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  1. Poole Old Bridge.

    Only drove through Cobbs yesterday and thought it must be time you were in. Dean and I are thinking (weather permitting) of going out to drown some worms next Saturday. Was on my boat today and the sea temp was at 10.5 deg so is starting to warm up a little
  2. Happy Birthday Matt

    Happy birthday Matt, hope you have had a good day Martin
  3. Undulate Rays

    try using paracetamol instead of aspirin or maybe clear cookies on the tablet
  4. Undulate Rays

    and me
  5. Lazy old Tiddler

    Mike we could always put our boats on trailers and tow them up there😊 Tidler looks good Jim
  6. Alderney 2018

    Guys I have updated the attendee list with dates they are going. If you can update your proposed dated it will keep everyone in the loop 1. Tigerfish - Steve + Terry + Graham - (planning on Thurs 10th May to Sun 13th May. Depending on weather could shorten to a 3 days if needed or bring forward a little) 2. Reel Magic - Dave + Craig + Paul 5th - 8th May 3. Joint Venture - Adam + Ian + Alun + Rob (i have taken the liberty to add the usual A-Team) 4. Madness - Martin - Dean - Tony 5th May - 8th 5th - 8th May 5. Sweet Chariot - Oli + Nick + - 5th - 8th May 6. Kingfisher - Chris + Mal (looking at 5th - 8th May due to commitments) 5th - 8th May 7. Alfresco - Charlie. I will check if the boys want to come if not will be looking for crew. looks like most of the usual boats are keen to go again. 5th - 8th May
  7. Alderney 2018

    Dave Evans, Chris and us are going the same time
  8. Alderney 2018

    Chris (Kingfisher) has arranged ours, he may have info on where we are staying
  9. Alderney 2018

    A. Try and stay with the crew you're going with if no spaces available ask if other crews accommodation have a space B. 12-20lb class rods covers most everything. Maybe a few frozen mackerel and sandeels to get started on the banks but generally never needed as you will hopefully catch some en- route. Running ledger is the rig of choice for the banks with 5/0 - 6/0 hooks on 25lb trace line. Normal wreck gear including jellies/shads in various colours and weights/sizes. C. Keep well away from Charlie as he has been known to be a bad influence + he is probably the most experienced skipper going so you will learn loads D. Cherry poping is very expensive so take plenty of beer tokens
  10. How are YOUR anodes?????

    You should be down your boat scrubbing
  11. How are YOUR anodes?????

    Wow now that was one big sacrificial anode
  12. Happy Birthday Dean

    Happy birthday son, hope your brothers are looking after you
  13. Happy Birthday to Dave Lynes.

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Dave
  14. Alderney 2018

    Shut up Nige its not that funny............................true but not funny
  15. Alderney 2018

    So just 2 months to go, just don't mention the "W" word
  16. How did you get that eye patch

    A sailor and a pirate are in a bar recounting their adventures at sea. Seeing the pirate’s peg-leg, hook, and eye patch the sailor asks: “So, how did you end up with the peg-leg?” The pirate replies: “We were caught in a huge storm and a giant wave swept me overboard. Just as me crew were pullin’ me out a school of sharks appeared and one of ’em bit me leg off.” “Blimey!” said the sailor . “And how’d you get the hook?” “Arrrr…”, mused the old salt, “I got into a fight over a woman in a bar, and me hand got chopped off.” “Blimey!” remarked the sailor. “And how about the eye patch?” “Oh that,” said the pirate, looking embarrassed. A seagull droppin’ fell into me eye.” “You lost your eye to a seagull dropping?” the questioner asked incredulously. “Well…” said the old sea dog, ” it was me first day with the hook.”
  17. Testing a Fishy theory

    Two sailors are talking: Sailor A: “I hear fish is good brain food.” Sailor B: “Yeah, I eat it all the time.” Sailor A: “Well, there goes another theory!”
  18. How did you get that eye patch

    Don't blame me Brian started it
  19. Weather Link - Ventusky

    Big thumbs up from me Like that app a lot
  20. Happy birthday Duncan

    Hi Duncan, hope you have had a great birthday and been spoilt rotten
  21. Happy Birthday Hooky

    A very happy B'day Hooky
  22. Site upgrade and server move

    Greg, if you click the View New Content Button it will show you anything you have not looked at. If you then look at the items it will not show you those items as unread again. To view all content hover over the activity button then click on All Activity in the white section below. This gives you all the content in posting order. You can also look at certain parts of what has been posted by again hovering over the Activity button then click on My Activity Streams then choosing what type of content you want to view. We will be having a bit of a teach in at the March meeting where members can help each other with using the new site.
  23. Birthday greetings Greg

    Happy Birthday Greg, trust the family spoilt you rotten
  24. Happy birthday Mike and Rob(Silverfish)

    Happy birthday both
  25. Alderney 2018

    We will buddy up with Chris and Mal, leave on Saturday 5th returning on Tuesday 8th