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  1. Leicester Fisheagle

    Reels for sale

    As new Penn Fathom reserved. Brand new one still available.
  2. Leicester Fisheagle

    Removing fish scales from rod handle.

    A couple of my rod handles, which I think are made of a heavy foam, are in need of cleaning. Have tried scraping and using a foam and metal scourer with soap liquid to no real avail. I suppose one answer is to catch less fish, but does anyone have any helpful suggestions?
  3. Leicester Fisheagle

    Ray Comp Weather Watch

    Fisheagle will miss this one due to my persistent bad back. Crew are disappointed and Jan Tryska has asked me to put up a post for him. He is currently at work and uncontactable, but if anyone has a space for him on Saturday, could they please leave a message on 01202532682 and he will get back to you this evening. Good luck to all fishing. Allan.
  4. Leicester Fisheagle


    Fisheagle will be out with John Dunster. Understand that Happy Hooker will be out with Frank and Yan and that Farmer Colin will be coming down. Good luck to everyone on Ch 6.
  5. Leicester Fisheagle

    Ray Competition

    Saturday at the moment, but weather dependent. Myself, Coddy and Yan T. Allan.
  6. Leicester Fisheagle

    One chance to fix our fisheries

    And me.
  7. Leicester Fisheagle

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Hope all goes well, you deserve success and a few fish after all the ups and downs. Allan.
  8. Leicester Fisheagle

    Happy Birthday Mick

    Happy Birthday from myself and Ann. Hope you had a good one.
  9. Leicester Fisheagle

    48 Hr Competition

    Frank Morris has asked me to post that Jan Tryska had a Spotted Ray of 5.5 lbs. Other than that they had very little. By 5.5lbs I meant 5lbs 8 ozs.
  10. Leicester Fisheagle

    48 Hr Competition

    Best fish on Fisheagle. Myself Small Eyed 9lbs. Coddy Red Gurnard 1lb. Dave Lynes Cuckoo 14ozs. Fishing was slow and hard given the tides. In all, 6 Congers, all straps. 7 Rays, all small. Three types of Gurnard and a nice inshore Smoothound of 10 lbs to Dave who also had a lovely coloured Ballan over 2lbs. A small Turbot of around 2.5 lbs. to myself. Other than that, Dogs, a few Mackerel, a few bits and bobs and various mini species.
  11. Leicester Fisheagle

    48 Hr Competition

    Fisheagle has one space for Sunday. Please phone or pm if interested. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  12. Leicester Fisheagle

    48 Hr Competition

    Fisheagle Allan, Coddy and Dave L. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  13. Leicester Fisheagle

    Happy Birthday Charlie

    Happy Birthday Charlie, have a good one.
  14. Leicester Fisheagle

    Happy birthday Trevor

    Happy Birthday Trevor. Have a good one. Allan.
  15. Leicester Fisheagle

    Birthday greetings Sam

    Happy Birtday Sam. They come round quicker the older you get. Allan.
  16. Leicester Fisheagle

    At least the new pump works

    On Channel 6 from around 9 a.m. Give us a call if you need us. Allan.
  17. Leicester Fisheagle

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Sorry to hear about your on going problems. Allan.
  18. Leicester Fisheagle

    Bream Comp results

    Jan's 3lbs. 8.5ozs. Bream.
  19. Leicester Fisheagle

    Bream Comp results

    Jan has asked me to say that he had one of 3lbs. 8.5 ozs which won the Poole Sea Angling Shop Comp. I have tried to add it to the Catch Report Section, but it never works on my Tablet. Could someone put it up for him? Allan.
  20. Leicester Fisheagle

    Bream Competition

    Fisheagle has had to withdraw due to unforseen circumstances. Good luck to all those who are fishing. Allan.
  21. Leicester Fisheagle

    Bream Competition

    Allan on Fisheagle on Sunday if weather ok. Jan Tryska on Holy Mackerel on Sunday if weather ok.
  22. Leicester Fisheagle

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday to Coddy ( Dave S) and Charlie. Hope you both have a good one.
  23. Leicester Fisheagle

    Birthday greetings John

    Hope you had a good one John.
  24. Leicester Fisheagle


    Hope it i a simple fix. Thanks to Harbour and Bridge Control for their cooperation holding things including the Bridge. Sure you would do the same for any Club Members. That's what the Club is about. Allan.
  25. Leicester Fisheagle

    Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Jim, spoil yourself today. Allan.