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  1. alun j.

    Peace in the kitchen

    Strange grammar !!
  2. alun j.

    Fixed Spool Reel

    My favourite is the 'old school' Shimano Baitrunner. Smooth, tough and reliable.
  3. alun j.

    Best wishes Alun & Bob

    Thanks...and greetings from belle France....sunny, hot (at last!) and lots of interesting things to see. Alun.
  4. alun j.

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    try this....... Comparing regular lubricating oil with two-stroke oil, the relevant difference is that two-stroke oil must have a much lower ash content. This is required to minimize deposits that tend to form if ash is present in the oil which is burned in the engine's combustion chamber. Additionally a non-2T-specific oil can turn to gum in a matter of days if mixed with gasoline and not immediately consumed. Another important factor is that 4-stroke engines have a different requirement for 'stickiness' than 2-strokes do. Since the 1980s different types of two-stroke oil have been developed for specialized uses such as outboard motor two-strokes, premix two-stroke oil, as well as the more standard auto lube (motorcycle) two-stroke oil. As a rule of thumb, most containers of oil commercially offered will have somewhere on the label printed that it is compatible with 'Autolube' or injector pumps. Those bottles tend to have the consistency of liquid dish soap if shaken. A more viscous oil cannot reliably be passed through an injection system, although a premix machine can be run on either type.
  5. alun j.

    Bream Comp results

    Gastro to post first results ?? Steve S. ....3 lbs 0.5 ozs. Alun J. .....2 lbs 13 ozs. We had an enjoyable day on Gastronaught....esp as there was very little wind all day; though that air is still chilly...so we were well wrapped up. Bream action was never frantic, but it was steady through most of the day with a good stamp of fish. Honours to Steve with both the biggest and the most...[ I said it was that side of the boat...and it always does better for me when on my own !!] Bonus was the appearance of some mackerel...that kept us busy over slack water...and some good sized wrasse on lures whilst we waited for tide to run.. Things are on the up !! Alun.
  6. alun j.

    Bream Competition

    .....but Sat better than Sun.
  7. alun j.

    Bream Competition

    Sunday looking better !
  8. alun j.

    Bream Competition

    Yes, I hope to fish Sat. Please add Gastronaught to the list. Alun and Steve.
  9. alun j.

    A few trips on JV

    All too busy inbibing the 'Milk-o-Punch' ! We got a sample up at the Marais on Sun. ...and the Georgian House was open much later on Mon. I wasn't overcome with the heat ! Spent most of the three days wrapped up in a fleece and jacket against the cold breeze !! ....esp today ! Nevertheless a very enjoyable trip and our skipper will, I'm sure, produce a taster here when he has slept and rested !
  10. alun j.


    Summer season ! .....so the channel marker buoys are in.... .....and it's a nice straight sweep out over the Bar...with plenty of water. I went out yesterday morning and there was 2m of water over most of the marked channel. Amazing how the big lumps of sand/stones/gravel have moved and access now looks easy ! Managed a few plaice too, despite the cold , cold water.....still around 5 C.!!
  11. alun j.

    Car wanted

    Now sorted.
  12. alun j.

    Car wanted

    What sort Grah.? I can forward details to my daughter. Alun.
  13. alun j.

    Car wanted

    ...preferably a small one ! My daughter has returned from London [ where she didn't need a car] and now regrets having sold her small Peugeot. Is anyone looking to trade in a small and reliable car.? Post here or call me on 07812447587. Alun.
  14. alun j.

    Predict Wind

    works fine on my pc
  15. alun j.

    Tomorrow weather window

    I'll be out for a few hours in the morning....over the High waters. The Bar at the entrance to Christchurch is very shallow at the mo.....and needs a different route in/out every few days. Some calm weather is needed for the river to 'cut through'. Alun.