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  1. Breakdown

    Hope it i a simple fix. Thanks to Harbour and Bridge Control for their cooperation holding things including the Bridge. Sure you would do the same for any Club Members. That's what the Club is about. Allan.
  2. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Jim, spoil yourself today. Allan.
  3. Spring Species Hunt

    Two of the rays. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  4. Spring Species Hunt

    Fisheagle Species Comp. Results. Unfortunately only Allan and Jan fished due to Dave's late withdrawal. Fishing was hard work and the weather very mixed. Several moves on the Patch gave only one wrasse and a couple of other species. The secret ray mark saved the day with 18 dogfish, three rays, a tiny whiting and a small turbot and brill. Jan was beating me by 6 species to seven until the last ten minutes until my tiny spinner and small worm on a size 10 hook caught me a little bass, so the scores were seven each. Total boat species 11. Jan dog small eyed plaice pollack Ballan turbot bass Total 7. Allan dog undulate small eyed whiting pouting brill bass Total 7.
  5. Happy birthday Jacob

    Happy Birthday Jacob. See you out there soon. Allan.
  6. Spring Species Hunt

    Fisheagle is intending to fish with Jan and Coddy. Probably Saturday. Allan.
  7. Happy Birthday Mr. Chairman

    Hope you had a great day Tony. Allan.
  8. Undulate Rays

    Read it on phone but not working on my tablet. Allan.
  9. Undulate Rays

    Cannot get the link to work. Allan.
  10. Happy Birthday to Dave Lynes.

    Happy Birthday Dave. You kept it quiet, picked it up on Facebook. Free drinks all night in our Tenerife Hotel Bar for anyone who can make it! Allan.
  11. Happy birthday Duncan

    Sorry, nearly missed this. Happy Birthday Duncan. Allan.
  12. Birthday greetings Greg

    Happy Birthday Greg. Hope you have a good one. Catch you soon on F Pontoon. Allan.
  13. Happy Bithday Mickey

    Been a while now since we used to see you at Baiters when I used to launch there. Happy Birthday. See you out there. Allan.
  14. Happy birthday Mike and Rob(Silverfish)

    Happy Birthday to you both. Allan.
  15. Predict Wind

    Tablet works well. Will try loading the app directly from App Store. Seems very similar to one my yachty French friends use called Windyty which I have used for several months.
  16. Predict Wind

    My Samsung Tab 3 tells me it is not compatable. Will try my mobile. Allan.
  17. Birthday greetings Brian & Jamie

    Happy Birthday to you both. Make it a special one. Allan.
  18. Fisheagle's first trip of the year.

    Sounds as if you had a good day as well with some nice fish. Allan.
  19. Fisheagle's first trip of the year.

    Left Cobbs at 7.15 a.m. after de icing the boat. The newly installed heater proving very effective once it had warmed up. I think we were lucky to get through the Town Bridge as neither span seemed to want to lift properly. We were greeted by a thick fog bank once we got near the Island and decided to give the sun a little longer to lift and the fog to disperse. A quick call to a friendly charter soon told us it was clearing outside the Harbour and half an hour later, we were down in the Southbourne Area. Fish were plentiful from the off. Dogs, whiting, the odd ray and a nice bonus tub to Dave L. Double hits of whiting were common, but the fish were mainly les than a pound with eight over 1.5 lbs and the largest at 2 lbs. Our second mark, closer to home, was slow until the tide changed. I managed the first plaice of the year and a bonus turbot. We returned through the Harbour just before 4.30 p.m. There was no airdraft indication eitherside when closed., but given the state of the tide, we made it through with plenty to spare. That Bridge is proving a real bone of contention. Overall, a much needed day out with almost c─║ement weather around midday, calmer than expected and a good number of fish for this time of the year. Many thanks Dave for all the gutting and filleting and carrying my tackle box back to the car, yet again, all the trollies seem to have disappeared from F Pontoon. This will be a moan to Dave (Dogfish) tomorrow. No doubt they are all down the posh end. Mick, your aerial is sorted as requested. Allan.
  20. Tomorrow weather window

    Fisheagle is hoping to get out for a few hours. Leaving Cobbs about 7.15 am. The boat needs a run out and fishing will be a bonus. Should be ok to get out of the Harbour till midday on the present forcast. On Ch 6. Allan.
  21. Wessex Tackle Species Comp

    Will run nicely along side the Club Species Hunt and other Species Hunts. More work for Neil as cards have to be printed off and photos verified which I like. Dave L, Jan and myself are aready signed up. Main difference is it is an individual competition on any boat so could appeal to quite a wide group of anglers. Allan.
  22. New forum playroom

    Wow, this works as well. Just need to get out and take some fishy photos. Allan.
  23. New forum playroom

  24. New forum playroom

    Tried using Tablet. Let's see if mobile phone works as takes better photos due to fill in flash also much quicker to get camera up.
  25. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birtday Rich. Hope you had a good one. Allan.