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  1. Coddy

    Happy birthday Neal - the big 60..

    Happy Birthday Neal, Hope you celebrate in style with some beer and cake
  2. Charlie has put up a great response template on the club's Facebook page but I suspect not everyone has a Facebook account I therefore have attached the template in MS Word format so you can edit it easily. Don't forget that responses need to be in to Southern IFCA on the 7th Dec Email address to use is enquiries@southern-ifca.gov.uk Response to SIFCA public consultation regarding Netting.docx
  3. Coddy

    Web designer

    Hi Neil I use to use Mark to look after my website but I recently closed it down due to retirement. Great service and good price, well worth a call Mark Gracey Flavourfy Digital | Digital Compliance Hub - Data Protection, Privacy & Marketing Compliance & Online Security mark@flavourfy.co.uk | 07833 297193 www.flavourfydigital.co.uk | www.digitalcompliancehub.co.uk Forgot to add he uses Wordpress I think Dave
  4. Coddy

    Flounder Comp.

    Hope you have all sent your complaints to Southern IFCA
  5. Coddy

    Lever Arch Folders & Ring Binders

    Don't forget you have to keep records for 7 years for HMRC etc! I just burn a CD for each year so if anyone wants info I can give them the CD and they can print out what they want
  6. Hi all If you wish to see exactly what Southern IFCA are proposing, they are holding a number of drop in locations to view and chat I have attached a copy of their poster of where and when. Dave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Stakeholder As you may be aware, Southern IFCA is undertaking a review of net fishing management arrangements for estuary, harbour and pier areas in Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. A public consultation is being held to seek the community’s views on a series of proposed measures. The closing date for this consultation is Friday 7th December 2018. Further details, including the consultation document, can be found on the Southern IFCA website (www.southern-ifca.gov.uk). Southern IFCA is holding a series of drop-in style meetings to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to learn more about the proposed measures and to provide their views. Members of the public are welcome to attend the following meetings: Yarmouth - Thurs 15th November at Yarmouth Sailing Club, PO41 0NL Portsmouth – Tues 20th November at Eastney Cruising Association, PO4 9LY Poole – Weds 21st November at North Haven Yacht Club, BH13 7QB Bridport - Tues 27th November at The Salthouse, DT6 4HB Bembridge - Weds 28th November at Bembridge Angling Club, PO33 1XJ Lyndhurst – Thurs 29th November at The New Forest Heritage Centre, SO43 7NY All meetings will take place between 15:00 and 19:00 - stakeholders may attend at any point between these times. I also attach a poster advertising these meetings – please do share this information if you can. Many thanks, Simon Pengelly Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Officer Email: Simon.Pengelly@southern-ifca.gov.uk Tel: 01202 721373 Mob:07834030309 Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority 64 Ashley Road, Parkstone, Poole. BH14 9BN Web: www.southern-ifca.gov.uk Southern IFCA netting drop-in meeting poster.pdf
  7. Coddy

    Birthday greetings Oli

    Belated Birthday wishes Dave
  8. Coddy

    Friday 2nd. Looking good.

    I was out with Allan on Fisheagle on Friday, it was a nice day and flat calm but no fish to speak of, very very slow. We called on Ch 6 to see if anyone was about but no replies apart from Happy Hooker whom we fished with close by. We had Red Gurnard, Small Eyed Ray and Dogfish but no whiting, cod or great whites! Good to get some fresh air however to help blow away the cobwebs. Happy Hooker seemed to have more fish than us but they were there before us so had got the mark Allan was after. Thanks for the trip Allan
  9. Southern IFCA are giving a presentation at Broadstone Conservative Club on Thursday 22nd Nov at 8pm about the Netting proposal. This is a Poole & District Sea Angling Association meeting but anyone is welcome to come along Dave
  10. Coddy

    Warrior Pro Angler

    I have a couple of reports of these models on my website http://www.fishing-boats.info/ Dave
  11. I have not seen anything on the forum about this so have added it for all to read. Dave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Southern IFCA is undertaking a review of net fishing management arrangements for estuary, harbour and pier areas across our District. At this stage, we are undertaking an 8 week public consultation to seek views on a series of proposed measures. Members of the Authority have identified objectives to review, and if necessary, develop netting regulations to: Support the use of estuaries and harbours by bass and other fish populations as nursery and refuge areas; Provide protection to migratory fish species as they transit through our estuaries and harbours; and, within these areas, Balance the social and economic benefits and different needs of users in exploiting the fishery Through the Authority, under this review, a series of draft proposals have been developed by Members. The Authority now wishes to seek the views of the community through this consultation. This pre-consultation provides the opportunity for the community to consider the draft proposals, together with the supporting evidence, and provide their views prior to further development. This is also an opportunity for interested parties to submit relevant additional evidence to further support decision-making. I have included with this email the Netting Consultation Document and the Supporting Evidence Document. In the consultation document, in section 3, a series of questions have been identified to guide responses to this consultation. Please could you send these two documents to the Members of the PDSAA and encourage them, either as a club or individual to take part in the consultation. The consultation will run until Friday 7th December 2018. Let me know your thoughts on this Kind regards, Sarah Sarah Birchenough Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Officer Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority 64 Ashley Road Poole Dorset BH14 9BN Tel: 01202 721373 Email: sarah.birchenough@southern-ifca.gov.uk Southern IFCA Netting Consultation_Consultation Document.pdf Southern IFCA Netting Consultation_Supporting Evidence.pdf
  12. Bump As the old Coastguard CG66 form has been discontinued the Coastguard are now recommending Safe Trx to all sea going pleasure craft users
  13. Coddy

    Scratching Saturday

    Is there any other way?
  14. Coddy

    Tree Surgeon Wanted

    Cheer Greg, will pass his details on Dave
  15. Coddy

    Tree Surgeon Wanted

    Do we have a tree surgeon in our club or does anyone know of a good one? My son needs a tree felled in Ashley Cross area Poole Dave