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  1. Maverick

    Out in the bay tomorrow

    Jerry is going out in his new ship not sure where he is going though
  2. Maverick

    AT Wessex Region Boat Championship 2019

    Added to clubs Calendar
  3. Maverick

    Super anti foul trick

    Thanks Pete will keep this in mind for next year
  4. Maverick

    switch to aluminium anodes

    Summary of benefits of each type of sacrificial anodes Zincs are no good in fresh or brackish water but are good in saltwater. Magnesium is good in freshwater not in saltwater Aluminium is good in either and lasts longer than zinc I have just put Zinc anodes on my boat just because that's what I have always done but will look forward to your review Steve and may change over to aluminium next year
  5. Maverick

    Warrior Pro Angler

    Bet you're like a dog with two tails. Now all you need is some settled weather
  6. Maverick

    Happy Birthday Dean

    Happy birthday son, have a great day, maybe see you later
  7. Maverick

    Birthday greetings Mark & Dave

    Happy birthday both, hope its been a good day?
  8. Maverick

    Alderney 2019

    Boats that have shown interest: Tigerfish - Confirmed - Crew - Steve, Terry, ? Reel Magic - Confirmed - Crew - Dave ? Alfresco - Confirmed - Crew - Charlie, Ian? Kingfisher - Confirmed - Crew - Chris, Mal Madness - Confirmed - Crew - Martin, Dean Sweet Chariot - Possible Joint Venture - Possible
  9. Maverick

    Isle of Wight Cod

    Dean and I caught zilch cod on the way to Alderney but did have a great day later in the year on the mid channel wrecks where we had plenty of cod but struggled to catch Pollock, strange & difficult times
  10. Maverick

    Warrior Pro Angler

    Neil you're missing the point, he needs to polish it
  11. Maverick

    Warrior Pro Angler

    Looks well smart. Is it an optical illusion or is it two tone grey? or has she been antifouled?
  12. Maverick

    Alderney 2019

    So I will now confirm Dean and I for this trip. We have space for one other, put your name here or pm please. Terry are you still holding accommodation? or is there any recommendations for accomodation
  13. Maverick

    Members contact details / e mails

    A list of members is no longer hosted on here. PM Brian for a copy
  14. Maverick

    Happy Birthday Hooky

    All the best for a good b'day Hooky
  15. Maverick

    Marineboy for sale

    Good luck with the sale and enjoy your karnic, I still miss mine 😫