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  1. Happy Birthday Kev

    Happy Birthday Kev, hope you have a great day. Allan.
  2. Club Members at Cobbs.

    Nearly mentioned this at the time of posting, but did not want to appear too pessimistic. Allan.
  3. Club Members at Cobbs.

    Noticed signs saying Blanford Road southbound closed from 2nd of January until the 13th. of January near Turlin Moor. Also, road works on the dual carriage way coming out of Poole on the Holes Bay Road somewhere between the Lifeboats and the Fire Station roundabout. Think it said 10 or 13 weeks. Will check next time along there. Allan.
  4. Birthday greetings PJ

    Happy Birthday Paul. Have a good one. Allan.
  5. Birthday greetings Tony & George

    Happy Birthday to you both, have a great day.
  6. New forum playroom

    Many thanks Martin. Have now tried live shots and Gallery images. Just need to get out to catch something woryh taking a picture of. Seems much simpler than before.
  7. New forum playroom

    Looks like the Christmas Sales have just started.
  8. New forum playroom

  9. New forum playroom

    13578 13578 image:13578
  10. New forum playroom

    image:13578 image:13578
  11. New forum playroom

  12. New forum playroom

    image:13578image:13578 Still cannot get pictures to work from samsung tab 3. Need a lesson at a Club Meeting.
  13. New forum playroom

    Half way there. The text went through ok. But the photo did not display.
  14. New forum playroom

    Test Photo.image:13578 Any good captions? Looks like the Christmas sales have started.
  15. Fee Navonics Chart viewing

    If you go into the menu on the top left, the long and latitude appear on the top right hand. If you press this, it says only available when the app. Is purchased. From what I remember on my phone and tablet apps, I can dial in a long and lat to mark a postion anywhere, but this is slow, or use the hair lines in the centre of the chart. This would involve bringing anything I wanted to mark, hence get the lat. plus long, into the cross hairs and then save it. Because the app mapping and sonar are similar to my Platinum Plus plus charts on my main plotter, I tend to use it at home to check out an area or as a back up to the main plotters. Allan.