and beaches continue to be the most common locations for fatal drowning incidents. Last year, 74 people drowned in rivers and 73 on or near beaches. Chairman of National Water Safety Forum, George Rawlinson,said: “We are past the three year mark of the National Drowning Prevention Strategy and it is clear that members of the National Water Safety Forum and many other organisations are making good progress throughout the country to keep people informed of the risks, and working together to prevent drowning. “The overall reduction over the three years is a good indicator that our efforts are paying off and fewer people and families are affected by drowning, but there remains much to be done in order to meet the collective ambition of a future without drowning.” WAID compiles statistics from across the UK from a number of sources including inquests, and breaks these down into deaths by activity, age, location type and geography, to give those working in prevention a clearer idea of where to target interventions. A full copy of the UK Annual Fatal Incident Report for 2018 can be viewed at: www.nationalwatersafety.org.uk/waid/reports-and-data/
  6. Coddy

    Birthday best wishes Charlie & Coddy

    Thanks all for the good wishes, had lunch out by the sea and the family round for party tea with the grandkids Happy Birthday Charlie, hope you had a good day and spoilt as well
  7. Coddy

    Birthday greetings John

    Happy Birthday John I expect you will have a few Carol's pies and a glass or two to wash it down
  8. Here is a good web site for local live wind strength http://weather.ianmillard.com/windycator/?fbclid=IwAR3kEir1ujqAvmxmbtmqA55xK_viSWhG7dHs47x9kZwWFymA7sMCe6B8S20#!/12/50.6826/-1.8457 You can scroll out and see other areas as well
  9. Belated birthday greetings Jim I've been away for the week-end so missed your special day
  10. Coddy

    Happy Birthday Tony

    Happy Birthday Tony Have a great day
  11. Coddy

    Gone the ETEC route

    Hooky Take plenty of pictures of the engine and its serial number. Get some DNA marking kit and paste this stuff into every crook & nanny on anything that's worth nicking especially the engine! Enjoy your new engine
  12. Coddy

    Catch Reports

    At least it says there are some fish out there after all The trawler has not swept everything up ………………………………. yet
  13. Coddy

    Catch Reports

    What has happened to all the catch reports? Seems there were a number of members out over the week-end but no reports! I can recall this forum when you could regularly see what was being caught, if anything, but they were reports good bad or indifferent. Now it seems the only time a fish is recorded is a special catch, which is great of course, but the club has many members who are not proficient as others and may feel intimidated to report any fish caught even if it was just dogfish! Just try finding one of those LSD's when on a species hunt! So come on everyone make a simple report saying caught this or that or even nothing at all, we all have a bad day sometimes.
  14. Might be worth a post on PHC Facebook page or Twitter as it seems social media has a greater effect these days Last time I emailed PHC I never got a response!
  15. Here is a copy of the PHC notice to mariners TWIN SAIL BRIDGE CLOSURE Mariners are advised that repairs to the Twin Sails Bridge will commence subsequent to the scheduled 23:30hrs lift on Sunday 24th February and will not be operational again until the 05:30hrs lift on Monday 11th March. During this period the Twin Sails Bridge will be out of service and therefore closed to all marine traffic except those that can safely navigate within the maximum air draft as indicated on the electronic displays. To reduce further disruption annual planned maintenance scheduled for March will be brought forward and carried out during this closure. For further information call ‘Poole Bridge’ on VHF channel 12. Mariners are reminded that Radar, AIS, CCTV, telephone and VHF channels are recorded. Captain B P Murphy Harbour Master