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  1. Rob

    Engine Talk

    Top fixing! Yamaha can be so expensive! I have found many of the OB parts are used in motorbikes, so with the part number to hand I call Cresent Yamaha in Charminster and often they are cheaper! Got all my carb service parts from there. R
  2. Rob

    Kayaker missing

    Indeed sad, at least the body has been recovered. R
  3. Rob

    Missing yakker

    I hope they find him: https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/16965768.kayaker-alistair-collier-missing/
  4. Rob

    Crew needed

    Nice one Steve, that's the way to do it! You need to tow a bigger coolbox. Rob
  5. Rob

    Crew needed

    Well done all! Some good fishing at present. R
  6. Rob

    Best Rod and Reel Combo under £100?

    Got my last 12/20 GX2 from Andy, give him the heads up incase he needs to order you one. R
  7. Rob

    one bass a day from October

    Super catch , agree with Greg, I've always had a 'release a double policy', mind, I'd like to exercise it more often!!! R
  8. Rob

    Just sayin'

    Martin, I made 'club member' his primary group as if it is secondary it can't been seen he is a club member in his public profile. I note sometimes you have to have a second group, or at least can't go back down to 1 if 2 have been allocated. R
  9. Rob

    Best Rod and Reel Combo under £100?

    Hello, I am a fan of the GX2, I have 20/30s & 12/20 - great rods for the money. I also 8/12s (but they are Elites - bit more money) with stainless rings etc, again, great action. The 20/30 are good for normal ray, cod fishing etc and wrecking - had blues to 75lb+ on them. 12/20 and good all rounders, very sporting for wrecking! Reel wise, I usually have SloshXA20s on them but the normal Slosh Daiwas are good value too. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/daiwa-sealine-slosh-multiplier?gclid=CjwKCAjw85zdBRB6EiwAov3Rin1P7fD0zoYIEp2OKvLncmdxEvZhvgTDF1x65hvTLHAEjo6YRdlExBoCqpkQAvD_BwE Be prepared for 101 different answers on what rod / reel combo people like!! Rob
  10. Rob

    Just sayin'

    Looks like already done. Please test and advise - you should see and be able to get in to club members area and detailed catch reports etc. Tks R
  11. Rob

    Hi guys

    I will sort now. Tks Rob
  12. Rob

    boat wanted

    Dave, If you give us an idea of budget and what you plan to do with it we might be able to know what to suggest. My boat is 15.5 ft, nice a light (300kg ABS hull - foam filled unsinkable), 50Hp (economical), 28/30 knts, plenty of freeboard, and i happily go out 10 miles and have done some long runs in horrible seas. It is a Terhi BigFun and there are other models available (same size but lighter) - i know the 4020 as we had one of those in the family too. If you wish to take a look, just let me know. There are Orkneys in the club that also might suit you - no doubt a chat with their owners could be of use. Thanks Rob
  13. Rob

    boat wanted

  14. Rob

    boat wanted

    Brian, pleae confirm and i\admin team will uplift Dave to Club Member on the forum. R
  15. Rob

    boat wanted

    Don't do it.........without spending time on other boats, talking to the guys on here and we need to understand what you want to do. What your budget is. Whats your experience. Welcome to the forum. Rob
  16. Rob

    Ray Competition

    Indeed - "Forum Member" only, not "Forum Club Member". Well done Dave! R
  17. Rob


    4 boats out and no catch reports? Secret squirrel or not much to report? Rob
  18. Rob

    Birthday greetings Allan

    enjoy Allan!
  19. Rob

    Junior comp weather watch 9th Sept

    Pic from Boscombe just now. Looks ok, even bearing in mind the camera always makes it look more favourable:
  20. For tomorrow: Timings: Fish till 15:00 Back at Cobb's 16:00 BBQ on and cooking Collate scores and presentation And we can eat / present in any order. Families of anglers welcome of course! Hope to see the committee there and a few stragglers! We have a load of grub!!! Thanks Rob
  21. Junior Comp Rules 2018 Competition Dates are: 21st / 22nd July - fishing 1 day only - nominate day on booking-in 18th \ 19th August - fishing 1 day only - nominate day on booking-in Sun 9th September - followed by presentation at Cobb's BBQ Area There are 3 opportunities for a junior to fish this comp - the junior may fish up to 3 times - once in July, once in August and once in September. When there is an option to fish Saturday or Sunday - the day being fished must be stated at booking-in. Fishing time: 09:00 - 15:00 Style of Competiton - 2 comps in 1: - Specimen Competition - Under 16yrs - largest specimen award over up to 3 comps. Please record your juniors' best specimen by weight, photo required and to be submitted with form. Usual Club Specimen weights used. - Species Hunt - split in to 2 age groups - under 11yrs & 11yrs+ to under 16yrs. Score sheets need to be sent to open@pbsbac.co.uk within 48 hrs of each comp - these will be made available on the forum or emailed by request. 5 hooks at any one time over max of 2 rods (easier for juniors can use 1 rod to feather). Area to fish: All boats compeating will fish within Club Waters and within 5 miles of land (northern boundry of Club Waters). The captain of the boat deems what is suitable for crew and craft. Whether the competition goes ahead will be decision of Safety Officer\Comp Organiser by 19:00 the night before. Safety: The decision whether each competition goes ahead will be made by the PBSBAC Safety Officer \ Comp Organiser day before each competition. A post will be put on the forum the night before each competition to confirm the decision. Species scoring: Each Junior will be issued with a Species Hunt Score Sheet. Each species of fish caught will be awarded with the points stated on the sheet. Should a junior catch more than one of the same species then each additional fish will count as an additional one point. Its is important that the Parent/Skipper log all fish caught on each competition day. Please submit within 48hrs of the comp start - execpet on the final day, please bring form to Cobbs Quay by 17:00. - Slight change this year with max of 20 for each species counting and only the first of a species taking the "species points", the rest score 1 point. Also, added an unlisted species - again 20 max of each and only 1 point each. -- e.g. Bass + 5 points - so 2 bass = 6 points total, 20 bass = 24 points, 30 bass = 24 points All Juniors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Note: If a competition day is cancelled it may not be re-scheduled. Juniors must be registered at least the day before each competiton starts (execpt for the last date (Sept) when 2 weeks notice is required). Registering is via the Comp Organiser or on this forum thread below. Juniors over 11 are expected to bait up, cast and retrieve fish on their own with minimal help. In event of a tie on points, the younger competitor will finish in the better position. Comp Organiser's decision is final. The score sheet below: Rob JuniorCompScoreSheet2018.pdf
  22. Rob

    Junior comp weather watch 9th Sept

    Ok keV, thanks for letting us know. We are still on and will make the harbour or outside call in the am. Good thing about knowing all the skippers! I see gusts are top F4 and SW so should be plenty of places to shelter. Scratching about for bass, gobies, bream and wrasse. Shame Studland is devoid of life!!! See those that fish tomorrow, on the water or at the BBQ. Rob
  23. Rob

    Junior comp weather watch 9th Sept

    Indeed - with the lead up to it being W \ SW winds I am expecting it to be good around ballad\swanage etc, the predicted swell is WSW too, again in out favour. All watching with baited breath. With a finish at 15:00 i hope we are going to miss most \ if anything. By 14:00 we shoudl be scratching around the Cobb's pontons for a lesser spotted 3 horned pipefish. Rob
  24. Rob

    Garage Clear out

    Rod holders on the far right are what I need Dave, same as the ones I have already.