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  1. etian

    Best Rod and Reel Combo under £100?

    Sorry to revive this thread but I am looking for another rod and reel combo for around £100. However Im looking for something to do some bass fishing with next summer in and around poole harbour. I really want to get into lure fishing so any tips on that would be greatly appreciated. I am happy to spend a bit more if you guys think its worth it. Many thanks once again
  2. etian

    Bass Competition

    Great Catch! Where did you get it?
  3. etian

    Braid or Mono?

    Which one do you guys use and what are some brands you guys would recommend for main line? I mainly fish inshore in water no deeper that 30m. I need some line that is suitable for all types of fishing. I previously used "Hercules Braided Fishing Line Black Spectra" with 30lb breaking strain. P.s What breaking strain is needed for a running ledger rig? any particular recommendations for these as well? Many thanks as always!
  4. etian

    Galeon Galia 640?

    Thats the one!
  5. etian

    Galeon Galia 640?

    I am about to purchase this boat, it has a evinrude 115 from 2009. The boat is from 2001. Does anyone know anything about this boat that could be useful?
  6. etian

    Best Rod and Reel Combo under £100?

    Thanks Rob It seems like the GX2 is a good option, I will be getting one of them unless someone tells me otherwise haha
  7. etian

    Best Rod and Reel Combo under £100?

    Thanks for the advice Tarlach. Are there any recommendations for a reel that is the best value for money?
  8. Recently got into boat fishing, and need some gear. Ive had a look at the Ugly Stik GX2, is it any good. I also need a reel for around £50 I know the budget is low, but I dont wan to spend too much on my first purchase. Many thanks
  9. etian

    Just sayin'

    I have now fully joined the club (paid the fee) but I still cant find the marks section?
  10. etian

    Hi guys

    I just paid the 36 quid through paypal nut nothing has changed to the forum
  11. etian

    Just sayin'

    Hi Matt, where exactly are you catching these flatfish? Im really new to boat fishing and need some good marks/spots where i can get some fish!