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  1. Belated birthday greetings Jim I've been away for the week-end so missed your special day
  2. Coddy

    Happy Birthday Tony

    Happy Birthday Tony Have a great day
  3. Coddy

    Gone the ETEC route

    Hooky Take plenty of pictures of the engine and its serial number. Get some DNA marking kit and paste this stuff into every crook & nanny on anything that's worth nicking especially the engine! Enjoy your new engine
  4. Coddy

    Catch Reports

    At least it says there are some fish out there after all The trawler has not swept everything up ………………………………. yet
  5. Coddy

    Catch Reports

    What has happened to all the catch reports? Seems there were a number of members out over the week-end but no reports! I can recall this forum when you could regularly see what was being caught, if anything, but they were reports good bad or indifferent. Now it seems the only time a fish is recorded is a special catch, which is great of course, but the club has many members who are not proficient as others and may feel intimidated to report any fish caught even if it was just dogfish! Just try finding one of those LSD's when on a species hunt! So come on everyone make a simple report saying caught this or that or even nothing at all, we all have a bad day sometimes.
  6. Might be worth a post on PHC Facebook page or Twitter as it seems social media has a greater effect these days Last time I emailed PHC I never got a response!
  7. Here is a copy of the PHC notice to mariners TWIN SAIL BRIDGE CLOSURE Mariners are advised that repairs to the Twin Sails Bridge will commence subsequent to the scheduled 23:30hrs lift on Sunday 24th February and will not be operational again until the 05:30hrs lift on Monday 11th March. During this period the Twin Sails Bridge will be out of service and therefore closed to all marine traffic except those that can safely navigate within the maximum air draft as indicated on the electronic displays. To reduce further disruption annual planned maintenance scheduled for March will be brought forward and carried out during this closure. For further information call ‘Poole Bridge’ on VHF channel 12. Mariners are reminded that Radar, AIS, CCTV, telephone and VHF channels are recorded. Captain B P Murphy Harbour Master
  8. Coddy

