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    BBC weather is shocking! Windguru for wind and rain then use the below to take an average. Windy Magic seaweed Ventusky Tide wise I use easy tide for the tide chart. R
  2. Rob

    Great White shark encounter

    That fish was so focused that it just ignored the idiots, I mean divers . R
  3. Rob

    Baiter Slip

    Did you bother?
  4. Can the results from the Salterns weigh-in get phoned to the Cobbs one? Thus you can enter your fish easily in to both? R
  5. I think anything such as dredging is disruptive and destroys the plants and animals that colonise the area. Shame we lost the option of all those would be fish holding wind turbine bases, that might even have put paid to dredging locally. A response on no from the club is be happy with. Flattening out banks and more disturbance is not needed. Unless I am mistaken they don't give any areas back when clicking more - a question worth asking possibly. R
  6. Rob

    New Boat ?????

    Good news Pete! Now, do you promise to get out and use her? R
  7. Rob

    Tuna report

    Always 10knts in the entrance Tony, no matter what time of year!!! Tut Tut! R
  8. Rob

    flounder fishing in the harbour

    Christchurch has a huge amount of fresh water and fishes when they are there! (The saltwater stays underneath I believe). Plus I have seen floundersfar up the itchen well above the tidal areas in pure freshwater. R
  9. Rob

    Friday trip

    good luck chaps!
  10. Rob

    All I want for Christmas is a Cod.

    Saw this on Facebook, not a good show on the cod front: ‘ The Southsea Marina cod competition was attended by 102 anglers on 46 boats a great turnout considering , there was 5 Cod in total , The Winner of competition was Tim Andrews from SMAC with a cod of 9lb 2oz ‘ 1 cod per 10 boats 1 cod per 20 anglers Gone are the winter days when we could catch a couple or more per boat per day. R
  11. Rob

    Lucky Cornish Fisherman

    I saw a story, one boat hit a yacht, another sank whilst helping those friends, and they all got aboard the yacht to await rescue. Sounds like something from Mr Beam episode! Plonkers! R
  12. Rob

    A very merry Christmas

    Enjoy all! R
  13. Done. Better fish stocks, especially protection of the breeding stock. 5 miles net free around coast. More fish more fish more fish!!!
  14. You need good weather for work and good weather for fishing, hence a conflict! R
  15. I'm just hoping no animals get hurt Terry, but no doubt there are vegetable casualties! R
  16. Sounds like a conflict of interest!
  17. Rob


    Shame the flounders are so thin on the ground. Or tucking up near RNLI HQ might be the answer. Being Scottish, I assume it is probably still going to be kilt weather! R
  18. Rob


    didnt Mal have one. R
  19. Rob

    Is the Bridge saying something?

    I see the company who built the twin fails bridge has gone bust! But I'm sure the Council will have take out insurance........ BBC News - Poole Twin Sails bridge: Component firm 'in liquidation' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-46474164