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  1. LIFE JACKETS requred

    or add them for not a lot of money. A life jacket without one can assist in drowning you!
  2. Alderney 2018

    So so far we have interest from: 1. Tigerfish - Steve + 2. Reel Magic - Dave + 3. Joint Venture - Adam + 4. Madness - Martin - Dean - Tony
  3. Notice to Mariners

    2018 03 Poole Bridge Harbour Traffic Lights.pdf No. 03/2018 15th January 2018 Poole Bridge Harbour Traffic Lights Mariners are advised that until final works are complete on the Poole Lifting Bridge only one set of harbour traffic lights will be working on each side (Upstream/downstream) of the bridge. During this period the green lights will not function. Lights displayed will either be all red (vessels not to proceed) or red with amber (vessels proceed with caution). Mariners are reminded of their obligation to comply with these traffic signals and to navigate with extreme caution when transiting the bridges whilst maintaining a good lookout.
  4. Happy Birthday JayKay

    Happy Birthday Jon, have a great day
  5. Alderney 2018

    That sounds incredibly high fuel consumption. When I had a 6 metre boat with a 150hp optimax on depending on weather and tides we used around 1 - 1.25 litres per mile so your .43 miles per litre is enormous. You would obviously have crew on board who would help with fuel and other costs? Can't remember what I used the last time I went to Alderney but I would expect to use around 5/600 litres on my boat for a 4 day trip. Your alternative might be to volunteer as crew for another boat.
  6. Window

    Do I spot a weather window appearing this weekend? hope it holds and if it does are you out?
  7. Alderney 2018

    Neil we have had a couple of 6 metre boats cross the channel in previous years so your Parker would have no problem making the journey your only problem may be fuel. You need to know what your fuel burn rate (worst case) is and calculate the distance from your berth to Bray harbour plus allow at least 50% extra for hoping wrecks and punching tides. You would need to check the availability of petrol. In previous years Mainbrace the quayside chandler has assisted with getting petrol from the local garage (just up the road) to the boat. A couple of years ago there was talk of them having quayside provision of petrol at their premises but not sure where they are with that. The petrol supply in alderney is/was doable but needs checking out. For others watching there is no problem with diesel as this is available quayside
  8. Alderney 2018

    Madness will attempt the trip this year, fingers and any other bits crossed for good weather
  9. Birthday greetings Dave

    Happy birthday and trust you had a good day Dave
  10. Window

    Weather still looks good for Sunday so Dean and I will be out and have room for 1 more crew member, interested? post here, pm, email or phone me. Not sure what we will go for yet but that can be decided Sat night or on the day
  11. Window

    Historically that has been Adams job that said, I am up for it this year. So who is going to start the Alderney thread this year?
  12. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Mike Fox, I win So is that a virtual pint to me
  13. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    It's called selective evolution
  14. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    The new craft looks reasonably tidy. The only help I can give is that the new owner of the Wilson Flier moulds is a chap named Gary who lives Southampton way and posts on the WSF site. He seems a very helpful guy so may give advice on your particular model. Whatever you do with it good luck & may all your problems be minor ones. If you ever need a day on the water feel free to come out with us it may just give you a pick me (as in you) up
  15. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    So as I can work out, original Hobbit a total right off new Hobbit is a wreck or at least needs lots of work? if so good luck with the new project and I hope it's not long before you're out there giving us your catch reports
  16. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Thread not moved and can be found Here Would you like them merged ?
  17. New date for this comp is Sunday 7th January
  18. Happy Birthday Kev

    As the title Kevin hope you have had a good day and that grandson (Jacob) of yours will be dragging you down here to get out on the boat soon
  19. Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    Not sure I like the weather outlook Sun 7 Jan GMT Hour Wind Avg. Gust Temp. Rain 3h Cloud Press. 00:00 NNE 25 mph to 39 mph 4°C 0 mm 100 % 1016 mb 03:00 NNE 25 mph to 38 mph 4°C 0 mm 100 % 1016 mb 06:00 NE 26 mph to 40 mph 4°C 0 mm 99 % 1017 mb 09:00 NE 29 mph to 43 mph 4°C 0.5 mm 99 % 1018 mb 12:00 NE 26 mph to 40 mph 5°C 0.1 mm 99 % 1018 mb 15:00 NE 25 mph to 38 mph 5°C 0 mm 97 % 1019 mb 18:00 NE 23 mph to 36 mph 4°C 0.3 mm 98 % 1020 mb 21:00 ENE 20 mph to 30 mph 5°C 0 mm 87 % 1021 mb
  20. Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    MegaByte - Brian, Keith G Serenity : Tony : Stuie Madness - Martin - Dean - Terry Bartel Reel Bizzy - Dave Evans - Kev Couzens- maybe Jacob Givans Warren Rich & Alun
  21. Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    MegaByte - Brian, TBD Serenity : Tony : Stuie Madness - Martin - Dean - +1 other
  22. Club Members at Cobbs.

    it took me a while to work that out Jim
  23. Club Members at Cobbs.

    When I use to do local authority works the monies had to be allocated against projects but not necessarily spent, don't know if their procurement procedures are the same now.
  24. Birthday greetings PJ

    Happy birthday PJ
  25. rods

    Pick any day without a y in it