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  1. Rob

    Bass Competition

    Huge difference apparently, the barbless can come out then create a new hook hold/hole. I for one, like a barb and the carp boys are so nuts about what they do, I'll take their word for it. R
  2. Rob

    Bass Competition

    Interesting you mention barbless Jim. I believe that many carp fisheries are banning them in favour of micro-barbed. Reason being, the barless move about during the fight and can create a large hole in the fishes mouth. Where as the micro-barbed hooks don't shift about and are best allround. R
  3. Rob

    New kid on the block

    Ah yes, the Gimp, great free tool! Great pics kev whatever, making memories!! R
  4. Rob

    Bass Competition

    As bass are a sport fish, we like to fish for and release. Why would we not hold this comp? Does this not go against any argument we might want to pose for 'protect bass they are not just a source of food but a sport fish we care for'? We may as well say, open the flood gates and let us go slaughter them! Rob
  5. Indeee in very rough water/conditions, not the conditions of choose for a trial / testing for reliability! Too gung-ho for my liking!!! Stay safe, R
  6. Windows or not, you shouldn't be taking onboard water over the bow on the ledge. I have no windows and balanced throttle and boat speed to match the sea is key. But as others have said, maybe the screen has been replaced with thinner material. R
  7. Rob

    Tiddler out again.

    Blimey Jim, giving your Tiddler a right good work out this year, who should have thought!?!?! Might get mine wet soon too! Rob
  8. Rob

    IOM trip

    Nice report thanks. Looks like IOM has potential, I wonder how much it costs to take a trailer on the ferry!?!?! R
  9. How about rocket flares Mike? R
  10. Rob

    Video Editing

    If you are recording in 4K you will struggle to edit videos in a timely fashion. 4k and the quality of the lenses on these things is not worth it. Just a marketing thing. 1080 is probably too much also. Just uses more space. 720 should be more than good enough. Better off to have a good lense on 720 than a poor lens with 4k. R
  11. Rob

    Video Editing

    Look at the SJCAM 4000 \ 5000 - a go pro copy and quarter of the cost. they are so good, there are fake ones on the market, so ensure you get from a good seller from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/SJCAM-Multi-function-Waterproof-Camcorder-wide-angle/dp/B01HXQ70K6 plus, outside the case, they fit the generic go-pro mounts. havign a screen and wifi streaming is good too - mine hasnt missed a beat. R
  12. Rob

    Junior Comp 2018 Results

  13. Locked post for results only: Round 1:
  14. Blimey Mal! Rocket flare across the bow? We had a Hardy 42 heading for us on dolphin sands Saturday. But they made a nice deliberate turn 500yds off and waved on passing. Nice to see them keeping a lookout. One thing I like about the open boats is being able to see easily what is happening all around. R
  15. Rob


    Looks great Steve! Rob