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    From the album: Madness

  2. Maverick


    From the album: Madness

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    From the album: Madness

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    From the album: Madness

  5. Maverick

    Super anti foul trick

    No never have a mid season lift.
  6. Maverick

    Super anti foul trick

    To be honest I never have anything more than slime around the waterline and even less underneath so no biggy for me, I'll just use ordinary antifoul this year
  7. Maverick

    Greg, David, & spNOam

    Happy birthday guys, not a bad day for it
  8. Maverick

    Isle of Wight Cod

    That's it then no need to go cod fishing again this year as it has been caught
  9. Maverick

    Twin Sails Bridge Closure

    Luckily for me if the councils maintenance goes to plan the bridge will be operational for when my boat is relaunched
  10. Maverick

    Super anti foul trick

    Mines out now with 1 coat of antifouling on so I need to decide in the next week or so whether to do it this year or try next year
  11. Maverick

    Happy Birthday Mike & Silverfish

    Wishing you both a very happy b'day
  12. Maverick

    Super anti foul trick

    Thanks I'll read the thread before committing, I know that antifoul paints used to contain high levels of copper + other chemicals but because of eu regs and saving the planet most chemicals are now banned from antifoul paint.
  13. Maverick

    Super anti foul trick

    How much of each did you put in your 2.5 litres of antifoul paint? A lot of questions I know but all are relevant
  14. Maverick

    Super anti foul trick

    and where did you get these metals?
  15. Maverick

    Super anti foul trick

    photographic evidence?
  16. Maverick

    F Pontoon

    I didn't know that Dave came from a council estate?
  17. Maverick

    Happy birthday Martin

    Thank you all for your good wishes etc, really love this club and all its members, you're the best
  18. Maverick

    Happy birthday Martin

  19. Maverick

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy Birthday Brian, hope you get spoiled
  20. Maverick

    Happy Birthday Ian

    Happy birthday Ian
  21. Maverick

    Are the Danish fishing fleet out of control.

    Click here for article
  22. Maverick

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition

    oops amended with Bobs correct weight...........well that of the fish anyways
  23. Maverick

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition

    And the results are: 1st - Bobi Francis, Flounder 2lb 15oz 2nd - Dave Evans, Flounder 2lb 11oz 3rd - Bob Cocaine, Flounder 2lb 8oz 11 flounders in total weighed Well done Bobi
  24. Maverick

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition

    Best catch of the day so far