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  1. Rob

    Spring Species 2019 new dates

    Joint venture - Saturday Adam Franklin Ruben Franklin Ian Jones Rob Francis Olivia Francis Charlotte Francis
  2. Rob

    HOW from the Plaice Chase

    Well done Chris and Mal, top work / catering yet again! I'll be looking for you next time I'm out of JoJo as I have zero facilities!!! Rob
  3. Rob

    HOW from the Plaice Chase

  4. Rob

    This years Plaice Chase

    Well done Steve. R
  5. Rob

    Evening trips ?

    Or not fast enough!!!
  6. Rob

    Rnli Safety advice and video links

    Nah, interesting! R
  7. Rob

    Rnli Safety advice and video links

    last autumn when i was anchoured by Portland Bill, the tide built and chaters moved off. When we went to leave, i haev not seen so much pressue on the anchor rope\rode, wow! to normally pop in to reverse to lift to rope and see the buoy. The amout of welly need to get the rope slightly up was serious, then proceeded with the usual wide arch off to port. The rope stayed so deep for such a long time, i had my crew holding on as if that had stuck fast we would have got the stadard pull round of the bow. which can be aggressive, and with 3.5\4knts of tide, doing 8knts suddenly across the tide would have easily caught someone not holding on out. Thankfully all was well and the anchor lifted nicely, but the tide was impressive!!! No wonder the charters had departed already. They do know thier stuff around there! I am not even sure longer \ more rope would have helped - i was at 90\100m holdins in about 35m. R
  8. Rob

    Bass - EU Regs

    All above board apparently: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/bass-industry-guidance-2019/bass-fishing-guidance-2019
  9. Rob

    Bass - EU Regs

    where is this from please Brian? can't find on SIFCA website. R
  10. Rob

    Digital Weighing Scales

    Link took me to some £13 scales from 'carp pro'
  11. Rob

    Isle of Wight Cod

    Summer cod are the answer, winter cod seem to be an excuse to pass the time / get out. R
  12. Rob

    Great underwater photography

    I have a waterwolf and made a few vids: Combo of waterwolf and go pro: Thanks. Rob
  13. Rob

    Marineboy for sale

    Good luck with the sale Paul, the only rule broken is that we need pictures and details of the new purchase asap!!! Rob