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  1. Leicester Fisheagle

    Happy Birthday Charlie

    Happy Birthday Charlie, have a good one.
  2. Leicester Fisheagle

    Happy birthday Trevor

    Happy Birthday Trevor. Have a good one. Allan.
  3. Leicester Fisheagle

    Birthday greetings Sam

    Happy Birtday Sam. They come round quicker the older you get. Allan.
  4. Leicester Fisheagle

    At least the new pump works

    On Channel 6 from around 9 a.m. Give us a call if you need us. Allan.
  5. Leicester Fisheagle

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Sorry to hear about your on going problems. Allan.
  6. Leicester Fisheagle

    Bream Comp results

    Jan's 3lbs. 8.5ozs. Bream.
  7. Leicester Fisheagle

    Bream Comp results

    Jan has asked me to say that he had one of 3lbs. 8.5 ozs which won the Poole Sea Angling Shop Comp. I have tried to add it to the Catch Report Section, but it never works on my Tablet. Could someone put it up for him? Allan.
  8. Leicester Fisheagle

    Bream Competition

    Fisheagle has had to withdraw due to unforseen circumstances. Good luck to all those who are fishing. Allan.
  9. Leicester Fisheagle

    Bream Competition

    Allan on Fisheagle on Sunday if weather ok. Jan Tryska on Holy Mackerel on Sunday if weather ok.
  10. Leicester Fisheagle

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday to Coddy ( Dave S) and Charlie. Hope you both have a good one.
  11. Leicester Fisheagle

    Birthday greetings John

    Hope you had a good one John.
  12. Leicester Fisheagle


    Hope it i a simple fix. Thanks to Harbour and Bridge Control for their cooperation holding things including the Bridge. Sure you would do the same for any Club Members. That's what the Club is about. Allan.
  13. Leicester Fisheagle

    Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Jim, spoil yourself today. Allan.
  14. Leicester Fisheagle

    Spring Species Hunt

    Two of the rays. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  15. Leicester Fisheagle

    Spring Species Hunt

    Fisheagle Species Comp. Results. Unfortunately only Allan and Jan fished due to Dave's late withdrawal. Fishing was hard work and the weather very mixed. Several moves on the Patch gave only one wrasse and a couple of other species. The secret ray mark saved the day with 18 dogfish, three rays, a tiny whiting and a small turbot and brill. Jan was beating me by 6 species to seven until the last ten minutes until my tiny spinner and small worm on a size 10 hook caught me a little bass, so the scores were seven each. Total boat species 11. Jan dog small eyed plaice pollack Ballan turbot bass Total 7. Allan dog undulate small eyed whiting pouting brill bass Total 7.