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  1. Seals released in Poole harbour

    I agree with Dave...but it's been a worsening situation with the flounders for a few years. I think it's about poor spawning / recruitment....possibily something has changed where they spawn in Lyme Bay. Evidence, other than the poor catches, is seen in the Summer months. It used to be the case that when I used to launch at Mudeford [and the water is clear in Summer], there would be lots of little postage stamp size flatties zipping about as you paddled in the shallows....now you just see the odd one or two. Alun.
  2. Bike rack

    Do you have a towball on the back ? There are several bike carriers that drop onto a ball...mine works well [on the back of a Golf] and carries two bikes. Alun.
  3. Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    Saturday much better.
  4. 48 Hour Comp Weather Watch

    Hi Mike...Last week there were plenty of plaice; a few bream but no mackerel on inshore marks, The water was 14.5 C and pretty clear
  5. Fish identification help!

    looks a bit photoshop to me...what's bottom right??...doesn't match bottom left !! Good try....but not a Mudeford resident !
  6. Cherbourg wrecking trip

    Looking better this morning ! .....such is the nature of unsettled situations. Most next week looking calmer now.
  7. Cherbourg wrecking trip

    A week away...and the weather is not shaping up ....forecasts at the mo are giving unsettled and wet !! Good ol' Brit Summer [ perhaps we've had the best already??] !
  8. Brexit foreign trawlers?

    Turns out to be meaningless.....
  9. Brexit foreign trawlers?

    I don't think there are enough boats in the navy to police / enforce this [66 not counting subs !]....but it could be one of their more useful tasks !
  10. A struggle over The Channel

    Very few mackerel....plenty of launce in some spots...few in others
  11. A struggle over The Channel

    Perhaps we were using the wrong bait !! Small sample I know...but all three flatties we had were full of weavers they'd eaten !....mostly tiddly little ones ! ....and we caught quite a few weavers ourselves...so no excuse....only hindsight !
  12. Thanks all....just back from Alderney trip with the best weather ...and the poorest fishing !!....and it wasn't just us...everyone's been struggling! I expect Adam will post a more detailed report [though shouldn't take long !] 3 of us fished hard for best part of three days for meagre returns. ......but we had a fun time !!
  13. Flat Fish competition this weekend.

    1. Fisheagle crew tba. Day subject to crew availability will post Friday pm 2. Joint Venture...Adam Ian and Alun ....Sunday
  14. Happy to use Gastro to show same procedure in a scaled down version for small boats......or for anyone this end of the conurbation.
  15. Longline conger

    Ian seemed to think they get sent East and get processed to produce some sort of mock scampi !