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  1. Leicester Fisheagle

    Happy birthday Neal - the big 60..

    Happy Birthday Neal. Have a good one.
  2. Leicester Fisheagle

    Another Tuesday looking good.

    Decided to give tomorrow a miss. Good luck to anyone who gets out.
  3. Leicester Fisheagle

    Another Tuesday looking good.

    Thanks for the report Mick. Holes Bay had netters there this morning.
  4. Leicester Fisheagle

    Another Tuesday looking good.

    Good luck. Let us know how you get on.
  5. Leicester Fisheagle

    Another Tuesday looking good.

    If the weather holds for this Tuesday, Fisheagle will probably venture out for a few Winter Species. Anybody else likely to give it a try? Allan.
  6. Leicester Fisheagle

    Tuesday 4th. Dec.

    Fisheagle hopes to get out of the Harbour this Tuesday morning for a few Winter species. Hope the sea is calm and fog free. Hopefully, in the afternoon, we can try for one of those elusive Flounders. On Ch 6.
  7. Leicester Fisheagle

    Cod Competition - take 2

    Thanks for the advanced warning, If we wait for the Cod, there may never be a Comp. Allan.
  8. Leicester Fisheagle

    Angling Trust - response to SIFCA netting survey

    Already done. Allan.
  9. Leicester Fisheagle

    Twin Sails

    Dave, given the current forecast, your picture could be one of the last ones taken. Allan.
  10. Leicester Fisheagle

    Town Bridge Lift Changes.

    Strange, we left on the 7.30 am. The Operator could not have been more helpful. He asked us if we knew a about the New Shedule brought in on Saturday and offered to send it to my phone. When asked about the air draft indicator which was switched off, he gave me the hight showing in his hut over the radio so there must be a back up. These Bridges are proving to be a real pain. Allan.
  11. Leicester Fisheagle

    Town Bridge Lift Changes.

    Found out yesterday morning that they have introduced a New Maintenance Lift Shedule.Some are only every two hours. 2018-37-Poole-Bridge-Lifting-Schedule.pdf
  12. Leicester Fisheagle

    Friday 16th. November.

    Fisheagle was phoned around 8 am. by Neal to say they were coming back in due to rough weather just as we were setting off so, macky and other frozen bait returned to the freezer. Spoke briefly to Chris on Kingfisher and decided to fish the harbour. Tried the Ferry Terminal, Island and several other places in the Harbour. The wind did us no favours. A fair number of different species were caught but not the ones we wanted. The neap tide probably had a lot to do with things, especially the total lack of Flounders. There were also a good number of crabs about but very little weed. On the positive side, I was glad we went out as we got plenty of fresh air and the boat got a good run. Allan
  13. Leicester Fisheagle

    Friday 16th. November.

    Hi Greg, will be out on the 9.30 Bridge. Hopefully it will be clearer by then. Will give you a call before we leave the Harbour to see what it is like where you are. Do you have AIS? Allan.
  14. Leicester Fisheagle

    Friday 16th. November.

    In order to avert a serious bout of Cabin Fever, Fisheagle will venture out this Friday. Hope to get a few miles offshore, if not, it looks like worm drowning in the harbour. On Ch 6. Allan.
  15. Will probably head over about 4.30 pm. On Weds. 21st. Novenber to North Haven Yacht Club. Is there any one else going? Allan