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  1. Rob

    Out for a run

    Superb sport mate. They might not be as prestigious as a porgie, but they don't half go on 20lb class gear and 30lb braid! I did break out the porgie rod with just livvy onboard, as I wanted the upper-hand from the off. R
  2. Rob

    Out for a run

    Retreived and full wash down ready for return home tomorrow. Shame to go, but sure I'll be back later this year when the blues are back in good numbers. R
  3. Rob

    Out for a run

    Quiet day today, wind picked up so crabbing with with kids. Be rude not.to choose a buoy that offered the opportunity to flick lures for bass!! So 3 species on my list now, flying up the species comp leaderboard!! Thornback Blue Bass Rob
  4. Rob

    Out for a run

    Yes, the shots are from her videoing! She was just as chuffed having a few run-ins with dolphins! We also found this floating on our wayout. prob gone 30lb+ as the head must have been 15/20! Enormous mouth Seemed the stomach had enough air in it to keep it afloat. R
  5. Rob

    Out for a run

    Today Charlie. Prob 70lb to be conservative, they are easy to over estimate as are so lean. Wasn’t brining it onboard as usual for a measure with only Livvy to assist. We had seen a small one prob 30lb, which we waited for but this one just hung around the stern and the smaller of the two vanished. So I took the honours, Livvy could hardly hold the rod up! I even hand fed it the trace, it was 3 ft off the rubby sack, I lowered the bait, we both saw it eat it. I pulled the trace and set the hook just on the edge of the jaws, perfect. After a few runs, I got her head the side of the boat to release. No more seen so we came in at 5:30, having only gone out at 1:00. Shame for her but better we had one than none. R
  6. Rob

    Out for a run

    Andy had said that mackerel and blues were few and far between. Blues were seen well offshore (more than the 10/12 I like to take 15ft JoJo. But hey, you have to be in it to win it!
  7. Rob

    Out for a run

    So popped out for a couple of hours with the kids as company. Quick call to Charlie Chapman's charter skipper friend and he put is on to a location. "You will be plagued with rays, dogfish and bullhuss" perfect I thought,just what the kids want. 5 mins in and thornie, 5 mins another happy days. As I am typing this we have missed another. Just what they needed to keep interest! Thanks Charlie. Rob
  8. Rob

    Out for a run

    No chance!
  9. Rob

    Out for a run

    Taken JoJo away on our early summer family holiday as usual. Change if scenery this year (9 yrs in Dartmouth), we have tried Mylor near Falmouth. This is the spot I have launched for autumn sharking several times, what better place to stay than in the marina! Not my idea, Jo's! Didn't hear me arguing! Nice to see the JoJo from the property! She has not been out since October and that was down here. Yesterday the 4 of us headed out late evening to St Anthony Light house on the entrance to Falmouth and St Mawes for a cruise. Charlotte then piloted us back in, all the way until the final docking. Hopefully some catch reports will be forth coming! R
  10. Take the 2 online surveys here. After careful consideration I went for 5km exclusion for all zones. 5m for minimum depth of net from surface. And mage all options for netting. Make your own decisions: http://www.sussex-ifca.gov.uk/live-consultations R
  11. Rob

    Happy birthday Trevor

    Enjoy Trev!
  12. Rob

    Birthday greetings Sam

  13. Rob

    Friday pm

    I thought the same tbh when I saw the pic. Big silver that!! R
  14. Rob

    Friday pm

    13lb, by Adam, tiny really having seen 50lb + monsters caught this year along Sussex way. R
  15. I have tried to call you at home and mobile but mobile is an old number. I have the gap tester I will pm you my number. R