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  1. Junior Comp Rules 2018 Competition Dates are: 21st / 22nd July - fishing 1 day only - nominate day on booking-in 18th \ 19th August - fishing 1 day only - nominate day on booking-in Sun 9th September - followed by presentation at Cobb's BBQ Area There are 3 opportunities for a junior to fish this comp - the junior may fish up to 3 times - once in July, once in August and once in September. When there is an option to fish Saturday or Sunday - the day being fished must be stated at booking-in. Fishing time: 09:00 - 15:00 Style of Competiton - 2 comps in 1: - Specimen Competition - Under 16yrs - largest specimen award over up to 3 comps. Please record your juniors' best specimen by weight, photo required and to be submitted with form. Usual Club Specimen weights used. - Species Hunt - split in to 2 age groups - under 11yrs & 11yrs+ to under 16yrs. Score sheets need to be sent to open@pbsbac.co.uk within 48 hrs of each comp - these will be made available on the forum or emailed by request. 5 hooks at any one time over max of 2 rods (easier for juniors can use 1 rod to feather). Area to fish: All boats compeating will fish within Club Waters and within 5 miles of land (northern boundry of Club Waters). The captain of the boat deems what is suitable for crew and craft. Whether the competition goes ahead will be decision of Safety Officer\Comp Organiser by 19:00 the night before. Safety: The decision whether each competition goes ahead will be made by the PBSBAC Safety Officer \ Comp Organiser day before each competition. A post will be put on the forum the night before each competition to confirm the decision. Species scoring: Each Junior will be issued with a Species Hunt Score Sheet. Each species of fish caught will be awarded with the points stated on the sheet. Should a junior catch more than one of the same species then each additional fish will count as an additional one point. Its is important that the Parent/Skipper log all fish caught on each competition day. Please submit within 48hrs of the comp start - execpet on the final day, please bring form to Cobbs Quay by 17:00. - Slight change this year with max of 20 for each species counting and only the first of a species taking the "species points", the rest score 1 point. Also, added an unlisted species - again 20 max of each and only 1 point each. -- e.g. Bass + 5 points - so 2 bass = 6 points total, 20 bass = 24 points, 30 bass = 24 points All Juniors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Note: If a competition day is cancelled it may not be re-scheduled. Juniors must be registered at least the day before each competiton starts (execpt for the last date (Sept) when 2 weeks notice is required). Registering is via the Comp Organiser or on this forum thread below. Juniors over 11 are expected to bait up, cast and retrieve fish on their own with minimal help. In event of a tie on points, the younger competitor will finish in the better position. Comp Organiser's decision is final. The score sheet below: Rob JuniorCompScoreSheet2018.pdf
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    Looks great Steve! Rob
  3. 1: Olivia Francis 21/07 18/08 09/09 2: Charlotte Francis 18/08 09/09 3: Ruben Franklin 21/07 18/08 09/09 4: Sam Annear 21/07 18/08 09/09 5: Dom Annear 21/07 18/08 09/09 6: Blake Witherford 21/07 No more joining in?
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    Friday 19th crew

    He wouldn't have a Rodman either!!! [emoji23]
  5. Rob

    Newbie from Swanage

    Hi Nick, welcome. Rob
  6. Junior Comp this weekend, who is in? Names down please! Please see change of rules for this year above. Rob
  7. I will edit the score sheet and post it here. Please copy and paste then add your entrants to the last booking in list below, with dates being fished thanks: 1: Olivia Francis 22/07 18/08 09/09 2: Charlotte Francis 22/07 18/08 09/09 3: Ruben Franklin 22/07 18/08 09/09 4: 5: 6:
  8. Rob

    New member in Christchurch

    Welcome to the club, if you are a mid-week boater there are a few of you. A smattering in XChurch and a few more in Poole. Remember to use CHannel 6 and call "Any Poole Bay SMall BOats" when you are out and about. Rob
  9. Rob