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy Birthday guys
  9. Sorry about late info but had PC issues If anyone is interested in going to the meeting best to make contact asap Dave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Susanne Rupp-Armstrong <sarmstrong@abpmer.co.uk> Thu, Jan 24, 2:55 PM (4 days ago) to Dear all, Further to my earlier emails, I can now confirm that the venue for the meeting next Tuesday has been confirmed. It will be at the Lymington and District Sea Fishing Club, which is on Bath Road in Lymington, next to the Seawater Baths (instructions and image below). The other details remain the same:Tuesday, 29 January, 6 to 8pm. The plan is for CEMEX and ourselves to provide information on the application and Environmental Impact Assessment, and for us to gain a better understanding of fisheries and fishing activity to the west of the Isle of Wight. Could you please confirm if you are planning to attend, so we can plan seating and refreshments (tea and biscuits)? The postcode is SO41 3SE, and venue directions are as follows: Enter the car park at the end of Bath Road; once in there, drive behind the RNLI building, pub beer garden on your right, drive down the car park off the tarmac onto the gravel drive, through the dinghy park and follow the driveway round to your left and into the clubhouse compound. We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday. If you need to talk to me on the day, I will be taking one of my company’s mobiles along; the number is: 07702901040 Best regards, Susanne Dr Susanne Armstrong | Senior Consultant | ABPmer Quayside Suite| Medina Chambers | Town Quay | Southampton| SO14 2AQ | Direct: 023 8071 1885 | Tel: 023 8071 1840 | Email: sarmstrong@abpmer.co.uk
  10. Hope Chris gets well soon
  11. Some of you may be interested in this proposal Dave Susanne Rupp-Armstrong <sarmstrong@abpmer.co.uk> 10:21 AM (7 hours ago) Hello! I’m writing to you today to invite you to a fisheries consultation meeting on a proposed new aggregates dredging area west of the Isle of Wight (on behalf of CEMEX). The venue is still being confirmed, but for now, if you are interested, could you please hold the date: 29 Jan 2019, 6 to 8pm, Lymington. If you are a representative of a fishing association, we would be very grateful if you could forward this email to any fishermen you think might be affected. We might have contacted you about this before, the consultation has been ongoing for a while. However, some fishermen we spoke to recently indicated that they would be interested in a meeting, so this meeting has been set up to give fishermen the opportunity to discuss the proposed application with CEMEX and us, and to get a better idea of how fishermen might be affected. In order to help you decide whether you might be affected by the proposed new dredging area, please find some information below and attached. In summary, CEMEX are planning to apply for a marine dredging licence, in order to dredge materials from Area 522, which would be immediately north and west of their existing dredging area 137, some 2.5 to 7 nautical miles west of the Isle of Wight (see attached map and coordinates). By way of background, we are the consultancy which has been commissioned by CEMEX to undertake the Environmental Impact Assessment, and we are in the process of finalising the Environmental Statement (ES) before it is submitted to the MMO. This will be the main document which will support the licence application by CEMEX to dredge in Area 522. Once the ES has been submitted, the MMO will undertake formal consultation on the ES / application, which would then get advertised and give you a further opportunity to comment. In terms of the proposed application, CEMEX is seeking permission to extract a total of 4.5 Million tonnes (Mt) of sands and gravels over a 15 year licence term from Area 522, with an annual maximum extraction of 0.6 Mt and an average annual extraction of 0.3 Mt. This would translate into approximately 1.2 to 2.3 dredger visits per week (average versus maximum). Following discussions with some fishermen last year, CEMEX has developed mitigation measures which are aimed at reducing impacts on fish and fisheries when compared to what they had previously planned. Firstly, CEMEX have considerably reduced the area over time from what was first published on the Crown Estate (TCE) website. The initial Crown Estate Exploration and Option Area on TCE’s website has been halved in size, following survey work, from 21.6 sq km to 10 sq km. The reduced 10 sq km is the area that represents the application area for a MMO marine licence. CEMEX are now furthermore proposing to implement an active dredge zone (ADZ), whereby they would commit to reducing the area potentially directly impacted at any one time to a quarter of that area, i.e. 2.5 sq km. CEMEX will also consider reducing the ADZ in neighbouring Area 137. Furthermore, CEMEX propose to establish a fisheries liaison group to facilitate communication and potentially further reduce spatial impacts. How such a group could work would need to be further discussed with you and your colleagues. It is also worth noting that the dredging companies are all signed up to a good practice guidance (https://bmapa.org/documents/BMAPA_TCE_Good_Practice_Guidance_04.2017.pdf), which means that they routinely observe ‘standard mitigation measures’, which include, amongst others, leaving a capping layer of similar seabed sediment, which reduces impacts and allows the seabed to recover after dredging (this is now subject to regular regional monitoring overseen by Cefas). I will be in touch again over the next few days to confirm the venue. Best regards, Susanne Dr Susanne Armstrong | Senior Consultant | ABPmer Quayside Suite| Medina Chambers | Town Quay | Southampton| SO14 2AQ | Direct: 023 8071 1885 | Tel: 023 8071 1840 | Email: sarmstrong@abpmer.co.uk Please note that I do not work on Fridays. Area 522 Coordinates_Oct2018.xlsx
  12. Coddy

    Happy birthday Neal - the big 60..

    Happy Birthday Neal, Hope you celebrate in style with some beer and cake
  13. Charlie has put up a great response template on the club's Facebook page but I suspect not everyone has a Facebook account I therefore have attached the template in MS Word format so you can edit it easily. Don't forget that responses need to be in to Southern IFCA on the 7th Dec Email address to use is enquiries@southern-ifca.gov.uk Response to SIFCA public consultation regarding Netting.docx
  14. Coddy

    Web designer

    Hi Neil I use to use Mark to look after my website but I recently closed it down due to retirement. Great service and good price, well worth a call Mark Gracey Flavourfy Digital | Digital Compliance Hub - Data Protection, Privacy & Marketing Compliance & Online Security mark@flavourfy.co.uk | 07833 297193 www.flavourfydigital.co.uk | www.digitalcompliancehub.co.uk Forgot to add he uses Wordpress I think Dave
  15. Coddy

    Flounder Comp.

    Hope you have all sent your complaints to Southern IFCA