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  1. alun j.


    Nice calm day [and mild !], so fancied some fresh air and a trip out. Arrived on the quay to see long lines of breakers all down the Bar....and no apparent easy way through. U- turn and back home for breakfast ! Alun Safety first ! ...it's more the coming back in than the getting out .
  2. alun j.

    Cod comp....again

    Magic seaweed gives very little swell for Sunday
  3. alun j.


    A few changes when I was out this week. There is now more water near the last yellow buoy.....and as long as not much swell, you can go in/out close to it. Generally shallower than before between last two buoys...and wider with no particular channel. Alun.
  4. alun j.


    Going out....... when you get close to last yellow buoy, you will see waves standing up on the shallow water all around it.....so ..go parallel to shore or a bit closer to the shore....and you need to go quite a long way before you can around the end of the Bar. Alun
  5. alun j.


    A brief 'Heads up' to those members using Christchurch........ The sandbar at the entrance has grown a lot recently.......and the yellow buoys could lead you into a shallow trap ! If leaving.....as you get near the last yellow, turn towards the shore and head towards the beach huts along Avon Beach, then a big wide arc to swing out. This would be about double the length to last yellow. Any significant swell and I'd not venture out. Alun.
  6. alun j.

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition

    Good luck finding a flounder...or two.
  7. alun j.

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition

    I see there's a harbour boat comp for flounders based around Salterns marina on Sunday.
  8. alun j.

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition

    I can't do this Sunday ! ....You're safe from me ...can you find a flounder or two ?? Alun
  9. alun j.

    flounder fishing in the harbour

    Any idea what the netters are catching ?
  10. alun j.

    Not going out !

    All ok today ! Route in/out is a bit longer now the Bar has grown to the East . The yellow buoys help but if the tide is down a bit or any swell you need to go well East of the last yellow. Sea state was OK early on today but got rather snotty as the wind freshened from SE...then went to S and eased a bit. Had a try for whiting ...and managed a couple but was besieged by dogfish. Came back in [with the wind] found a few livebaits and got my bass.....then into the harbour to see if any flounders...and managed one !...before an early finish.
  11. alun j.

    Not going out !

    That was midday today......this afternoon I had a walk along Southbourne prom.; there were big waves crashing on the beach. on the way back, after an hour or so, they had died down a lot. I'm hoping that continues overnight..... ...and I expect I'll be back in tomorrow before they build again from the South.....Magic Seaweed gives it slight. I'll report tomorrow.
  12. alun j.

    Not going out !

    Thought I'd go and have a look outside today....it didn't look too bad on the webcam. When I pulled onto the quay......breakers !! .....and stretching all down the Bar....with no percievable route through. As I sat and looked to see how consistent it was, the big white cat came rumbling past on it's way out....so I sat and watched. It went really slowly and just kept going East....eventually getting into smoother water down near Steamer Point....but having through lots of broken water tipping it about. I didn't fancy that...so turned around.....and will have another look tomorrow. Alun.
  13. alun j.

    Windows closing....

    Looks like we are stuck in this run of strong West winds with plenty of rain. Tuesday's possible window is being blown out of the forecasts as Sunday's NW fails to lead to the brief northerly cold interval..... .....so fishing plans will rely on winds going S or SE ....and another hunt for harbour flounders ! Perhaps the extra freshwater in the rivers may help [??].
  14. alun j.

    Flounder Competition

    I will wait a bit longer before putting the hamper together !!