    Course adventure

    So, last few days I've been in the Wye valley. Staying at Symmonds Yat, I had taken a good friend away for his 40th. A surprise, all he new a week ago was he needed Barbel gear. Suffice to say, he was certain we were heading to the Seven. Until we turned left after crossing it near Gloucester. We had a B&B on the river, it was ok, nothing special but was a pub, so could be worse! First day was arriving and sussing out the surroundings, going to the local tackle shop and booking some beats for the next 2 days. We had a fish from 21:00 till 22:00 on the first night (Thursday) but not much more than my rod being pulled from the rest and the fish evading me! With the low water we were advised the fishing was hard, but this only dulled our excitement a little, after all, we had an adventure on our hands! After a relaxed start friday we headed to the mile of river we shared with another couple of guys for the day. Packing up to go for a pub lunch (we knew evening would be best) my rod doubled over with my PB 8:15 barbel, beauty! After lunch we moved swim, (not knowing the river / how it fished / where was best) we struggled through the hot afternoon. I had a couple more barble and lost a chub. Nothing for nick who was still staying positive. I persuaded him we should move swims for the last hour, so we went back to where will had my earlier fish. I nearly instantly had a perfect Chub or 4:12 and then another within minutes. Poor old Nick. The it was his turn, he had a super take and a barbel was shortly followed by another. Great, he had deserved a flourish at the end. Day 2 (Sat), we had chosen another stretch of river. Stunning setting again, this time the gorge of Symmonds Yat. But what does Saturday mean, more yakkers, swimmers, boaters, lilo ers, SUP-ers and the odd person floating past on an inflatable slice of pizza! All this traffic was entertaining and the only way we could get info on the football score!! Roles were reversed today. Having found a good looking spot, to be honest, it all looked good. We chose a run where it was a pain to get to, I had a rope and we lowered ourselves down holding it. Prominent seats setup in the river meant the various floaters could see ups early and avoid our lines. Worked a treat! Nick fluffs his first cast, how we laughed, it went only a couple of meters, bang, fish on! And it started like that, he caught 5 barble and I couldn't buy a bite. He had a few eels in there too (haha!). So, I went off and got dinner (steaks, disposal BBQ and some ice-cream beers, coffee, and other essentials), apparently I missed nothing, result. My time had come, I got back once the sun was off the water with 4 barble in quick succession! The it was his turn to struggle, yes I was loving it! We ended the 2 days with 9 barbel each, he did get the biggest at 9:8 but I was the chub king. Average stamp was 6/7lb seriously great fishing, can't imagine what it would be like in 'good' conditions! Might not be boating, so apologies! Tight lines Rob Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  10. Rob

    Boat wanted

    Well, that will get you a reasonable used engine, just need the other, legs and hull! R
  11. Rob

    Course adventure

    Good to hear you guys fondly recalling your barbel fishing antics of the past. Tbh Steve, this might have rekindled my passion for course fishing. I think it could certainly be the option for a blown out day on the sea! R
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    Course adventure

    Few more Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  13. Rob

    Course adventure

    Pics Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  14. Rob

    Bargain ? . . . or . . Old Tat ?

    Yeah, chuck em in a hedge Jim, don't be throwing cake money away! R
  15. Rob

    Sea Start

    The club gives reassurance on this front, and so does buddy boating, but if you go out alone when others might not be about it can make sense. I have helped/been aboard other's craft and towed a few club boats! R
  16. Rob

    Anchor and chain

    JV has gone down from 10 to 7.5kg, she is a big 9.5mtrs. R
  17. Rob

    Anchor and chain

    Indeed Martin, but length needs to consider thickness, thus weight. 30ft of 8mm is very different to 30ft of 12mm. R
  18. Rob

    Anchor and chain

    I dissagree on the length of chain thing Tony, i feel it is more about the weight of the chain. 20ft of 8mm weighs c.8.4kg and 20ft of 12mm is c.20.4kg. So i think balance the weight of chain to anchor is needed, so 5kg anchor with 7.5kg chain is spot on for lifting with alderney ring. R
  19. Rob

    Out for a run

    Taken JoJo away on our early summer family holiday as usual. Change if scenery this year (9 yrs in Dartmouth), we have tried Mylor near Falmouth. This is the spot I have launched for autumn sharking several times, what better place to stay than in the marina! Not my idea, Jo's! Didn't hear me arguing! Nice to see the JoJo from the property! She has not been out since October and that was down here. Yesterday the 4 of us headed out late evening to St Anthony Light house on the entrance to Falmouth and St Mawes for a cruise. Charlotte then piloted us back in, all the way until the final docking. Hopefully some catch reports will be forth coming! R
  20. Rob

    Out for a run

    Today Charlie. Prob 70lb to be conservative, they are easy to over estimate as are so lean. Wasn’t brining it onboard as usual for a measure with only Livvy to assist. We had seen a small one prob 30lb, which we waited for but this one just hung around the stern and the smaller of the two vanished. So I took the honours, Livvy could hardly hold the rod up! I even hand fed it the trace, it was 3 ft off the rubby sack, I lowered the bait, we both saw it eat it. I pulled the trace and set the hook just on the edge of the jaws, perfect. After a few runs, I got her head the side of the boat to release. No more seen so we came in at 5:30, having only gone out at 1:00. Shame for her but better we had one than none. R