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  1. Rob

    Twin Sails Bridge Closure

    Can you get them on the air draft not working? This is the safety angle to get them on now in direct reply to where ever this was posted! R
  2. Rob

    Isle of Wight Cod

    This was a while ago, saw on some Facebook group. Cracking fish. Jim - when isn't that on your mind? R
  3. Rob

    Super anti foul trick

    Do half Martin, proper testing!!!! R
  4. Can you report to relevant authorities advising them that giving them faire notice would make the liable for any incidents occuring? A But they'll prob just switch em off! R
  5. Rob


    For a minute i thought you were goign to say you went to the dark side - e.g. Baiter! I suppose Lymington would be an option but way over your current 3 mile tow to Mudeford. Better luck next time Al! R
  6. Rob

    Oil rig in the bay

    It's a beast, saw it today. R
  7. Rob

    Cod Comp Cancelled

    Looked lovely out there there just now, close in to the beach at bournemouth was flat. But the wind funnelled down the gardens to the sea. R
  8. Rob

    Happy birthday Martin

  9. Rob

    Hard mono for shark trace.

    UK hooks is where I got mine Charlie. Big swivels, stainless multi strand wire and the crimps. 50m for £7 or 10m for under £2 for 375lb R
  10. Rob

    Hard mono for shark trace.

    I don't use below 300 for blues and target porgies with 400. It's not about the strength but the ease to handle and hold angry fish with doing harm to yourself or the shark. R
  11. Rob

    Hard mono for shark trace.

    I thought Wessex had some rolls of heavy mono, if not perhaps I saw in xchurch angling R
  12. Rob

    Hard mono for shark trace.

    Assume you are going with a wire bite trace? R
  13. Rob

    Are the Danish fishing fleet out of control.

    I expect the fishing rights will be traded for something else - no way will the French and Spanish give that up. And all be have gained is the loss of say on what is allowed by EU fishing boats. Joy! R
  14. you lot probably ate more calorific energy that diesel energy burnt! maybe get some oars and rollocks, so nect time you can burn off at least part of your breakfast. Rob